Urey Slams Boakai’s Endorsements

first_imgUrey: “Boakai’s endorsements will not shake us.”(Photo: Nick N. Seebeh)Benoni Urey, political leader of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP), lambasted over the weekend the endorsement of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s presidential bid by 19 Senators and 31 Representatives who claim that among the presidential candidates, the VP is the most competent and qualified to lead the country.  Urey referred to the endorsements as “insignificant ventures.”Speaking at the launch of a grassroots political group, the National Association for the Masses in Support of Urey’s Presidency (NAMSUP) at Joe Bar sports pitch in Paynesville, the businessman turned politician said that under no condition will the Unity Party get another chance to lead the country.“We are not moved by the failed lawmakers’ endorsements of the Vice President, neither by any other group of citizens across the country. All I can say and will continue to say even up to election is that Liberians are not stupid to allow the continuity of a political institution that has impoverished them more in the course of 12 years than any other regime in our country’s history,” Urey said.He said VP Boakai and his supporters should keep dreaming on ascending to the presidency, and that victory is certain for his party.“Let them continue to catch their so called big fishes. We don’t need them. All we know now is that the common people in the villages and towns across the country are in their numbers understanding our message, which calls for the removal from public office of all UP officials after October 10,” he said.Mr. Urey also claimed that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is manipulating the electoral process by spending tax payers’ money to break down strong opposition coalitions. He, however, did not give details of his claim against the President.“We are making our points clear now. The President is not interested in seeing the process having its own level playing field. She must stop if she so cherishes the peace she is boasting of everyday or things might not be good for us,” he said.The ALP political leader said VP Boakai, who he described as “ too old,” lacks any new idea to usher in change.“He is now 74 years old and is concluding his second term in office as Vice President of our beloved country, but cannot boast of any advice he has given to Madam Sirleaf that helped in curtailing the rampant corruption and other vices,” he noted.He called on his new political group, NAMSUP, to get ready for a nationwide tour in order to campaign and win votes to unseat the UP led government.Also speaking, tough talking political commentator Henry P. Costa said it is time for Liberians to wheel the change by themselves.“Now is the moment for us to prove to the world that we are not blind and insensitive to the ordeals we are going through as a nation. We have to stand up and vote for a change that will transform our lives, the lives of our children and those of generations unborn,” he said, calling Urey the God-sent messiah who is prepared to bring the needed change.“The first Article of our Constitution reads that ‘All power is inherent in the people’ and it is their free will that institutes government and if that government fails to benefit them, it is their social responsibility to change that government through constitutional means,” Costa said.He said the benefits the Constitution talks about are citizens receiving from their government good and affordable healthcare delivery systems, better learning institutions for both vocational and academic education, equal justice for all, and jobs, among others.“Now, can anyone here tell me that we have benefited satisfactorily from the UP led government? I am sure no one here can give ‘yes’ for an answer to this question. And it is because of this reason we should vote for Urey, the farmer who is always on the ground, regardless of how difficult the times might be,” he said.“Some of you get angry when I talk the way I talk on the radio about this government, but I am not moved by your mixed reactions,” said Costa, who is the host of the show.“As a good citizen I know that President Sirleaf and her followers are hurting our country more than doing us any good,” he said, adding that no one who is corrupt and refuses to change deserves any respect from society.“If you know anything about the Social Contract Theory you will not oppose anyone who speaks against the wickedness of a leadership such as this UP led government,” Costa stated.He said President Sirleaf did not rest at any point in time to speak against corruption, nepotism and several other societal ills when Tolbert and Doe were presidents, but has sharply fallen short of doing any better than either of the two presidents since she came to power almost 12 years ago.“I have no apology for the president or her followers who have hurt over 90 percent our people nationwide by signing many bogus contracts with foreign companies and denying all of us our constitutional rights to equally benefit,” he said.Costa is a representative aspirant in Montserrado District #6, which he believes he will win with no hindrance.The head of NAMSUP, Darius Cole, said his group presently has a membership of 2,000 people in over ten communities around Monrovia, and he is working to win tens of thousands more for Urey to become president.Mr. Cole said his group came into existence in November last year but waited for the right time, which he considers now, to disclose to the ALP political leader their plans to campaign for his presidency.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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