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Mobile broadcast on the eve of reshuffle entrepreneurs how to blaze trail Broadcast ndustry Council

editor’s note: in 2016, Chinese Internet and venture capital industry experienced the so-called winter capital, a large number of entrepreneurial companies facing bankruptcy dilemma, investors have become cautious, and mobile broadcast was one of a few popular areas is still sought after.

to some extent, broadcast industry almost copy in group purchase and O2O of the event, hundreds of thousands of companies into the market in a short period of time, BAT, millet, 360, LETV and other big companies also have to follow suit. read more

n 2015 the great God of the beauty salon planning brain hole what

recently in a beauty industry event, the author discuss some hot events in 2014 in the beauty industry of beauty and many bosses, finally all gathered in the eyes of "planning" two words. For example, the concept of product planning from the rocks on Mars, deep sea mud can easily take. The Great Hall of the people in a beauty salon planning investment will be both able to force a high, small village can also go to no human habitation. These words may be exaggerated, but the beauty industry in the planning of people outside the industry to make a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking, colleagues admire. Do not do, only unexpected, and this is only the beauty industry will have this possibility. read more

The three enlightenment embarrassed to entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

text / Chen Gen (WeChat public platform: statement root)


" is a recently popular Hong Kong embarrassed topic, from its box office performance can be seen on the popular level. As of October 4th, released 10 days of the "Hong Kong" embarrassed the cumulative box office 1 billion 280 million, breaking the previous directed by Xu Zheng before the "Thai" embarrassed at the end of 2012, a record 1 billion 268 million at the box office record, once again set a new record in the domestic movie box office 2D. Today, I am talking to you about this topic is the "Xu Zheng phenomenon", to a certain extent, reflect and represent the commercial phenomenon of today’s era, including the technology industry and the so-called traditional manufacturing industry. From the point of view of today’s entrepreneurship phenomenon, in which a large number of entrepreneurs in excess after being fed chicken soup "dizzy" into the business battlefield, but the real business is cruel, not to drink chicken soup will be able to realize the dream. Similarly, Xu Zheng’s success is not to see us chicken soup, but the real business trajectory. read more

Capital vision decision ten Chinese aura the most outstanding female investors

Abstract: there are only two rules of investment, the first rule is not to lose money, the second rule is not to forget the first rule." The essence of investment: money, rights, hunting, how to listen is a man’s game, but the active female investors are in no way inferior, honor and praise should be generous to them.

"there are only two investment rules, the first rule is not to lose money, the second rule is not to forget the first rule, only when the inevitable hit the prey to pull the trigger." Buffett’s investment: money, power, hunting, how to listen is a man’s game. From a quantitative point of view, the fact is the case, in the calendar year of the world’s top 100 list of investors, usually only 4-5 is female. However, these female investors are in no way inferior, in the upcoming women’s festival, honor and praise should be generous to them. read more

Dongsheng how the grass root entrepreneurs get more money

90% of the world’s grass root entrepreneurs are eager for success, these entrepreneurs hope investors to favor their own on the road, so as to obtain investment, investors is undoubtedly the realization of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial dream of success will, at the very least, entrepreneurs have to face the future of the company investors.

to get the attention of the investors is a very difficult thing, not every entrepreneur can have such an opportunity, especially those who have just stepped out the first step of venture entrepreneur, every entrepreneur may build one of their own business empire are in your brain before the start of the Empire, in the business before is just an idea in your mind, or just a business plan, but no investment, these things will never be empty talk, always can only stay in your mind. read more

Tencent set up a public space to set sail 2016TGPC interpretation of Public nnovation Ecosystem

September 22nd -24, 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition center. Tencent announced an open platform with the world’s leading public space startups Wework and RocketSpace officially signed, Tencent public space to take the pace of internationalization.

In the

conference focusing on the public record of "sharing the public record, ecological sub forum, the mobile Internet business group Tencent vice president Hou Xiao Nan, a comprehensive introduction to the Tencent Inc for Internet plus innovation and create new ecological six open system. At the same time, by the Tencent public record space, Zhejiang TV together, Tencent village title, inviting "win in China" team together to create the business reality show "I am the founder" is also published in the forum, attracted Luzhou Lao Jiao Group Chairman Zhang Liang, StarVC founder Quan Ren, the dream time movie company founder and chairman Lu Gengxu. Guest stars, to participate in the program. read more

Venture capital ndia hang there or hang there

heatwave, grey and red large buildings, a Vitoria style in London between palm trees and banyan emerge, as a recurring nightmare, scaly walls, the charm of the spacious boulevards, tall and rare trees, the smell of smoked lane.

heavy traffic, such as thin bones People are hurrying to and fro., no cattle, beggars, drag the car, The stream never stops flowing..

this is the "India notes" in a description, this is India, also have the best and most bad, in a disorderly and orderly. read more

Sisters flower meet beauty

northern girl bold, southern girl gentle, this is the difference between South and north is obvious. In March 16, 2015, European quanmei industry science and technology limited company ushered in the two from Inner Mongolia’s northern girl, they are: Miss Li and miss wang. Europe quanmei Technology Co Ltd is headquartered in Hubei Wuhan, the two sisters come to the south of the US, particularly brisk, they are tall, handsome face, bright smile, highly affinity behavior before.

in the course of the interview, we learned that the two sisters store is more than and 130 square, its location in the downtown area, is a bustling commercial circle around. Miss Lee said, "for this location, demand for beauty, Manicure is relatively more, is also hoping to entrepreneurial opportunities, able to meet customer demand, to make their own store development." read more

Wang Sicong investment 17 can red to October

lead: "sun" and "two elements to meet the user’s curiosity and want to pry, but this is clearly not the team expected to see.

, an application called "17", is rapidly taking over your social network. People talk about it, except the beautiful long legs, and the husband of Wang Sicong".

points into the App, you will find him and some of the most try to fire the image or video social applications are very similar, the user can send their own pictures or video social. But the biggest difference is that the user can live video, or watch other people’s live video; and the user’s personal page will show the same day income. read more

Unfamiliar Street Tang Yan never care about the outside world

Tang on the rock of an interview is probably at the end of 2014, when the unfamiliar street Nasdaq, his son became the youngest bell "". It was founded third years unfamiliar street, time to push back for another 10 months, unfamiliar street announced the number of users breaking billion. Prior to this, the mobile social heavyweights or giants, only WeChat.

Do you think what would subvert WeChat problem

this is Tang Yan was most often asked? He thought, I know that I didn’t do so directly, said: "before you should be in the Baidu search." Only later, you can see his ambition, he said he was at the beginning of a very large plate to go, to build a social empire. read more

College students entrepreneurial success rate is only 3% minimal effect of how to break through

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a complex and difficult process, and the only way to improve college students’ entrepreneurial success is not the policy support, but also help not school incubators, these are external factors can not affect the essence of the development, the most important thing is the knowledge through the Internet investment to enhance the students entrepreneurial ability.

China business students

history can be traced back to the beginning of reform and opening up, and a wide range of entrepreneurship is the first contest of college students entrepreneurship design held in 1998 after the rapid development of the Tsinghua University. Their participation has injected a new vitality into the army. read more

Listed Pandora the success of the 3 choices on the road

lead: the listing is a Pandora’s box, so many people yearn for, and so many people fear, only do 3 multiple-choice questions, GEM listed on the road can walk more firm and smooth.

text / Zhou Kangkang point meter technology CEO

in China, every year there are nearly 46 start-ups registered, but not every company can be successful, a large number of companies have fallen before the dawn of the listing, really see the dawn of the few. The listing is a Pandora’s box, so many people yearn for, and so many people fear, only do 3 multiple-choice questions, GEM listed on the road can walk more firm and smooth. read more

Zhongguancun Street will bid farewell to the transformation of electronic stores entrepreneurial str

[Abstract] Zhongguancun Street will focus on Cultivating Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, financial services, creative culture and five kinds of platform services function; focus on the improvement of the information industry, big data, smart hardware three advantages of industrial clusters.

Beijing news covers the former famous electronic street and fame in the business street, south of Whitehead, north to the west gate of Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun street, a total length of 7.2 km of electronic stores will bid farewell to the label, to build an upgraded version of business street. read more