Every day the way to start a small interest Notes website financing

      Internet in the cool, is the history of risk investment opportunities in most places, many people dream suddenly get more than $N, overnight yangmingliwan, but it is precisely this point, the web entrepreneurs are in a "business" financing dilemma: is every head, think their business plans can change a lot of money; on the other hand is even eating has become a problem, full of twists and turns and hardships of great plan and noble ambition.

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Personal webmaster can also use the following methods to make money

before the general feeling, website make money, or others to earn monthly advertising costs to advertise, have to make money through the league. Rely on earning traffic click fees. Now slowly rely on users began to produce a profit, although very little, but after all, out of a little effect.

1 rely on virtual hosts, domain names to achieve profitability, and deep contact with customers. Usually the flow came and went, but if the user and the user to generate money, such as the relationship between the deep level, so that more closely. For example, stationmaster net agent network domain hosting business, if the 10 thousand owners to buy, in addition to the 10 thousand owners to purchase their own profits, and the 10 thousand station traffic. This value is eternal. read more

nternet entrepreneurs need most is not money

The Internet, for a lot of survival hoodwinked by the entrepreneur, may be in the winter, but the real work of entrepreneurs, is still spring, because the Internet is also very many opportunities exist. In this environment, there will be more and more friends into the Internet industry to venture.

for Internet entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs think money is very important to myself, but I think most Internet entrepreneurs are not money. Here with the "most in need of" three words, indicating that capital is not the first. But why do you say that?

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Google Adsense recommends the use of 300250 format to enhance the effect

The following is the author of

GOOGLE ADSENSE today just received the official message, the site in the launch of www.ppmmw.com 300*250 have a relatively good experience, click rate and the diversification of advertising, such as text, picture and video advertising.


first of all, on behalf of all members of the Google AdSense team to say hello to you!

watched carefully in your current advertising display, we recommend that you use the better advertising format 300*250. I hope you can consider this optimization proposal for your site to update the existing advertising. read more

Baidu March Baidu alliance certification has been opened please apply in a timely manner

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

March 3rd -3 7, 2009, Baidu alliance certification application in the context of the union open. If you have not joined the Baidu alliance certification, you can log in the background of the Union – integral paradise – prizes in the exchange of direct exchange to participate in the application, or click on the following links can also be redeemed.

http://s.union.baidu.com/newui/bon_converse.html? Operation=showDetail& awardId=401

Baidu alliance certification program is the industry’s first website, software certification level standards. Baidu alliance to become a member of the certification program, you can enjoy the preferential treatment of the program as well as Baidu union VIP distinguished treatment, so that you feel at any time anywhere Baidu intimate service. With the growth of cooperation, the value of your account will continue to be improved, and access to a higher level of certification, and enjoy more preferential services. read more

Ten Henzhao Ma Yun used in the Ali Mama

Ma the person in front of our 80 stationmaster, belong to Uncle level character, read a lot about his presentation, read many of his articles, many tricks is of great help to our webmaster, can give us a little more detours.

twenty-first Century today, more and more people join the Internet, online shop, online blog, web site, online shopping, online dating…… the network life and the reality of our increasingly separated


in the network era dividing their share of the cake, become a netizen dream, become a webmaster permanent pursuit, Ali group to accept the call of the times, the Ali Mama, a new alliance platform, he is different from all of the other union at present in the market, I put these differences as Ma. read more

Entrepreneur how will the good entrepreneurial inspiration into the enterprise

entrepreneurs are mobile, this is good, but it is not enough to turn ideas into products, just take the first step. You have to know that every business, every idea, the conditions for success are different.

did you get an entrepreneurial inspiration and then what about


if you like me, always thought of a powerful and unconstrained style, inspiration may come at any time. Maybe you are inspired by the time you take a shower, or when you are driving, or when you are reading. For most of us, get good inspiration is not the most difficult thing in the business, let us get inspiration after scratching, is what to do. read more

Personal webmaster earn 300 yuan share experience

first explained that the project failed a few days ago, just to share with his family, tell you how to make money online.

We should all know

51.com, the number of 51 day online are tens of millions, but by 51 advertisers less and less, almost difficult to find, so I began to start looking for 51, 51 can take place, because I usually play 51, so 51 of the people know love back I saw 51 each step the software on the Internet, but they are used on the popularity, I started to analyze the 51, found 51 there is a small problem, 51 each step will not limit any speed and step number, I use a few days time to put my 51 home into a clothing store on the Internet find a clothes shop to do their agents, because 51 people are love fashion, so do the clothes is preferred, good home after I began to call my friend to write software, because the 51 do not limit on the speed and number, so I write software is Thread, and do not have to open the IE, as long as the download source, one day there are hundreds of people hanging there. Step on people are online, obtained directly in http://s.city.51.com/zaixianliebiao/port_zxlb.php, it can get the area, the shortage is unable to get sex, each step is the speed of a second step 5. The number of my 51 visit is more than 10 thousand people, remember the first day revenue reached 600 yuan, got me half to death, although the agency people’s clothes, no delivery, but with a conversation, ask their address and so on, so every day I income more than 300 yuan, less than a month to earn money there are over 10000, but soon to be good times don’t last long, the 51 companies found and sealed. read more

11 yet open ideas for making money online

It’s not a secret that

‘s great ideas have changed the web. Community websites and web applications are becoming more and more popular. Young entrepreneurs make a lot of money through contacts and simple ideas. Are you interested in being a member of the


dream is very simple: through careful planning and some free time, the creation of a wise idea, can a man like you and then added fortune. But these great ideas in where? Why do we often see some things out of order, but not great new ideas? Rust in sapphire where read more

Future online and offline advertising and trends

review: "as long as there exist online advertising activities, there will be" online "advertising data. It can be said that every moment, there are a lot of data in the online advertising industry. When the data accumulated to a certain scale, to a certain extent, the value of the. But why do these effects of considerable value of data can only be "on-line" advertising so gleaning network access, and not have a larger influence?

senior U.S. search engine data expert Harry Gold said: "these data can be used for broadcasting, printing, direct mail, outdoor public website," the. This "data line" long "status if" the network advertising industry deep resentment in a person with breadth of vision. It is one of the focuses of this paper to discuss the deep reasons. read more