March 2017

Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee enlarged meeting to convey the spirit of lear

8 24 afternoon, the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting to convey the spirit of learning and implementing the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that the current and future periods, the whole province to learn good publicity is good, good to carry out the spirit of the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech as the primary political task, quick thinking and action into the spirit of the speech, continue to reform and innovation, hard work, efforts in ecological civilization first area, the development of circular economy the first area of national unity and progress of advanced areas in the construction continue to create new performance, return expectations of the Party Central Committee and the general secretary xi. read more

Three never allow the Xining police this year to determine the focus of crime crackdown

Qinghai news network "will never allow the gang in the city of big potential, must not be allowed to influence the black evil crime case, never allow the evil forces of harm", the social order and public security in February 29, 2008, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau proposed for deployment in 2008 the city’s crime crackdown special struggle focus on all kinds of evil gang crime, crime of gangdom, protection against all forms of "".

this special struggle in accordance with "what to focus on combating crime highlighting what crime, what problems mainly solve what problem, what industry chaos is the focus of what industry consolidation" principle, to crack down on trouble, affray, intentional injury, extortion, robbery and theft, gambling, drug-related jurisprudence, lending protection fees to receive in the form of the new evil gang, the maintenance of social order; severely entrenched in the markets, entertainment, transportation, construction, mining and other regional monopolies, fraud, Pa City a party to dominate the gangland crimes, to maintain social and economic order; to crack down on the masses the evil forces crime, and vigorously promote the city crime crackdown special struggle, improve the satisfaction and sense of security, "Ping Anhe Harmonious Xining construction, "safe Olympics" to create a good social environment. (author: Wen Ling) read more

Xining rural poor people rebuild the whole project started

In September 4th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, as of now, the construction of rural reconstruction projects in our province has started 23638, among them, the Xining city reconstruction project construction started, growth significantly.

pay close attention to the construction of gold throughout the province, on the basis of ensuring the quality of construction projects, grasping the progress of construction projects, the implementation of the local matching funds to accelerate the construction of rural reconstruction project of difficult masses. At present, the construction of rural reconstruction projects across the province has started 23638, accounting for 93.96% of the number of issued construction tasks, growth of 10.54% over the same period last month, 11098 has been completed, the completion rate reached 44.39%, up 21.5% over the same period last month. Of which: 7158 households in Xining city started, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 2000 households all started, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 1500 households have been started. (author: Zhang Yaning) read more

Refuse firecrackers Xining good air

More than 220 people living under the same blue sky in Xining, breathing, improve the city’s air quality, to achieve sky blue, green, clean water ecological environment, is our common goal. To achieve this goal, you are in my small car one day, reduce the use of disposable items, especially in fireworks in a refuse. Do you know how to refuse to set off fireworks and firecrackers, will bring the blue sky in Xining what kind of change? In the evening together with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited the general public to participate in the blue sky for Xining, I can do anything in the public environmental activities, the source, set off 1 firecrackers enough to allow a serious explosion of PM2.5 within 10 cubic meters.In

a firecrackers will produce much haze pollution? According to the experimental results and the Research Center for environmental technology team of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Shangguan Wenfeng burning, a bunch of thousands of ring 3 small firecrackers firecrackers in the test chamber of 30 cubic meters of discharge, PM2.5 concentration is 1230 micrograms / cubic meter, the data burst table value of 500 micrograms / cubic meter 2.46 times. In other words, set off 1 firecrackers enough to allow a serious explosion of PM2.5 within 10 cubic meters.

, is not only environmental protection workers own responsibility, but every one of us is living in this city for the public responsibility, therefore, hope to have thousands on thousands of environmentally concerned people, from today to participate in the environmental protection work, starting from the side small, from the start to reduce the discharge of fireworks together, oh;
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Three the village of delicious feast

fruit products, eat dinner, gifts…… In the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar October 23rd, the Double Ninth Festival, Chengbei District of Xining City Mafang Street office three village cultural compound, crowded, food fragrance. The village of the more than and 300 old man came to the village’s cultural compound, to celebrate the three village of its twenty-third elderly festival.

cultural compound, the word lined up on the table, holding a bowl of steaming hot rice. The old people sit around two dial, eating steamed bread, boiled rice, while looking at the north of the city Party Committee Propaganda Department and the North District Cultural Center sent theatrical performances. The 97 year old Jia Xiuyuan is a village leader, early in the morning, she came to the courtyard culture and daughter, Jia grandmother said: "the old people in the village as a baby, today not only invited people to show that we are ready to return to boil rice, but also to hear the old people to send money, everyone excited." "Flowers" concert, opera performances, old dance, operatic performance…… North District Cultural Center, said Hu curator, in order to make the elderly happy, the Cultural Center specially arranged for the elderly loved the show. read more

Rare thing a small snow leopard cattle herders

Xining local tax system in the National Day ball games to achieve success

By the Working Committee directly under the authority of the CPC Xining Municipal Sports Bureau hosted the "2010 Xining municipal authorities towards National Games held in Xining City stadium, from the municipal authorities 30 units to participate in the Futsal players, three basketball, table tennis, badminton and other sports

by the CPC Xining Municipal Working Committee directly under the authority of the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau hosted the "2010 municipal authorities towards National Games held in Xining City stadium, from the municipal authorities 30 units to participate in the Futsal players, three basketball, table tennis, badminton and other sports. read more

Xining city north of the city’s first comprehensive service center for the disabled

north of the city of Xining district according to the standard views and guiding the construction of relevant national construction comprehensive service center, 7 million yuan investment in the city’s first building to provide comprehensive services for the disabled comprehensive service center, it is expected that the project will be completed at the end of July this year and put into use. The comprehensive service center of North City children’s activity center 3 1000 square meters of idle service room renovation, on the west side of the new building 2 floor 276 square meters dining room and other ancillary services, the establishment of rehabilitation, skills training and other services for real. After the completion of the area north of Xining city and for the disabled to carry out rehabilitation, shelter, labor skills training, is conducive to the development of the potential in rehabilitation exercise, improve their independent living, learning and labor ability, cultivate self-esteem, self-reliance, self-reliance, to make the whole society to understand, respect, care and help the disabled, support the development of the disabled. And the establishment of the disabled art performance team, cycling team, track team, display style of contemporary life, independent learning disabled. At the same time for the community concerned about the disabled, to support the development of the cause of the disabled platform. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Zhijian Fan Shengdong)
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Xining Management Office conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Provincial Radio Mana

3 26 afternoon, Xining Radio Management Office held a staff meeting, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the general assembly, the organization of all cadres and workers to study and implement the province’s 2012 radio management conference.

by the Secretary of the Navy, long Chao an important speech at the meeting of the director general Ma Guoqing entitled "firm across the development of outstanding ability to better serve the construction of Qinghai" four development "and the construction of national defense" work report and learn from the advanced work brothers management office and office of the General Office of the provincial experience etc.. We all agreed that in 2012 the province’s radio management conference is rich in content, clear thinking, focused, clear task, to do a good job in my office this year has played a positive role in guiding. read more

Welcome two Xining municipal face and road facelift

To welcome two, Xining Municipal Engineering Administration Department from the beginning of September, in Xining City, some "face sores" road "facelift".

the afternoon of September 19th, according to the person in charge of the Xining Municipal Engineering Administration Department, the "plastic" Road South Ring Road, West Road, Nanchuan Nanchuan Road, mutual Road, Qilian Road, the road etc.. At present, with the construction personnel are working overtime to repair these roads, to ensure smooth road, eliminate safety hazards. In addition, the provincial capital of a lot of street lamps and light poles have been timely diagnosis and treatment". The responsible person said, municipal departments should be bright, smooth and flat culvert. (author: Zhang Pu) read more

Train station two banned unlicensed users

For a long time, the train station there are individual businesses operating without a license, selling expired food and other issues, in order to purify the train station around the market operation order, establish a civilized and orderly market environment, the afternoon of September 17th, north of the city industrial and commercial bureau dispatched law enforcement officers on the train station business households sorted out during the two unlicensed households were in accordance with the law. It is reported that the rectification action is the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of the joint law enforcement team and the three common development, joint law enforcement team focused on the train station around the operating illegal businesses operating without license, selling expired food, no sales of counterfeit goods and other consumer fraud check, check the check 15 households, expired food seized 16 expired bags, drink 11 bottles, two households, a license banned unlicensed households. The special rectification action to further regulate the operation of the west railway station and the surrounding operating order and business behavior.   read more

Xining City Bureau of Commerce and industry branch to carry out the work of the red shield to protec

for the full implementation of the national industrial and commercial administrative work conference and the national system of rural food market rectification work summary of field conference spirit, to create conditions for agricultural production and farmers’ income, according to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau "on the 2008 red shield to protect farming agricultural law enforcement hundred days notice" spirit, the city of Xining City branch of positive Industrial and Commercial Bureau organize the red shield to protect farming agricultural work. read more

Provincial Food and Drug Safety Committee held its third meeting in Xining Wang Xiao attended and d

February 3rd, the provincial government food and Drug Safety Committee held third meetings, learning to convey the spirit of the State Council related meetings, listen to the last year the province’s food and drug safety and evaluation, to study the deployment task this year and signed letters of responsibility. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao attended and spoke.


meeting held last year, under the leadership of the provincial government, the provincial food and Drug Safety Commission internal operation more smoothly, the members of the unit more consistent understanding and action linkage governance more effective, hold the non occurrence of major food and drug safety problems of the bottom line. read more

Xining police deployed to do the work of the college entrance examination security

Qinghai news network to ensure that this year the city of Xining college entrance examination of the safe and orderly, recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held the city’s college entrance security work conference, the arrangements for the deployment of security work.

Xining city public security organs at all levels during the examination period, construction site safety inspection and examination of the surrounding, prohibited construction during the examination work; deployed police cordon set up in the examination room periphery, maintain public order and traffic order; prohibited vehicles stay in locations around the ring, and strengthen security patrols to prevent accidents; the establishment of security room in the entrance examination, students and people responsible for receiving help and alarm, of all kinds of cases occurred in the scene promptly accepted, to quickly make a fair treatment; take the initiative to contact with the county education department, in advance on the test sites to carry out safety inspection, eliminate hidden dangers; in advance of the video surveillance equipment maintenance and entrance examination the surrounding districts and counties; do the college entrance examination papers escort, storage process security. (author: he arrow Li Hongxia)
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Planning to manage 3 to 5 channels per year

Reporters from the office of the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that this year the city completed the preparation of "ecological control channel Xining city overall planning", the plan is expected to total investment of about 300 million yuan, the city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters will actively apply for financial support, and strive to complete the 3 to 5 year management channel.

Cool summer village Charm Baoziwan town in 2012 Township Cultural Tourism Festival delicacy

in Chengbei district held 2012 Xiang Baoziwan fun delicacy Culture Tourism Festival   "deep water, farm, organic food, hot summer days, held 2012 Xiang Da Bao Zi Zhen fun delicacy Culture Tourism Festival, with tourists appreciate a real" country tour.

Tourism Festival opening day, visitors to taste the local villagers elaborate Qinghai "authentic", such as Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce niangpi snacks in front of the crowded corridor, delicacy, red red chilli oil, green leek, clear and smooth Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, tangy, regardless of everyone, everyone holding a bowl of noodles. In knots in the shade at the foot of the wall, talking and laughing, eating the summer country Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, got heated, with the holidays. Having finished Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce immediately there are wonderful, martial arts, wrestling, archery, and full of nostalgia opera performances, the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun faction peacefulness of the scene, tourists stroll in the countryside, listening to the birds, smelling the fragrance of flowers, fruit and vegetable picking experience fun, some group play, some of the music, some exclusive. My taste. read more

Along the Qinghai Tibet Road opened 20 Tibet Green nn

day before, for the protection of the ecological environment in Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Tibet road will be built along the nearly 20 Tibetan Green Inn, among them, one from Golmud to the Tanggula town (Da River) 420 km road building 8 sites, this year by the Golmud city project has started construction, is expected to put into operation in 2017 two will be used; in the Tibet section of the Qinghai Tibet highway plan to set up 10 stations.

Green Tibet

inn is by the Qinghai provincial government in cooperation with non-governmental organizations in the common China garbage collection built along the Qinghai Tibet highway station, with garbage collection, both provide long-distance truck drivers, self driving tourists site public welfare short rest and ecological resources and environmental protection publicity. The Qinghai Tibet line landscape features and free toilets, free water, free Internet and other public services, attracting long-distance freight drivers, self driving tourists to stop short rest, and put his car on the garbage to the garbage box Green Inn, in exchange for all kinds of special promotional souvenirs. And with the help of the Qinghai Tibet highway vehicle air return cheap transport, the Recyclable garbage shipped to Golmud City centralized disposal, and then transported to the surrounding garbage landfill disposal, garbage collection, the dispersion of long-distance transportation and centralized disposal. read more

Erase the fraction of how to do customer requirements

we are the customer, at the time of checkout always love to allow businesses to erase the fraction, even if not really want to bargain, or that this fraction is not much, but this situation is very common. So, in the transaction link of the sales process, often meet customer requirements with a fraction, how did you deal with it?

this is a lot of clothing stores will encounter problems can not deal with the loss of a single sale because of a few dollars. Especially for customers want more time, would have said: "I bought so much, you put 3 dollars or I will erase a fraction of it, do not buy." What should I do? read more