September 2017

How to excavate the site keywords and layout

This article from the mining

then let us analyze the comparison of key concern by users, industry type, type, name and title of the column setting, here is the classified keywords, and then find out the related keywords layout to the column (note here, we can have many kinds of combinations, such as type, type, time, price, brand, etc…)

effect, it should also be classified as (the long tail word), because this is a very large amount of search words in the world, the timeliness of hot words, we can make special topics to the layout, through the home link, even within the chain, the chain is to quickly improve the ranking. Ability to obtain rapid ranking. read more

Love Shanghai image search action related revision analysis


in fact, not only is a great improvement on the visual effect, but also has many very affordable functional improvements, allowing users more convenient to use.

show in the form of

this is a comparison of old and new home love pictures Shanghai. From the home, have a brand new feeling. Home use picture navigation feels more comfortable than the old version, delicate, more refreshing, but also more click desire. In fact, the home is only a beginning, deep within the pages of content but also greatly enhance the user experience. read more

How to use the resources to promote the website ranking master station

site can be solved, employed several editorial staff, increase the original article every day for the site, but the site outside the chain, if in accordance with the usual said forum, blog, exchange Links, that much larger workload and slow. Some people say that you can buy the chain, but also limit the purchase of the chain, the chain can not buy stop, must constantly renew, and buy the chain step by step, not explosive growth.

fourth, resource station also need to raise resources, but also to ensure the quality of the station, this requires energy, limited the ability of a person, you can hire a few. read more

New and old advertising techniques on the nternetSummed up the experience of Taobao passengers mon

has been a Taobao customer for half a year. The year before last time has paid, also has the repayment. In fact, as long as you work hard and try to learn more from your forefathers, you will surely reap something.

once you’re looking for the target audience, sit down and think about advertising copywriting. Online Advertising Copywriting techniques, I >

  the Internet is not the "fourth media", in theory, each view is quite inconsistent. In my opinion, the Internet is an all-in-one communication technology tool with many functions as one. You can also see it as an aircraft carrier for information exchange, which provides a common platform for the delivery and communication of information. One of the "carrier based aircraft" is the media, a new media that is different from the three types of media print, radio, television, and can also be called the "fourth media"". This kind of "carrier based aircraft" series includes news mails, news discussion groups, web sites, electronic bulletin boards, instant chat rooms and many other styles. this topic will be discussed in the future.
read more

Master five points easily reduce website jump out rate


five, page layoutThe

three, improve the quality of the content on the website

four, study on the psychological needs of the user

page open speed too slow, directly hindered the user access, will undoubtedly increase the bounce rate of users. So the site selected space / server must be fast, stable, and the image on the page, JS and flash to compress or reduce processing. In general, not a whole page loaded more than 6 seconds.

two, a clear and simple

page layout is divided into pre layout design and post website layout design is fine, through the investigation and analysis of a prediction of user’s demand and page layout. However, the layout can not completely solve the needs of users, so the data of late is very important, we can through the statistics of the background data analysis, the user is through the search which words came to our site, what is to come to our website for what purpose, leaving the combined search of love Shanghai can be very good for users; read more

Huang Zumin Shanghai dragon how to analyze competitor

for Shanghai dragon Er, the first step is to start the analysis of the competition, and will do the blog type, timely selection of titles and keywords of the blog for a web site, analysis of competitors is necessary to do the project, including rival key word density, keywords layout, website structure and website H1 if the label for keyword optimization, and the website’s domain name registration age and so on, there is a process, each website has a relative to the main factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization for the optimization of key words. Shanghai dragon Er often asked, what is the core of search engine optimization? In fact, the main reason is that the chain and content. There is the user experience with the chain, or is the site of the chain optimization and so on, the main factors for the impression of keywords ranking attention. The high weight of the Links can quickly upgrade their PR, but excessive optimization will be search engine that is cheating to be right down, serious word will be plucked (K, included in the site directly cleared) to drop right or be K, the best way to make up is done, every day continue to send the chain, on the need for the anchor text for target keyword optimization page whether the chain can bring the main role. Recently a lot of Shanghai dragon Er active use of Links to enhance the site’s weight, so as to improve the keywords ranking, your page rank high, then the long tail word you publish rankings will also increase. The most striking case is the classified information website, for example, 58 city Ganji and other high weight website. The method for Links can go to the related website Links exchange platform for the exchange, high quality exchange links must be related, do Shanghai dragon to find some about search engine optimization, network marketing this link. read more

The search engine is how to determine the contents of the article is the original page

2. content. Analysis of the basic idea and the title should be about the same, but there are differences, because contains information after all than title to all kinds of complex, more, also have a more complex algorithm.

I in this paper as an example to explain. Title: Nhll Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of omr. Content: OMR Nhll R & D card fast, excellent quality, good service. Our company is located in Beijing city XXXX. The spider through hypertext to our website, and through the station link to this article. Search engine judge analysis. read more

The top level domain name 301 redirect to the influence on the two level domain name with domain nam

here is this question, mainly for two reasons, one reason said search engine will put two domain names as new sites, no special consideration to the 301 redirect this situation, if it is 302 redirect or no orientation, may be more in line with the actual situation; reason is two completely different content sites, will not be because of subject content is too large and there are 301 redirect and ignore.

302: Tencent, Sohu, Sina redirect, taobao贵族宝贝, handle network, youku贵族宝贝, cool 6, play tennis, a shop No. read more

To ensure the safety and stability of website optimization without concern for

site is not stable, at the site often isn’t open, or is the IIS access restrictions, can not reach a certain number of simultaneous access. The site is not stable, one of the reasons is right down.

Two, how to prevent

can easily be hacked, linked to our site, or hang black chain, causing our website links too much, or write some gray project contact on the website, causing the site to love Shanghai snapshot and our website does not match the actual content. It is very easy to cause our site is down right, so we work hard to optimize the success of cast to waste. read more

How to improve website weight or let your love Shanghai keyword rankings

three: the stability of the

The stability of

: click on the principle of

two: how to improve the value of the first page of

is to click on the principle, click the principle from the traditional meaning is the search engine click on the home page flow compared to the top twenty keywords. Click on an important principle is to make up for deficiencies in the search engine, after the eye simulation test study found that a large number of keywords ranking, in fact, the largest flow is not the first, sometimes may be higher than the third to fourth, third higher than the first. We know that a web site can not meet the needs of all people, we can only meet the needs of most users, or in a certain period of time to meet the demand of search keywords, as long as you can meet the needs of users, users will click on your website. The first is to attract a degree through the title and description, when the title meet the needs of the majority, with some of the more attractive language to describe the writing, but a site is not only caused by user clicks and cause users to access this desire, you need to have the website content should conform to the user’s stomach, at least, users can find the content they need on your website on. read more

An objective view of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster do recommendations to avoid the two extremes

master flow up, added an academic exchange forum, webmaster do every day is to organize academic resources, guide and help the user to answer the problem of non academic IT, and forum download attachments nor many forums that many points, are basically free to download, and seriously consider how to user the most convenient download.

is a friend from the station opened in 2005, with the SiteWeaver system is easy, idea is to collect industry information, academic resources, the article is to manually copy, never had a collection of articles, punctuation marks are considered every single word or phrase. read more

Ding Chunmei website alliance short term profit is still advertisingNot to air was bad mouthing the


era of consumer upgrades, Home Inns, long lease, short rent apartments have become the new hot pursuit of capital, a lot of people as the content of enterprise pension, in addition to services, began to emphasize the "master spirit" and in culture, with Mogan Mountain text brigade town for example, it can be regarded as a cultural cluster. From 10 to 2016 by the end of 2013, the 800, the Mogan Mountain phenomenon reflects.


ten years, so many people, many websites disappeared in front of us, but there will be more people stand out. Only to find the correct direction of planning, and stick to it, we will like the spring girl, through the clouds and see the moon. read more

Analysis of Scindapsus algorithm coping strategies and treatment methods

first: too many links to delete pages, for when love Shanghai next update, restore the weight.

finally: self-help chain will be subject to certain blow, and site navigation will again become a hot topic. The self-help chain, self-help link too much to form a fixed page or the bottom link, after Shanghai will inevitably become the target of love. The site navigation, belonging to the recommended links, regardless of how many, not cheating. So, site navigation will become a hot chain way. For everyone said the forum and blog outside the chain, in general, are not as the main link. Because of the way, the correlation is very small, the quality is very poor. read more

A detailed interpretation of the breadcrumb path optimization techniques

Optimization of The actual operation of

one of our most important use breadcrumbs is actually play a role: convenient to guide users to browse the site right. Some people say that is convenient to guide the spider, but it is not, it should be said that the most important role is to guide the user to browse the site right. What do you mean? A breadcrumb path such as: Home – – – center of gynecological inflammation vaginitis specific content. This is a friendly breadcrumbs. If the user wants to access the vaginitis, the user only needs to follow this path to access it, so it is convenient for users to browse the site right. It does not require the user to intercept URL on what he thought can reach the page path of vaginitis. So that the biggest effect of our breadcrumb path is to guide the user the right to browse our website. Then we said second situations: when we finished browsing a page when I want to return to the previous page, or when one directory we will use the browser’s back button on it, but we will find that in some cases, the back button is not right back to the go to this page. (principle I will not give you detailed say) if you set a breadcrumb path, you can easily help the viewer to quickly return to browse to the page. To facilitate the right to guide the user to browse our website. It is not that we are all pages of the breadcrumb path optimization? Then we breadcrumb path optimization and what principle? Now enter the third part. read more

Google every day to delete 41 thousand suspected pirated links 11 hours after handling

at present, many people are most concerned about the problem of copyright piracy is will be generated in their published content after a few minutes, and many small publishers have no time to go through the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)" requirements from Google search results down the search content.

According to

reports, if this function (delete pirated links) added to the Google webmaster tools, once publishers can see pirated content, content and links will immediately delete copyright, and report to the background, perhaps this is also a good anti piracy and anti infringement method. (Huo Shan read more

The enterprise website keyword competition difficulty judging method

second: the quantity and price of the bidding:

intitle: this kind of beauty "

1, the auction is the pay per click, that is to say as long as the investment out of advertising, can profit will go on, the general network company will have a professional bidding on the industry analysis specialist keywords, as long as the profits will go to search something on the page above the reference number, can be displayed by bidding the general love of Shanghai shows 8 advertising in the side, if this is all full of advertising out of it, that is to say its competitiveness is relatively large, read more

Shanghai Longfeng share what determines the site title out of the ordinary

stood there for some time, see a variety of Shanghai dragon articles often, including keyword ranking, website snapshot, how to choose the domain name and so on, but this article and this would not matter much, and share an idea of my own, the idea about the title, though there are a lot of website Title written online, but it is on the basis of Shanghai Longfeng title based on mostly summarizes some how to write in order to better meet the search engine, so I think it is necessary to write this article, because it is different, we want to help, also welcomed the criticism. read more

Recognize the chain for the emperor misunderstanding ten efficient chain skills

This article draws on

blog. Although such links are being added nofollow, but the number of valid or on the site, of course, this link is best recommended subscription blog, carefully read the articles of others, when learning experiences leave a link, do not.

3, Links. The chain to the Links is relatively stable and simple, to some Links exchange link exchange platform release information, every day looking for a few good sites for exchange connection on the OK, but also left a good chain. But now Links effect is not good, also often worry about friendship website. read more

The actual operation and the key means of speculation in Shanghai Dragon

I tried to use this kind of countless times, every time that is very useful, but that is not for his own point. For example: in 2009, 94 years has been red Le event sink to 15 years, no one to focus on, then I also ignore. In 2009 we remember what the most sensational? Parade? Entertainment event? I also think of these things, but I was wrong, in 2009, the biggest thing is the recovery of the economy, people in the pursuit of quality of life is gradually rising. Because I chose a theme of people’s living standard, but unfortunately failed, my judgment is not very exquisite. Later discovered that the original people feel most interested in: none of my business. > their own thing, gossip entertainment news, > > state. After finding the law, I try, but not a good result. Finally, to find the old news, I saw the red Le event. Because I want the opportunity to stir up his. In many ways, only through the news source of the three year crazy characters, and he said a word. Four kings in addition to Jacky Cheung, the other is the clown. The results again unexpectedly popular throughout the internet. Here you can get a result you want to hype current topic, people must be curious, rather than some small things. read more

The difference in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and general site of the independent blog

first, highlight an independent blog full of static optimization of the advantages.

tag cloud optimization

made several ASP language independent blog, have a very strong advantage in terms of static, especially static functions as it is widely used in ZBLOG have been very powerful, easy to use, widely welcomed by the owners, but the PHP language WORLDPRESS program requires owners related to the use of plug-ins to complete static pages, although this is an independent blog page static but less comprehensive advantages. In Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to give full play to the advantages of using static comprehensive to enhance the degree of search, increase access to and included in the fast filling advantages, thus to some extent can make up for the defects of weight independent blog program is not natural enough. read more