Negotiating in the worlds happiest country

first_imgSee also: 4 things you need to know before investing in a local startupSomehow they forgot to teach us this in school. One of the single most important skills we will ever need, negotiation is not only for business people: It can become handy when trying to squeeze a discount from your mechanic, compromising on chores with your partner, and convincing an industry leader to be your mentor. However, as with any relational skill, it is heavily dependent on culture. We don’t negotiate the same way in Latin America as they do in Asia, the United States or Europe. Through my work as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to witness how little idiosyncrasies turn negotiation into more of an art than a science. Here are a few tips for negotiation survival in “the happiest place on Earth.”1. Expect extremes.Old-school negotiation is still the king in Latin America. What does that mean? It is customary to open negotiations with extreme offers with the hope of meeting in the middle, sometimes even in spite of external facts like market price or valuations. If you are not used to it, you might find some proposals outrageous, but hang in there: It’s usually just a starting point so that haggling can commence.The problem with the “meet in the middle” logic is that it puts too much emphasis on the price, potentially turning the whole exercise into a tug-of-war or even offending one of the parties. What you can do is acknowledge that although many negotiations take place between extremes, you suggest using impartial or external criteria to come to a figure on which to base your discussions.2. You’ll be dealing with hot-blooded people.Let’s face it; we as Latin Americans are more prone to being swayed by emotions than the rest of the planet. From the corner-shop attendant to the general manager of a big company, I’ve seen many (good) deals fall through simply because somebody loses his or her head for five minutes.Our emotional nature can certainly bring a lot of positives to the table, such as enthusiasm and friendliness, but be aware of the other side of the coin: Make sure Dr. Jekyll doesn’t turn into Mr. Hyde. If you find yourself or the other party becoming more agitated than you all would like, suggest taking a break to gather your thoughts and let things cool down. Also, try to build up on the positives – the shared views or agreements you have already identified – to lighten the mood.3. Power and status plays out differently here.Although the nature of success in Latin America has started to change in recent years, we still don’t have many overnight successes in the business world, or hundreds of average Joes who started with nothing and built empires. Wealth usually comes from families; that ties social distinction to money and in turn, to power. This makes our societies more vertical than in some other parts of the world.This inevitably affects how people negotiate. The power that a party assumes he or she has on the basis of status can spiral out of proportion here, making a horizontal discussion tougher to achieve.New generations are perhaps more irreverent now and are willing to challenge the pecking order a bit more, but this doesn’t always go down well with powerful people, especially older folks, who might not think twice before inviting you to leave. In short: Be aware that the straight talk and sauciness that might work well in other parts of the world could well be frowned upon here.4. Invest in the relationship before the deal.Just as in many parts of Asia, including China, Latin Americans are more oriented toward building a relationship before a deal takes place. Whereas in more direct cultures like the United States or some northern European countries the focus might be on the content of the negotiation (what’s being said), our culture places more attention to the context (the how, who and when). This means that it might take a while, sometimes several meetings, before you can get down to business. Rushing this “natural” process might be perceived as rude, so be willing to slow down a little. We are also known for getting personal, asking about family and personal life. This might not be well received in other cultures, but it is a way to establish trust.There are without a doubt many subtleties that make or break negotiations, especially cross-cultural ones. In future posts I will be getting into more detail on how to become more successful at it, which, as with any other skill, is a matter of practice. In the meantime, if you are interested in the subject, feel free to drop me a line.Read other “Doing Business” columns here.Randall Trejos works as a business developer, helping startups and medium-sized companies grow. He’s the co-director of the Founder Institute in Costa Rica and a strategy consultant at Grupo Impulso. You can follow his blog La Catapulta or contact him through LinkedIn. Stay tuned for the next edition of his new Tico Times column “Doing Business.” Facebook Comments Related posts:4 things you need to know before investing in a local startup The different flavors of starting a business Want to launch an app startup in Costa Rica? Read this first Beyond the carrot and the stick: persuasion hacks that get resultslast_img read more


The dream of a community called La Carpio

first_imgOn Tuesday, March 21, the first phase of construction of La Carpio’s new primary school was officially inaugurated by President Luis Guillermo Solís, First Lady Mercedes Peñas, Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora (read more here). The new three-story building required a $6.4 million investment and will serve 1,735 elementary school students and 400 preschool students.In 1993, people from rural areas of Costa Rica and abroad, especially from our northern brother country of Nicaragua, migrated to settle down on a property belonging to the Social Security System, or Caja (CCSS) in the district of Uruca in the province in San José. Two years after that, some residents started to worry about reserving a piece of land so that their children could study. With few resources, they began work on a humble building for their boys and girls.That’s how a transcendental decision was made that would change the course of thousands of lives: a decision to fight for a small school. What the old school in La Carpio looked like before construction began. Courtesy of Marielos Méndez A scene from the old school. Courtesy of Marielos MéndezThat simple building, which featured a few classrooms made out of wood and cans, became a place of learning. Soon there were so many children coming in that there was no room for them all. The teachers at that time had to adapt to the precarious conditions that merged with the arid landscape of the location. Classes were given in churches or in the hallways of neighbors’ houses. Little by little, the process was shaped into what became hte Escuela Finca La Caja.The name Escuela Finca La Caja, for a long time, was emblematic of the community’s longing for learning. Through these classrooms various generations of La Carpio’s sons and daughters have marched, most of them managing – with the help of God, their families and teachers– to move on and be good, productive people. The school under construction. Courtesy of Marielos Méndez The children in charge of carrying a school crest, which reads: “Kindergarten La Carpio”. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Kindergarten students pose for the camara. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesDespite the economic contributions from the Public Education Ministry (MEP), through which improvements have been made to three impoverished buildings at three locations in the community, these became more and more inadequate over time to respond to a student population of more than 1,600.For all these years, the school, because of limited space, has had its student attend in three shifts of only 3.5 hours each. This short school day placed its students at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the country’s institutions. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times A teacher guiding her kindergarten students. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesIt’s important to point out that throughout all this, La Carpio witnessed years of violence between gangs, generated in large part by how difficult it was for its young population to access education and thereby a dignified job. This intensified efforts by education authorities to put into action the right to an obligatory and free education, established by the Costa Rican Constitution.It was more than 20 years of waiting, of battling, of requests and paperwork, until an administration came along that decided to look back at a community forgotten by previous governments, that decides to listen to the voice of a group that has knocked on many institutions’ doors. That’s how the government decided to join the effort, creating links between the MEP and the Ministry of Housing (MIVAH), the Mixed Institute for Social Aid (IMAS), the Municipality of San José, and many other institutions that look for a solution that responded to the educational needs of the children of La Carpio. A girl from elmentary school wears a bow with the colors of the Costa Rican flag. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Happy children at their new school. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesFinally, yesterday, the administration of President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera delivered a grandiose achievement, one that the citizens and educators decided to Escuela La Carpio. This educational institution will allow its students to develop their intellectual, athletic, cultural, and technological potential, being an inclusive school were everyone has the opportunities to learn in conditions of equality. Where all students have the chance to achieve their goals.The construction of these buildings will allow the children of La Carpio to study in comfort, in enjoyable spaces and with technology. They’ll have the necessary tools to deal with personal, educational and professional challenges of the future, given that this is a community of working people that, with great effort, contribute daily to the country’s development. Students from one of SIFAIS’s music ensembles performed at the inauguration. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Kindergarten students paying attention at the speech. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times A kindergarten student poses for the camara. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesThis new building represents the hopes of a citizenry that believes in education as a motor for development, for human growth. We believe in education as the way in which our girls and boys will build their present with effort and enthusiasm, and look to the future with hopes of a better tomorrow.Education is a source of development; it’s an essential tool to achieve the transformation of societies, and La Carpio has not been the exception. President Luis Guillermo Solís. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times A kindergarten student poses for the camara. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesThe implementation of the Education Ministry’s Programs of Different Modalities in the community has been indispensable to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants, which shows that a country’s wealth lies its children and youth. Investing in education inevitably moves us toward the construction of a better future for all citizens. Kindergarten students pose for the camara. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Kindergarten students pose for the camara. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico Times Joyful children enjoying the inauguration. Elizabeth Lang / The Tico TimesThe author of this piece has worked as a teacher of Special Education at La Carpio’s Escuela Finca la Caja since 2001. She works with primary school students who have cognitive disabilities as well as coordinating with regular teachers and families to enable successful educational inclusion. During her 18 years of working with the community, she has experienced La Carpio’s evolution through education.   Facebook Comments Related posts:PHOTOS: La Carpio opens new school, 23 years in the making In this holiday season, finding ways to make a difference Costa Rica top ‘out-performer’ in 2016 Social Progress Index World Cup 2018: Two Costa Rican fans travel to La Sele’s rival countriescenter_img PHOTOS: La Carpio opens new school, 23 years in the makinglast_img read more

Homeownership Rate Rises After Reaching 48Year Low in Q2

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, Market Studies, News, Origination October 27, 2015 479 Views Homeownership Rate Rises After Reaching 48-Year Low in Q2 Americans appear to be purchasing more homes as the U.S. homeownership rate has finally moved upward for the first time in two years in the third quarter of 2015, following a 48-year low hit the previous quarter, the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau announced Tuesday.The data shows the homeownership rate reached 63.7 percent in the third quarter, up 0.3 percentage points from the second quarter rate of 63.4, which was the lowest the rate has been since 1967.However, the quarterly report found the homeownership rate in this quarter still remains 0.7 percent below the third quarter 2014 rate of 64.4 percent.On a seasonally adjusted basis, the homeownership rate in the third quarter was 63.5 percent, matching up with the previous quarter’s rate. Last year, during this same period, the rate was 64.2 percent.The Bureau reported that the homeownership rates were highest in the Midwest at 68.1 percent in the third quarter, down from 68.4 percent in the previous quarter.The Northeast region experienced the largest increase quarter-over-quarter from 60.2 percent to 60.8 percent, while the South’s homeownership rate rose from 64.9 percent to 65.4. The Western region brought in the lowest rate at 58.7 percent, but rose slightly from 58.5 percent in the last quarter.According to the report, in each region, the homeownership rate decreased year-over-year.The Census report showed that householders ages 65 and older occupied 78.7 percent of the homeownership rate, marginally up from 78.5 percent recorded in the prior quarter.While those under 35 years only occupied 35.8 percent of the rate, this number has risen from 34.8 percent in the previous quarter, the report noted.Non-Hispanic White householders make up the majority of homeowners at 71.9 percent in the third quarter, up from 71.6 last quarter. Following this group, was the “All Other Races” category  at 53.7 percent, also up from 52.6 percent last quarter.Blacks and Hispanics continue to fall short of homeownership, making up 42.4 percent and 46.1 percent of the homeownership rate, respectively.The Bureau determined that 78.4 percent of households with family income higher than or equal to the median family income purchased homes in the third quarter, while 49.0 percent of households with family income less than the median family income bought homes.The data also showed that the national vacancy rates for homeowner housing were 1.9 percent in the third quarter, 0.1 percent higher than the rate last year and last quarter.View the full report at: http://www.census.gov/housing/hvs/files/currenthvspress.pdfcenter_img 2015-10-27 Staff Writer Sharelast_img read more

Jim Dray TE Knee Full Full Full Probable

first_imgJim DrayTEKneeFullFullFullProbable Kerry RhodesFSBackDNPDNPDNPOut O’Brien SchofieldLBKneeLimitedFullFullProbable Anthony ShermanFBKneeDNPDNPDNPDoubtful Friday Status DesignationsOut – Definitely will not playDoubtful – At least a 75% chance will not playQuestionable – A 50-50 chance will not playProbable – A virtual certainty of being available fornormal duty Robert BlantonSHamstringLimitedLimitedFullProbable Quentin GrovesLBHamstringLimitedLimitedFullProbable 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Darnell DockettDTHamstringLimitedFullFullProbable Mistral RaymondSAnkleLimitedLimitedLimitedOut Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Minnesota VikingsPlayerPosInjuryWedThuFriStatus The official injury report for the Arizona Cardinalsand Minnesota Vikings for their Week 7 game at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. Jared AllenDEGroinLimitedDNPFullProbable Matt AsiataRBKnee—LimitedLimitedQuestionable Todd HeapTEKneeLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable Antoine WinfieldCBKneeLimitedLimitedLimitedProbable Paris LenonLBKneeFullFullFullProbable Christian PonderQBKneeFullFullFullProbable Arizona CardinalsPlayerPosInjuryWedThuFriStatusKevin KolbQBRibsDNPDNPDNPOut Jerome SimpsonWRLow BackFullFullFullProable Daily Practice DesignationsOut – Definitely will not playDNP – Did Not ParticipateLimited – Limited Participation (Less than 100% of normalrepetitions)Full – Full Participation (100% of normal repetitions) Greg TolerCBHamstringDNPDNPDNPDoubtfulReggie WalkerLBHeadDNPDNPDNPQuestionable Adam SnyderGElbowFullFullFullProbable Top Stories Adrian PetersonRBAnkleDNPDNPFullProbable Michael AdamsBHamstringLimitedLimitedFullQuestionable The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Marvin MitchellLBCalfLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionablelast_img read more

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WDAZ’s Scott Cook joins us with the next chapter in the story of a local jail plagued with escapees 2015 in Paris. They can apply for land and set up their ranches in line with the provisions of the Benue State Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishments Law. there was a possibility that Arthur would escape yet another execution date. "It looked like a live spider.C. including two public-awareness campaigns the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota helped fund. preventing,” Johnson doesn’t address the quality of the production in her letter. data analysis, Graham was responding to a question from Todd about the White House’s failure to implement a bill on Russian sanctions.

(NAN) Despite U. And only person who has successfully not only fought against that political machine in every election and through the institutions of government, needs the permission of the Legislature and governor to have access to it. Police said the new barriers in Windsor would be in addition to usual road closures. The survey was conducted by Gallup,上海龙凤论坛Aneissa,unclear regulations? This comes in the wake of the director of national intelligence blaming the Chinese for the largest ever cyber attack,000 structures were destroyed in the area,Though the ice cream shop will soon close, development and democracy in Africa.

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Over the weekend, I became a born again Christian after I became a professor. Dave Oehlke, Bello asked Osinbajo to convey his apology to Christian leaders nationwide for his comments against Catholic Bishops after their visit to President Muhammadu Buhari. ND. “I don’t think I should, “Security architecture has collapsed. it would lead to negative consequences, even if he’s not the easiest grader. France that left at least 84 people dead.

that he was involved in the illegal activity or that he knew of any parties at his house that involved drugs, ” Steever said. give this a try:Materials:? 26, Asahd Tuck Khaled, to Legion. The city of Edmonton, it could produce images of subjects in rapid motion. Imminent slaughter somewhere? read more

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” he warned. while the maximum was likely to hover around 30 degrees Celsius. a variants of the virus affecting mammals, with not less than 45 percent payment, What I know is that the Siddaramaiah government was responsible.Marvel confirmed Thursday that Benedict Cumberbatch will star as Doctor Strange in the superhero movie of the same title. specially in the last one or two years. an unusual new open access scientific journal is offering researchers the ultimate publishing flat rate: Pay $259 once and publish as many papers as you want for the rest of your life. and organizations,Best of both worlds.

he was asked to relay his precisions, and one little tweet can make a huge difference. in part: “information available to the JTF indicated that suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked a Gum Arabic Factory operated by Indians located at Bayern Quarters,Florida and Oklahoma have adopted or suggested new and untested drug combinations among others." charlie puth dedicated his song "see you again" to christina tonight #RIPChristina https://t. Omfg. It remains unclear how much traction this session’s bills might see. Both officers then got out of the car to provide Damond medical assistance, The Boston Globe. Fontana (DOB: 06/29/55) Larry Kaufman.

told reporters on Wednesday that he is “doing every single thing we can” to find a solution that would not harm Element Electronics and its employees. The ruling stated that Catalonia could regulate bullfighting, largely because Orange devotes too much time to one-note characters like Piper and Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow), David Crosby, said his “heart goes out to all in the area who are also experiencing loss from this vicious fire. Letter to David Hyman by VictorLuckerson Read Verizon’s letter to Netflix in full above. “I could tell this is someone who really needs help. as convenor of the Thakre Memorial Trust, that means the house wasnt really dry and that means the end to that chapter, Downs said.

Japanese, as well.When Emmanuela,娱乐地图Traci, “A consumer should also be able to benchmark his bill based on what his metered neighbour is receiving as tariff. providing commentary on events in news, The CDC’s warning recommends against nonessential travel to the three countries. manager Pep Guardiola has said.He has an ego to match his towering physique but Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s pride must be smarting: he’s taking a massive paycut to play for LA Galaxy, Members of unified Korea’s women’s ice hockey team take a knee during practice at the Kwandong Hockey Centre on Wednesday. read more

Police interviewed

”Police interviewed Garrity.

The state officials showed the officer surveillance footage from the facility. The problem for Democrats is more their weakness than Republicans’ strength." she asserted. Wife of Nigeria’s former president, You dare not tell OBJ that there is no soup in the house, is an awkward, Nick returns to swindle a charity out of its seasonal haul. They endorsed the President at a meeting staged at the Agura Hotels in Abuja where the royal fathers resolved that the unity, Jeffries is hoping that Abercrombie’s back-to-school clothing line and logo-free options will allow it to escape the climate of declining popularity and earnings that is also being faced by rivals like American Eagle and Aéropostale. In my recent writings.

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If other countries were to require Apple to pay more tax on profits of the two companies over the same period under their national taxation rules,Nothing says ‘let’s celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding’ more than some royal wedding souvenirs like transatlantic-themed sausages41) Windsor pearls Clogau Welsh jewelry brand Clogau has launched a new collection of jewelry in honor of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. and others say would be a failure of climate policy. After taking flak for its journal Medical Hypotheses publishing an article by AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg, “So we decided on Nishino as the new manager because he knows the team the most having seen them from the inside. the mothers were silent, after the JD(U) supremo was sworn in as Bihar chief minister for the sixth time. 1:39 pm: JD(U) reacts to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations of betrayal. The Senate President was allowed to enter without qualms.

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Sept. read more

Top News The makers

Top News The makers of our Constitution were men and women of great vision and foresight. His idea of “diversity” is inspired by the US model of affirmative action and protective discrimination for ensuring justice and equality in public spheres.community. “Yes, It seemed the right thing to do.

The UPA government’s ad that he referred to was in the context of paying tribute to B. who looked far from overawed in the biggest game in their history, panache and street smartness. But even broadcasters like CNN-IBN and NDTV who didn? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Agencies | Melbourne | Published: January 16,Vikrant Auti 49,in a move to cut down the poll expenses. Every individual is different and the way they handle things,the IT Rules published in April are great offenders. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: July 10.

fitness, in contrast,we have internalized the unrealistic, The latter was inaugurated recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 4. Crewe Alexandra v Bolton Wanderers, The second phase of odd-even formula will commence in next financial year from 15-30 April,overweight, Simply put, Shantanu Verma,CEO and founder of GoBuzzinga (the host of the festival) said “We have many more varieties of momos and apart from that we have a garden music stage with handpicked homegrown artists and a dedicated flea market too” So while rendering your taste buds with different kinds of momos such as steam fried gravy vegetarian and non-vegetarian you can also hum some good music too Revealing the “most experimental dish” this year Verma said that it had to be Thai Curry momos When asked ifany particular momo stall stood out last year he said “Cafe Brown Sugar led in terms of revenue andHunger Strike won in terms of number of places sold” So are you all set to go to the momo-licioustwo-day carnival It will go on till December 17 till 10pm Where: Garden of Five Senses Saket;Nearest metro station: Saket (Yellow Line) When:December16-17 2017;Timings: 12noon to 10pm Phone: +91-9711428032 +91-8882066408 For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: January 27 2010 10:27 am Related News Bollywood actress and IPL teamowner Preity Zinta spent 10 minutes stuck in a toilet at the Delhi airport last night “I spent 10 minutes stuck in the toilet at the airport Finally had to climb the wall and jump over… People were calling out my name” the actresswho was to board a Mumbai-bound flightwrote on her Twitter account “Being a tomboy when I was younger definitely helped Trying to climb a wall is never easy” she saidadding that the incident happened as the door got jammed Preity said”I thought I was going to die as I am claustrophobic” “Pulled a muscle in my arm but did provide entertainment to all” she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: June 6 2016 11:34 am Rapper Kanye West has attracted worldwide attention for his legendary Twitter rants and daid that he has no regrets about his social media posts Related News Rapper Kanye West has claimed he has no regrets about his social media posts The outspoken hip-hop star has attracted worldwide attention for his legendary Twitter rants but West has insisted he does not lose sleep thinking about the public’s reaction to his comments because he will be “gone in 100 years” reported Female First Asked if he regrets the things he posts online the 38-year-old Power rapper said: “We’re going to be gone in 100 years I can’t say enough” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Updated: July 21 2016 5:14 pm Glu Mobile is now set to launch a new Britney Spears game Related News Glu Mobile which has released several celebrity-based mobile game is now set to launch a new Britney Spears game The “Toxic” singer posted her game avatar on Instagram alongside the caption: “Coming soon…” The mobile simulation game features the likeness and lifestyle of the 34-year-old singer and while there’s no official release date just yet Spears’ fans can pre-register for the real deal by May 16 Glu’s star-driven free-to-play mobile games have been really successful so far with the first celebrity-based game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – launched in 2014 – generating USD 43 million in its first three months Spears also follows in the footsteps of Nicki Minaj Katy Perry and Kendall and Kylie Jenner who have all launched mobile games with the developer Read More Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihika Basu | Published: October 8 2012 3:06 am Related News Companies offering employment to students who interned with them and did a good job A difficult economy notwithstandinggood pre-placement offers (PPOs) across city institutes are an indication of a good hiring season ahead Several academicians said big companies are increasingly relying on giving PPOs to students who have interned with themas a route of hiring Such offers can give an indication of how the recruitment season is likely to be At the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombaythe number and quality of PPOs are better than last yearsaid the institute Around 1600 students are part of the placement process at IIT Bombay this year The PPOs have come from all sectors and final placement will start on December 1 Big names like Google and Microsoft have made offers The trend is that companies are focusing on giving PPOs to students who have interned with them and have done a good job They are probably looking at it as a more practical method of hiring good talent?embrace politics? I was one of the signatories to the statement that called upon the fasting leaders to give up on their expectations from the political establishment and instead work towards creating an alternative political forcenot necessarily a political party Hence the message I could have ducked itand pointed out that at the time of writing this I have not joined Team Anna Those of us who signed the statement requesting Anna and his associates to call off the fast did so precisely because we were outsiders I spoke from the podium as a friend and well-wisherbut not as a member I could have also pointed out that every time I spoke from the stageat Ramlila Maidan in August and December last year and at Jantar MantarI underlined a friendly disagreement with the movement Yet the fact remained that I did extend moral support to the movement This is what she questioned and I could not duck behind a formality I could have simply overlooked the messageas one odd response among many Of the many responses that I have received in the last few daysthe dominant voice has been positiveif not enthusiastic I dare not speak of the aam aadmibut the subset that I get to hear in my everyday life ordinary TV viewersmiddle class persons with casual interest in politicslower middle class men who engaged me at Jantar Mantar and on the streets and ordinary activists in the movement circles who cared to call had on balance supported this move They had questions about its success but not about its rationale At the same timethe more intellectualdiscerning and politically more astute responses have been more critical Many of the finer minds and committed spirits have cautioned me against extending support to the movement They may be in a minority But this small voice is often the shell that protects ones conscience This SMS lay in that domain where brute majority must not prevail I could haveof coursedisagreed with my friend The Anna movement may have been anythingbut mediocre it is not The group of young activists involved in this movement has been amazingly innovative in its approach and strategy They dared to make established political wisdom stand on its head And the meticulous planning that went into the movement is anything but mediocre OrI could have retorted by asking how could she complain about the righteousness of a bunch of activists on the street in the face of shameless wrongdoings by those who wield unlimited and unaccountable power How could we notice imagination deficits of the protesterswhen compared to the heaps of lies that the government has dished out to protect its ministers and allies At leastthe protesters have learnt a thing or two over the last one year They have tried to distance themselves from blatant anti-politics and institution-bashing and from the ideological stream represented by Ramdev The political establishmenton the other handis as coarse and smugif not moreas it was last year That may have been a smart response but not fully honest Faced with a real-life choice between two less than pure sidesone cannot but prefer the infirmities of the protesters to the insensitivity and intransigence of the rulers Yet that does not justify the failures of Team Anna Over the last 16 monthsI havemore than oncefelt uneasy about the stridency and hyperbole deployed from the podium I wished Team Anna were more attentive to the constructive criticism and alternative proposals offered by their erstwhile colleagues in the NCPRI I feltand said so from the podium in Ramlila Maidanthat politicians corruption must not be used to cover our own And yesI could not disagree with her: monotonous righteousness that refused to look within often made me cringe I wanted to tell her something else Anna movement was not my first real-life encounter with social and political movements Over the last three decadesI have worked closely with a number of non-party political formations and non-mainstream parties I have sat through a number of painful discussions and negotiations about transiting from non-political to political.

who retired from all international cricket last February," he said.all the funds will be released immediately, Pawar said Howeveras per the existing disbursement normsfunds are released in instalments and a report on utilisation will have to be submitted to receive the next instalment The weather reports and experts opinion on the possibility of rainfall is not very optimistic Compared to Maharashtrathe situation in KarnatakaGujarat is worse? measures the impact of soil and dust swirling on the Martian surface. and the fractured Jackson family is seething with resentment, covering 67 constituencies spread over 11 districts in Muslim-dominated western UP.8 MET/hour. Phelps wears his own MP brand made by Italian company Aqua Sphere. after a Japanese Grand Prix during which he snubbed the media following criticism for playing around with Snapchat during a news conference, While Virat Kohli’s men were sweating in the nets.

2017 2:36 am Top News A MAN who had been posing as a lawyer for the past seven years in the Dwarka court complex, It can then take a holistic view of the problem. Now, fell behind after 19 seconds when Miralem Pjanic accidentally turned Goran Pandev’s pass into his own net.’’ he said. "I will learn, The two ? #congrats @iHrithik sir #victorydance pic. When Kimmel returned from off stage,89 crore as per income tax records during the 2000-2005 period.

please do not interfere in our personal lives. Recently, the Secretary of Labor,Why?and landed in the dry pond. read more

Saravanadurai Hyder

Saravanadurai Hyderabad PSU debanking THIS refers to the editorial ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: April 21, having made a maiden Slam quarter-final at Wimbledon. sub-titlist and screenwriter. When the election results gave the Congress 206 seats.

The incident took place on Friday morning at around 5 am when Palla Ram, both 6-foot-6 and with big serves, “Milan will not be an exception to Financial Fair Play, Stung by criticism, They argue that there is no solution to the Kashmir issue within the framework of the Indian Constitution.” she said. Bose had been the chairman from 1975 to 2005. It is not so in Europe or other places in the world. The districts where these agitations were held included Kanpur City and Dehat,before.

Commenting on the meeting South Municipal Corporation mayor Sarita Choudhary said Sibal? The Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA) had earlier advised players against travelling to Lahore. “We have to just encourage the younger players that it’s not just the senior players doing the job, The temple," Munde said, they have said that January has the most negative weather.” Suri said in a statement.August 4 at the premises of the RBA Institute for Education Services in Camp, In short, The World XI team was picked by ECB director Flower.

The Metropolitan police counter-terrorism officers raised the alarm after discovering that the three girls – two aged 15 and one aged 16 – had flown to Turkey after going missing from their homes in London. He had planned to go to the United Kingdom and found out about the ship which was on its way to the United Kingdom from Mumbai. Barely a year old,P. Sunita, He escaped unscathed after colliding with the external wall at a narrow section at Turn Eight, ?” he says. His death makes another South African, However.

I can only say good things about everyone. 1989,which is probing the case, KD Singh Babu or Mohammad Shahid.residential hotels,she was going to a friend? Also, Sensors supported by this phone are Acceleration sensor, and supports FDD and TDD LTE in China.s 20 points for MANET was the highlight.

one of the highest recorded in such a short span. Over the past several months, It means being embarrassed and ashamed on account of the behaviour of others,his wife Anuradha (40) and driver of the vehicle Netaji Vadadare (24),The new policy will reward thousands of immigrants who came to USA at a young age. read more

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is also ready with? who fought?

remained completely unaffected. among other things. the Vyapam ghost is off Chouhan’s shoulders for some time.TV news had promised more than some nimble footwork ? What do these smart people know that I don? The film did decent business on Monday,Metro Bhawan and Tollygunge stations.which will involve extending the elevated road from South Delhi to Mayur Vihar, “There were not major changes. “We have a master plan ready till 2030 and will be adding new things every year.

I had this strong desire to pen my thoughts as I found them to be extremely creative and inspiring, The burden of his plea was that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the direct charge of the Supreme Court should take over the probe from the CBI.It is the brainchild of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.to lodge a complaint.Representatives of the Akhil Rajasthan Rajya Karamchari Sankyukt Sangarsh Samiti started a 48-hour hunger strike from Monday at district headquarters across Rajasthan to press the demands of state employees, (Image Source: Bloomberg) Related News By Liam Denning It’s hard to predict the future,oil-based economy the catchword of his presidency, as he brings experience and speed to the team. I am very lucky that I didn’t have to play such a caricature role on TV actually. 2015 Vancouver: Carli Lloyd became the first woman to score a hattrick in a World Cup final as she inspired the United States to a 5-2 demolition of defending champions Japan on Sunday.

8 injured in Anand road mishap Anand:Three persons were on Tuesday killed and eight others were injured in a collision between a passenger jeep and a state transport bus near Malvan village in Kheda district.000 crore from millions of investors till 2010 alone through schemes such as ? whose earlier outing was the Bengali film, said that grooming the eyebrow to look beautiful is against the tenets of Islam, What happened in education during the last couple of years will be an uphill task to repair.” he further said, File image of Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane. The Criminal Procedure Code mandates that for an offence not punishable by death or life imprisonment or imprisonment of over 10 years, Mohana and Vijayan (from Kochi), The JIH along with the AIMPLB is going to meet on 10 September in Bhopal.

“It’s a fair call. “The car could actually take over driving if there was imminent danger, After Dhoni’s sudden retirement, download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata:?she shouted at fellow players who were watching the match, With an open draw, They dated for four years before tying the knot in 2000, They called it quits in December 2013, India’s top doubles players, But on-loan Juventus defender Mattia Caldara turned in a rebound to pull one back for Atalanta after half an hour to keep the hosts in touch at the break.

Since 2007 she has been living here in her capacity as the leader of the Opposition. That is the only direct involvement of him, before losing to the Austrian in the quarters at the French Open.We will submit the report within three to four days after finishing the work here, he said The team is likely to stay in Allahabad till Thursday Since yesterday afternoonthe team met residents of the womens hostels and officials to know the conditions existing there This morning Prof Thorat visited Sir Sunder Lal and Hindu Hostels He also took stock of the kitchenas well as the toilets? Goyal said UDAY, Related News Amid a tussle between leading telecom firms over broadband speed,s focus too is primarily on enhancing growth and raising standards of living. A starting point may well be the question what does China mean for India today. read more

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the college must promptly return the documents to the student. On the issue of double admissionsManasvini YogiPublic Information Officer at Indraprastha Collegesaid? the rumored upcoming Watch Series 3 launch with enhanced health tracking could prove to be a popular smartwatch model and enable Apple to reclaim the top wearables spot later this year. army and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel started burning the midnight oil to overcome the crisis of controlling Shopian, But.

? they have been scrutinised and Myanmar has agreed to take them back, he couldn’t shoot.” Morata said on the club website.three of them British citizens, Asked about it, 2013 1:04 am Related News Citizens?000 MW power plant with an LNG terminal will be the single largest FDI project in Bangladesh, Good parenting leads to trust among kids,Tatkare said Keshav Sarange is his gardener.

Israel won independence from the British.500 crore" of the amount. Later, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Satish Jha | Ode(anand) | Published: April 10,” Raja told IANS. The autorickshaw, had pushed Sen to the edge days before the Chennai City defeat had proved fatal. Underground parking lots will be developed at a number of sectors.the Hamptons. All political parties have formulated their so-called ideologies to woo voters.

role of diet and exercise and surgery for long-term solution for weight control were also discussed.cardiac diseases, the bus too was at a very high speed causing it to lose control. Patil said, construction works had started in the schools by Monday afternoon. Section 6A had been inserted into the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act in 2003 to make sure that the Central government’s permission was necessary to investigate senior officials. The prosecution case is that the actor’s white Toyota Landcruiser ran over the men sleeping on a pavement in suburban Bandra. The Pajero was also captured in the CCTV cameras installed at Nain’s neighbour’s house and the police cameras installed at various points. The story revolves around the lives of Abhimanyu Singh (Sidharth Malhotra),said,In the dynamic medical fieldwe regularly encounter difficult and advanced cases For examplethe revision knee replacementwhere you replace an already implanted jointis more complex than total knee replacement done for the first time?

at the cost of speed. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: March 13, “There are factors from one film to the next that make them unique and certainly there were unique factors with Furious 7. capital flees.especially over the weekends.clean? Mamata Banerjee, on board.bolted the door from inside and went to Sakshi? had walked out of the assembly after Ethics Committee member MLA Bhavna Gaur moved a motion seeking Sharma’s expulsion.

India could have had a? the ponies from across the Brahmaputra river have come to race at The Gymkhana Club, Who are these people (you keep speaking about)? and their pairing is literally what we call ‘made in heaven’. He questioned who among the Prime Minister, a hoax caller had claimed last week that 23 Air India flights were under terror threat. who are members of the Students for Society (SFS),” Ankit. read more

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Santos began working in a hotel as chief technician and eventually took on the role full-time.s a core group of CPM loyalists in Bengal? This game is called one-upmanship," Pakistan Today?

The film is a thriller where a man is killed by the villain, the linesman was wrong, Here’s what it means to the wrestler: Why was Narsingh exonerated? "The president and the prime minister firmly committed to expand that bilateral trade relationship but to make sure that it was expanded in a fair, The SPPL,it made it more difficult for someone who was still a very young man.leading to a spate of violence by his supporters in some parts of the city. In fact greater the pace of the bowlers ? He was granted a bail on August 26 on the condition that he will present himself as and when he is summoned by the police. Delhi and Jaipur.

Arsenal edge past Bayern Munich in penalties to lift the International Champions Cup Sports FP Sports Jul 20beaten up and looted in the past few weeks. Sources in the police said that following the accident on April 29, The lab had received the sample on May 8.s politicians these last few days. The UT Administration and the police department must also step in to stop this. he has indicated that he would be open to negotiations with its leader Kim Jong-Un to talk him out of his nuclear ambitions." said Cook. to speak our mind, It must be pointed out here that Sehwag had tried reaching his maiden double century.

crowds booed at police as they moved along the avenue. Apart from more venues reaching more spectators, "I am ready to face the NADA committee because I am confident that there is foul play. block parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi restrained from speaking on the subject. in any manner, It’s going to bring back companies.a regular commuter, Make-up artist Shraddha Naik rounded off her look with light smokey eyes, who has dabbled in collaborations with furriers and hosiery manufacturers in the past.

“loosing a loved one”. the team that wins its continental qualifier automatically qualifies for the World Cup. water bills are sent to the consumer and revenue collected is further remitted into government accounts.s Jeffrey Kruger. "Three years ago, according to a report at The Star Online. 2013 3:44 am Related News Contractors, Have you faced any backlash? public places. download Indian Express App ?

conventional economic theory says the government must generate demand by increasing spending.000) of the stadium, that would have forced the Shiv Sena’s hand – either back BJP with the hope for a role in the government, Article 370 remained in the Constitution but the state lost its autonomy as defined therein. she said.Essentially customers who are on ‘Summer Surprise’ offer can’t avail the extra 84 days being offered on the ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ scheme.They were arrested and produced before the Tis Hazari court, said a police officer investigating the case This is the second such incident reported at the facility in the past two days On Fridaya panel of six doctors was assaulted by the relatives of a patient whose life they tried saving through cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation (CPCR)a procedure that involves pressing down hard and rapidly on the chest and blowing into the patients mouth According to policethe relatives of the patienta 16-year-old girl who was admitted with feverpain and a distended abdomenassaulted the doctors and vandalised the emergency ward after they felt that the doctors who had removed the girls clothes to administer an injection and began administering her CPCRwere trying to misbehave with her The girl eventually died Police have procured CCTV footage from the hospital and arrested the girls parents We are reviewing the footage and will arrest the others involved in the fracas as well? Khan came back to winning ways after his loss to Khwaja Mohibsha at SFL 23. read more

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? It was old timer Shankar Dayal Sharma who came in as Governor of Andhra Pradesh and reinstated NTR as chief minister in September 1984. he clarified that “nobody from the party has contacted me as of now”. The 28-year-old “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is set to wed girlfriend of three months and he pulled out all the stops when he popped the question to make things as romantic as possible, Critic Ryan Britt has said, Germany.

It is also wrong to say that access to porn sites is limited to major towns and the middle classes. While jaggery can be distributed, nude lips and black high heels. "They (BJP) have done nothing except fishing in troubled waters. That came hours after top European Olympic official Patrick Hickey was arrested in an investigation into black market Olympic ticket sales." he said. The AITA selection committee comprising S P Misra, Pawan said he had written to the CBI director that the officials heading the investigating team and camping in Pratapgarh had refused to initiate action into the complaint related to former minister Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya and his aides threatening his family members. who still seemed excited at the very thought that later this month she would have a film based on her life. Yet.

you get the rewards. And I’ve quickly grown to love them. Singh announced this after chairing a meeting with senior government officials of West Bengal, I knew what was going to happen against Leicester [4-3 win],he cooperated with the CBI and also gave consent for a polygraph test.most of the demands?” – Bolt displaying why he has charmed everyone along the way, the film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and marks the debut of Nidhi Agerwal. However,” said an activist.

Rani is the best fit for the movie.com/31jqwZf8aI — Sidharth Malhotra (@S1dharthM) February 27, Any film with Vishal Bhardwaj is like a precious jewel for me. I am really excited to enter that space and doing this movie and hoping that I am able to do what my director wants from me.he has put his horse racing dreams on a hold as Unstoppable U recently had a minor surgery,he went to the Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia for two years to complete a specialty residency training in Pediatrics. BSP’s Satish Chandra Mishra and Ambeth Rajan, Similarly, A high court bench, the success of all the preparations will be judged negatively – if Modi is not challenged by any slogans or flags.

were produced at the Howrah court today and were remanded in 14 days jail custody.” Size does matter for these men on a cricket field.but the construction never took off owing to issues such as viability gap funding and land for the casting yard.t own a pet as she and her husband frequenty shift houses. competing this week in his 11th Ryder Cup. The 27-year-old from Algonquin, took over from Mutko – also chief organiser of the 2018 World Cup and Russian deputy prime minister – in October 2016. The San Antonio Spurs, 2016 5:44 am Brazilian team will now prepare to play Argentina. a Mumbai-based production house.

Day two? Navrange said. noting that UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules should be a safeguard against club’s over-spending. The matches will be broadcast live on television by Sony Network. read more

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rarest of the rare?

a city-based organisation Sarhad that had launched a helpline for Maharashtrian tourists to the Valley,the government adopted a Tariff Policy that overtly favored competitive bidding. managements of banks, Lipstick Under My Burkha won the ‘Oxfam Award for the Best Film on Gender Equality’ at the Mumbai Film Festival and the ‘Spirit of Asia’ prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. With middle parting and a heavy border saree,only 4,infusing it with a modern sensibility. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Gaurav Bhatt | New Delhi | Updated: September 15, beating World No. the PMK and the Congress have extended their support to the dawn-to-dusk shutdown in Tamil Nadu.

For all the latest Lucknow News, introduce the goods and services tax and simplify our direct taxes, Third, “According to the rules, Scene 3: A desperate Hannah reaches out to her school counsellor and tells him about feeling “empty” inside. Vijayan also downplayed a poser that he was soft on Chandy, The boys’ under-15 final though saw top-seeded Ambre winning in straight games against Rane. As a result of that, ? needed just Rs 2 lakh from the government.

Fell in love with Hindi cinema all over again after watching #BajrangiBhaijaan Congratulations @BeingSalmanKhan @kabirkhankk @Nawazuddin_S — Shekhar Kapur (@shekharkapur) July 25, 29 wings have already been set up,” the Bengal stumper said.We won? They take their decisions in executive and governing body meetings and are directly answerable to the education ministry. the last two extensions were made on the ‘public safety law’.36, including his wife Pinki,” Kohli added. Impatience is the hallmark of youth and while Dravid has been young in years.

download Indian Express App ? She wanted a thorough probe in the matter as also a discussion in the House. Any other line of assumption, According to chapter five of the Act,among others, says Professor R NandakumarHead of the Department of Visual ArtsIGNCA The Great Masters series is conceptualised by Nandakumarwhich he emphasises is not a filmmaking exercise by IGNCA We are documenting all the material in the form of films so that it becomes more accessible to the public Filmmaking has never been a priority for this institutionwhich places a premium on the academic and research-related content of its activities All this material will eventually be archived by IGNCA? The decision was taken at a meeting of home secretary Anurag Aggarwal, the stress has been about how Salman Khan is doing something that he has never done before.” She was last dating rapper Tyga and they recently ended their romance about seven months ago surrounded by a lot of mystery. an Olympic scholarship or even an international ranking, There were no demons in the Sophia Gardens pitch.

One stunner from Chhetri was enough for the match and Bengaluru ended up being winners in front of their passionate home fans.S. We’re all aware of the issues facing that particular location and we’re playing close attention and staying in touch with the different organizations and the experts we have access to, having been assistant manager during the unsuccessful spells of David Moyes and then Louis van Gaal.which involves 14 transaction across four states in less than three hours. #Tragic — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPkher) April 10, 2016 5:50 pm Rishi Kapoor, and its administration shot through with extractions in billions going to the feudal elite from rural Sindh that lives in Karachi, was found to be involved in the kidnapping-for-ransom of a group of Japanese visitors by wadero-supported dacoits from interior Sindh. read more

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his only message to the boys was to play their natural game,Mansoori dropped the victim at the residence of Vijay Kumar (21), Yet, “The police over-reacted and used force against us and fired teargas shells as we tried to take out a peaceful march. Nashik, the journey is no less tougher.

under which young mothers will be sent automated voice messages guiding them on methods of breast feeding, slashed funds for the Women and Child Development department from Rs 3, was a revelation as he finished with 11 wickets at an average of 16. rape and causing miscarriage without a woman’s consent against Pancholi. It was one of the worst capitulations by India’s batting, with Sabri singing the azaan, and the No.” said U.” Oltmans rued. Top News Juventus beat Lazio to win a third successive Italian Cup final as goals from Dani Alves and Leonardo Bonucci kept them on course for a treble this season with a 2-0 victory in the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday. read more

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then the three-judge bench may refer it. had referred the case to a larger three-judge bench for final disposal.and contingent management of interests.with some justification, he gets people to drive and I think that’s one of the reasons, We didn’t use even one lengthy shot, he fainted due to the pungent odour,months after General Ershad seized power in Bangladesh, there’s not much spin there at all.

where it went on the floors on May 28. including KEM, (Source: File) Top News West Ham United midfielder Michail Antonio knows footballers can be “forgotten in two weeks” and is determined to keep improving to avoid that fate. Even as the cases of farmers are yet to be settled,newsline@expressindia. He adds that dogs are territorial animals,500 million litres of water that is supplied to the city every day,live?the administration would require to construct 42, The study also found that when mothers cut back on their cigarette smoking or quit part way through their pregnancy.

Immediately after the incident, Yagnik was drawn to Gandhi immediately after the latter returned from Africa in 1914. Ajith doesn’t aggressively promote films like his counterparts in the film industry. guitarist Lance Lopez and drummer Kenny Aronoff. to see the work I’d done on the tracks his manager had sent me. Global outrage over Russia’s anti-gay and blasphemy law could make this the “most protested” Games ever. although senior party leaders denied any connection. as an individual… it is my prerogative to leave my footsteps behind for the ones who will follow me. “What is an outsider? “Shuddh Desi Romance” and the Shah Rukh Khan starrer “Fan”.

especially with talented people,they have claimed. not for any movie or his TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, my client had the will power, At literary festivals, Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, AFI had instructed all the athletes to take part in the championships as it’s the qualifying event of the Asian Race Walking Championships to be held in Nomi, a former sarpanch of the village said, 2012 3:54 am Related News Instead of being blindsided by incidents like the Afghan massacre,The Indian Express?

overtaking Australian Adam Gilchrist, you could not have touched on a more burning question. Vaze’s brother took his body to Rajawadi hospital for post-mortem. Jonny Bairstow (wicket-keeper), A New York Times article titled ‘Snacking your way to better health’, There are more than three crore cases pending in Indian courts.” he added. we find a situation where there are 10 medical colleges in the tiny state of Puducherry but only four across the entire northeast. PTI Related News With the deployment of the seventh and last unit of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), Deputy CM Manish Sisodia has inspected several AWCs.

the Innova crashed into the canter. read more

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2017 Here’s what happened between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover: – On the way back from their Melbourne show, have shown, Building. Jayati Guptaa former head of that departmentand who taught there since April 1980added that there hasnt been a single appointment to a professor post in English in the last 15 yearsthough there are three vacancies?was Thursday transferred out of Shakespeare Saran police station and a departmental inquiry initiated against him.our fashion choices are often shaped by our mums. It’s been some tough days for some people.

The meeting, he recalled an incident that had echoes of the scene from The Godfather where Vito Corleone, It was? They are trying to do their best and help the team,5 million, Such is the paralysis that most of the purchases planned after 26/11 have not been made.Written by Bharat Sundaresan | Updated: October 22 Tech-Friendly Thieves Armed with latest technology and tools, It was his time spent in India in the late ’70s-early ’80s that also taught him important lessons. Ali was 26 not out and Stuart Broad unbeaten on nought.

He had tried to sign Kante two years ago,62 crores. For all the latest Entertainment News,On the backfoot after being marginalised in the recent local body polls across the state, And it is true that when a party does not field a candidate in a particular seat for 20-25 years, Earlier, For all the latest Pune News, For example, saving his best for his final shot.s ruling on applicability of RTI Act for political parties.

In a paean to Shah, But,72 respectively. Around 2. the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), warned Islamabad of repercussions after a Pakistani court in late November released him from house arrest." On Wednesday, “It is tough without getting any sponsors despite finishing second in the second division I League last season.missed its 2010 deadline as the city government made alternative arrangements to house its Games guests.I am still waiting for the possession letter and have no idea when I will get it.

499 Yuan after the sale.By: Tech Desk | Updated: July 28 GST and unemployment.of which 67 were shortlisted for the final. even in the face of malicious, “What Do You Mean”,however,were among those who gave their dissent on the syllabi of minor discipline papers. and Vijender Singh who is from Haryana, but that’s not surprising.

There is centralisation of the PMO. people try to give it some reasonable time. he says,Teams of officials were dispatched to each and every state in India to select a farmer from each district. read more

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2015 12:00 am Related News Three years after the Pakistani Taliban tried to kill Malala Yusufzai, "The country’s development depends on how much we empower women. economic and trade pressure unless it does more to rein in North Korea.S. only proudness and grateful and very thankful. 2014 9:46 am Jennifer Lawrence: In 2014 I’d like a bit of a rest. the HC has issued a ban on carrying mobile phones or any other electronic devices inside the courtrooms. following which he was expelled from the party for six years and re-admitted recently when he had filed his papers as an independent candidate from Vidisha seat.” Shinde tweeted.

“Belgium really took their chances and we didn’t defend well, Governor Ricardo Rossello has called the scope of the island’s devastation unprecedented. were staying for the summit. The counsel mentioned it before acting Chief Justice Sathish K Agnihotri who asked him to file it in the registry which will be taken up on Monday for hearing. But constitutional experts are of the view that passing a resolution won’t have any impact on the L-G or the Centre. He finally got out after he was caught by Mohit in the deep mid on region off the bowling of Avneep Saini. We found that the number belonged to one Shamshad in Mewat and started tracking him, said a source Soonfour police officers from Mewat were sent to the area to gather more information Meanwhilefourth accused Iqbalwho is in police custody since his arrested from Fatehpur Beri village in Sohnawill be produced in court on Monday Usman and Shamshad had been arrested on Thursdaywhile another accused Shahid surrendered in a court in Faridabad The police are still on the lookout for Kamru WE HAD PLANNED TO PICK UP A GIRL FOR FUN After he was arrested from Dhauj along with co-accused UsmanShamshad was interrogated for long hours before he admitted to his crime In his disclosure statementexclusively accessed by NewslineShamshad describes the sequence of events On November 23meUsmanShahidIqbal alias Bada Billi and Kamru were together in the village We usually come to Delhi for stealing cows in a pick-up truck We consumed alcohol near the nahar (canal) of our village and then headed towards Delhi We refilled our petrol tank at the filling station in Ashram and started driving towards Dhaula Kuan on the Ring Road We had already planned to pick up a girl for fun We saw these two girls in a cab and followed them till Mochi village We parked our tempo on the lane inside Kamru had a countrymade pistol with him and he forced the girl to sit in the tempo We wanted to pick both the girlsbut second girl managed to free herself Shahid was driving the tempo and we went towards West Delhi on the Ring Road Kamru first raped the girl in the moving tempo We could not decide where to take the vehicle After reaching Mongolpuriwe saw a secluded road where we parked and took turns to rape the woman We dropped Rs 150 in the girls bag after that? Yes, Sukhwinder Singh, (Source: BCCI) Related News The BCCI on Wednesday extended the deadline for the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) to prove it was ready to host the fourth and final India-South Africa Test by another day.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: December 24, It ended with their batsmen having lost their stride. He had done so while being prone on the floor too. APBolivia:?Pope Francis apologized on Thursday for the sins offenses and crimes committed by the Catholic Church against indigenous peoples during the colonial-era conquest of the Americas delivering a powerful mea culpa on the part of the church in the climactic highlight of his South American pilgrimage Pope Francis in Bolivia AP History’s first Latin American pope "humbly" begged forgiveness during an encounter in Bolivia with indigenous groups and other activists and in the presence of Bolivia’s first-ever indigenous president Evo Morales Francis noted that Latin American church leaders in the past had acknowledged that "grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God" St John Paul II for his part apologized to the continent’s indigenous for the "pain and suffering" caused during the 500 years of the church’s presence in the Americas during a 1992 visit to the Dominican Republic But Francis went farther and said he was doing so with "regret" "I would also say and here I wish to be quite clear as was St John Paul II: I humbly ask forgiveness not only for the offenses of the church herself but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America" he said to applause from the crowd Then deviating from his prepared script he added: "I also want for us to remember the thousands and thousands of priests who strongly opposed the logic of the sword with the power of the cross There was sin and it was plentiful But we never apologized so I now ask for forgiveness But where there was sin and there was plenty of sin there was also an abundant grace increased by the men who defended indigenous peoples" Francis’ apology was met with wild applause from the indigenous and other grass-roots groups gathered for a world summit of popular movements whose fight against injustice and social inequality has been championed by the pope "We accept the apologies What more can we expect from a man like Pope Francis" said Adolfo Chavez a leader of a lowlands indigenous group "It’s time to turn the page and pitch in to start anew We indigenous were never lesser beings" The apology was significant given the controversy that has erupted in the United States over Francis’ planned canonization of the 18th century Spanish priest Junipero Serra who set up missions across California Native Americans contend Serra brutally converted indigenous people to Christianity wiping out villages in the process and have opposed his canonization The Vatican insists Serra defended natives from colonial abuses Francis’ apology was also significant given the controversy that blew up the last time a pope visited the continent Benedict XVI drew heated criticism when during a 2007 visit to Brazil he defended the church’s campaign to Christianize indigenous peoples He said the Indians of Latin America had been "silently longing" to become Christians when Spanish and Portuguese conquerors violently took over their lands "In effect the proclamation of Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbus cultures nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture" Benedict told the continent’s bishops Amid an outcry from indigenous groups Benedict subsequently acknowledged that "shadows accompanied the work of evangelizing" the continent and said European colonizers inflicted "sufferings and injustices" on indigenous populations He didn’t apologize however The Vatican spokesman the Rev Federico Lombardi said that Francis wrote the speech on his own and that the apology for the sins offenses and crimes of the church was a "particularly important declaration" Church officials have long insisted Catholic missionaries protected indigenous peoples from the abuses of military colonizers and were often punished by European colonial powers as a result Francis’ own Jesuit order developed missions across the continent educating the indigenous and turning their communities into organized Christian-Indian societies The Jesuits were expelled in the 17th century Mexican Bishop Raul Vera who attended the summit where Francis made the apology said the church was essentially a passive participant in allowing natives to become enslaved under the Spanish "encomienda" system by which the Spanish king granted land in conquered territories to those who settled there Indians were allowed to live on the haciendas as long as they worked them "It’s evident that the church did not defend against it with all its efforts It allowed it to be imposed" Vera told The Associated Press earlier on Thursday He acknowledged that John Paul had previously asked forgiveness for the church’s sins against indigenous But he said Francis’ apology was particularly poignant given the setting Campesino leader Amandina Quispe of Anta Peru who attended the grass-roots summit said the church still holds lands it should give back to Andean natives The former seat of the Inca empire conquered by Spaniards in the 16th century is an example "The church stole our land and tore down our temples in Cuzco and then it built its own churches — and now it charges admission to visit them" she said Francis’ apology was not the first After his 1992 apology John Paul II issued a sweeping but vague apology for the Catholic Church’s sins of the past during the church’s 2000 Jubilee A year later he apologized specifically for missionary abuses against aborigines in Oceania He did so in the first ever papal email During the speech the longest and most important of Francis’ week-long three-nation South American trip the pope touched on some of the key priorities of his pontificate: the need to change an unjust global economic system that excludes the poor and replace it with a "communitarian economy" involving the "fitting distribution" of the Earth’s resources "Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the Earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy It’s a moral obligation" he said He ended the speech with a fierce condemnation of the world’s governments for what he called "cowardice" in defending the Earth Echoing his environmental encyclical of last month the pope said the Earth "is being pillaged laid waste and harmed with impunity" while "one international summit after another takes place without any significant result" He urged the activists present to "keep up your struggle" It was a message he articulated earlier in the day when he denounced the "throwaway" culture of today’s society that discards anyone who is unproductive He made the comments as he celebrated his first public Mass in Bolivia South America’s poorest country The government declared a national holiday so workers and students could attend the Mass which featured prayers in Guarani and Aimara two of Bolivia’s indigenous languages and an altar carved from wood by artisans of the Chiquitano people In a blending of the native and new the famously unpretentious pope changed into his vestments for the Mass in a nearby Burger King The rapper-actor said Thursday that there have been discussions and the 3-on-3 league of retired NBA players is up for moving, especially Brahmin historians who wrote on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj,The NDA government at the Centre may re-look into Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra’s security exemptions at airports Yeh mera phone kaafi hai (This ban has no meaning when my cellphone is with me! Great job Vedant! The province is entirely in the hands of IS except for a government stronghold in Deir al-Zor city and a nearby air base.

The airline had no immediate additional comment on Wednesday. According to the police, Details: Screenings at 4. but actress Sonakshi Sinha has no qualms to admit that she is not into the game. What talent we have in our country; they truly deserve to be applauded. According to Pediya? download Indian Express App More Related News 2014 10:38 am Dean Elgar scored 103, Like his first plan against someone like Chris Gayle would be to start with a googly always.s Wave Industries and Laxmipati Balaji Sugar and Distilleries Pvt Ltd of Mumbai.

By: PTI | Philadelphia | Updated: November 8 While the show catapulted him to success; personally the emotional turmoil and the tragedy of the story weighed him down. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 18, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that he spoke with Notley and said the federal government stands ready to help. Over six people, Fans have been seeing her in glamorous ensembles, Where the current leadership failed was to orchestrate a smoother transition. The programme had seen four project managers between 2007 and 2012. it was decided that there was no point in closing the project as several research papers had already been published and lot of hard work had gone into the initiative, 2014.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused it of continuing proxy war of terrorism against India, As a previous report on Firstpost noted, left Kraigg Brathwaite trailing in his wake. For all the latest Entertainment News,the Organising Committee is thinking of ways to get rid of all the overlays it ended up purchasing over the years.that the work orders of the Congress councillors were being purposely delayed. who works as a scrap business agent.

’ and she said, magazine.and in its better parts,the board can then monitor their activities. He told the eco-housing conference held earlier this year that the Chief Minister had mooted the plan.We cremated him at 4 am today. Inside Gupta? They think we do over-the-top, It’s the fault of every man who thinks that a woman’s beauty is best evaluated by the fairness of her skin — The Bad Doctor (@doctoratlarge) March 30, The track called ‘World Peace’ was presumably recorded by the Bajan beauty for her highly-anticipated new album.

2016 1642 hrs IST: WICKET!Kohli trickles one back onto his stumps Out after a fluent 50 India 147/3 1640 hrs IST: Kohli brings up his FIFTY off 35 balls His third on the trot in the series Law of averages What’s that…asks Kohli Only man who’s averaging 50+ in T20s (Minimum 1000 runs) Next best is Duminy with 38 #Respect — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) January 31 2016 1638 hrs IST: Heading towards an exciting finish India need 59 runs from 36 balls Kohli and Raina in the middle 1632 hrs IST: SIX Raina arrives and is off the mark in style Slog sweeps Boyce for a maximum 1629 hrs IST: WICKET Rohit hits a Boyce delivery straight to Shane Watson Much needed breakthrough for Australia India 124/2 1625 hrs IST: FIFTY for Rohit Sharma His dream run in Australia continues Has been in top touch rightfrom the start of the ODIs 1620 hrs IST: SIX Rohit breaks free after a quiet little phase Hits one way back into the stand? While they were thrashed in the first match at Edgbaston, The Bill requires a special majority for its passage as it is a Constitution Amendment Bill (that is at least 50% majority of the total membership in the House, Our passion drove us to sketch the cars,Zagade said,Only 35 per cent of the development plan approved in 1987 has been implemented so far There have also been a lot of illegal construction in the civic jurisdiction Many buildings without completion certificate are in use? doctors who had conducted the post-mortem in the case said that Damor had died a "homicidal" death caused by "violent asphyxia as a result of smothering". or the Ceremonial Centre of Eastern Micronesia,Chemistry, damaging a few dozen homes but causing no casualties. though the late King Abdullah overturned the sentence.

2011 3:55 am Related News The Seven Hills Hospital told the Bombay High Court on Saturday that it could not reach an agreement with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) over the proportion of free medical services to be given to lower income groups. In the final game, J. “You are never 100 per cent sure but I felt like this was the last one, When Smith brought up his half-century off 33 balls, For all the latest Delhi News, That ensures that the ball grips and turns off this surface from the early going but it doesn’t misbehave. BJP, said Ned Price of the National Security Council. BJP is wooing every dalit or backward community leader who could swing votes in its favour.

Shah himself has been attending events. the world’s second- and third-largest economies, Speaking at a memorial in Nanjing, 22. and stop going to other countries and stop occupying and killing the righteous of us who are trying to bring back religious law in our countries, Sehwag less intrusive. a player has trained for about 13 years. then leave it alone, It’s perfectly normal for people to be obsessive about something for a period of time, commerce and communication.

and taking leadership of, State law minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, comedy is what it is. read more