Young entrepreneurs will become the main force of rural construction

no matter when, youth is always the backbone of the country’s development and construction, in the field of entrepreneurship is also true. To guide the future development direction of young entrepreneurs, we can grasp the economic development of the ship’s rudder.

2 11, lunar new year, zhouweishuji Zhang Zheng continues to lead the research group deep into Huilong town Xingren County gold Tamura, and return home new year young migrant workers exchange their employment and entrepreneurship, home building understanding and feeling. Zhang Zheng proposed to achieve the synchronous well-off, the key is to solve the problem of good who rely on, the majority of migrant workers should give full play to the role of youth entrepreneurship in the heart of the homeland, and love of their homeland, lead folks, self-reliance, new rural multiplication, with industrious hands the construction of industrial projects doubled, talent doubling, revenue doubled create a new life, happy. read more

Non stick pan ten brands list

the development of science and technology to make our kitchen industry has also ushered in a rapid leap, a variety of new technology products to make our lives ushered in greater convenience. Among them, the non stick pot is more than a number of people affirmed. Of course, the current non stick pan market also has a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce non stick pan ten brands list, which can give people the choice to make a better reference.

pan ten brands list NO.1, SUPOR SUPOR: a listed company, the national high-tech enterprises, famous brand in Zhejiang Province, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of cookware, SUPOR Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd. read more

Three disciplines allows you to choose a good brand of tea stores

Chinese people love tea, tea industry chain construction is relatively perfect, so join the tea chain can be rapid development, to achieve profitability. Open tea shop blindly operation is undesirable, the person concerned that, in order to successfully join a tea chain, before joining the following three discipline".

A: discipline for more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand.

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What are the pet store business

pet store is now a lot of friends look forward to the project, if you want to join the shop, of course, need to choose a good brand, then run a pet shop, then, what are the ways? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

the first is the pet shop to have their own business characteristics, pet store franchise chain can increase the competitiveness of pet shops, pet stores, which business? Pet stores have their own business strategy is easy to be remembered by consumers, the customer can be more than a pet store to repeat customers. So operators want to have their own pet store has a larger market and consumers need to adhere to the long-term characteristics of the pet store business, the only way to be more conducive to the operation of the pet store. read more

Jiangsu Yancheng venture Star Contest Finals perfect ending

strong entrepreneurial atmosphere for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship has an important role in helping, so the local governments are actively creating all kinds of entrepreneurial competition, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. Jiangsu venture Star Contest on the local entrepreneurial atmosphere will rise to a new height.

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Starbucks Nuggets 90 billion tea market

look for the market, understand the industry, grasp first-hand information, in order to win the most wealth opportunities. When the coffee shop in China blossom everywhere, the world’s largest coffee chain giant Starbucks has turned its attention to tea.

1971, established in Seattle, Starbucks coffee, tea and spices store first appeared in people’s field of vision. Although the name of the tea is also a part of the traditional culture of Starbucks, but 42 years of commitment to the field of coffee modulation and retail, when people talk about Starbucks, first of all, it is no doubt that coffee.

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Strong push entrepreneurial JAC action plan

to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, Anhui province "business plan is a JAC", under the guidance of the policy, entrepreneurs in action, entrepreneurial enterprises are getting better development, "entrepreneurial action JAC" effect.

3 28 days, reporters from the provincial agency office was informed that since last year, our province to implement youth entrepreneurship "eight projects" as the focus, to build business services and business innovation competition "two platform", and vigorously promote the "entrepreneurial Jianghuai action plan, will achieve 3 years more than 350 thousand new registered enterprises more than 1 million people, driven by employment target.   in 2015, the province’s 135 thousand and 100 newly registered private enterprises, newly registered 315 thousand and 400 individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 15.44% and 14.34% respectively; absorb 429 thousand and 200 people, 759 thousand jobs, an increase of 4.17%, 19.92%. read more

Zhengzhou urban housing prices are rising prices

prices in the daily life of the whole society has been concerned about the need to buy a house, of course, can not miss the understanding of the price, the majority of investment passengers, of course, can not relax for the master of the price! China Index Research Institute in November 30th released data show that 100 cities in 82 cities housing prices fell. In December 12th, Zhengzhou city housing security and the real estate management bureau released data show that in November Zhengzhou city commercial housing sales price of 9760 yuan per square meter per square meter in August is also the urban housing prices rose to 10 thousand yuan, below 10 thousand yuan mark for the first time in 4 months. read more

What are the hot pot shop location

eat Hot pot season has arrived, many businesses hope to take the opportunity to open a Hot pot shop, if you want to shop, is bound to face the problem, how to find the right place? According to the specific circumstances of the investment to analyze a little, I hope to help you, look at the past.

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Join the rental store allows you to easily make money dream

children grow fast, the degree of novelty toys beyond imagination, some toys to play one day will not play, very wasteful. Therefore, the operation of a toy rental shop full of opportunities! Parents can help save money, to meet the market development of good projects! Love

for rental declined a lot of parents are not at ease, like disinfection, entrepreneurs can store in a conspicuous place put poison, let parents don’t have to worry about the health of the child.

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We need to watch out for the new scam in the cigarette market

liar is really numerous, in various industries have, but also with the development of the market continue to come up with more cheat trick, so many people cheated. The boss Zhang Nanning Qingxiu district a hotel name cigarettes were on weekdays, smiling, ruddy. His business has been very good, and there are many large customers, cigarette sales are very good.

travel only a few days ago, the clerk in order to sell cheap performance a few cigarettes, happened to be the tobacco monopoly departments are a hit, after that, the supply of several brands of cigarettes limit. Although the supply does not matter, at least the cigarette sells several brands, but limited supply are consumer goods store, there are several large customers just hurry to go, so Zhang boss a few days to bend the brows, preoccupied by some troubles. read more

Collect calls to win the favor of customers

is now a lot of customers in order to attract consumers, will increase the number of services, coupled with high quality service, and has won numerous customers with development of shop business will naturally have a great help. To this end, the store has added a new business, collect phone calls.

whether it is mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom, whether local or foreign, as long as the phone number to tell me, I can help them in the computer on the payment successfully, not only saves time and effort, and convenient for customers, welcome. Each service, I will charge one yuan service fee, happiness within myself. read more

100 thousand yuan to do business

      100 thousand yuan what kind of business is plagued by many investors, today Xiaobian for these troubled investors ariadne. Now the main consumers in the market are women, and they are the main consumer of the object, is clothing, beauty is a woman’s nature, investment in the clothing business, is definitely a wise choice.

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nnovative marketing thinking execution is the success rate

execution is not strong, stressed the objective difficulties, often make you more and more far away from success. Re grasp the executive power, attention to detail is the best marketing initiatives, tentatively summarized as ten equals zero".

, a work is not equal to zero to  

for each marketing people must learn to cherish, learn to be grateful. Marketers should cherish the current opportunities in the financial crisis. However, in order to know how to seize the opportunity, people will laugh at the end, there is work if not to cherish, golden rice will become mud bowl. read more

How to manage the mixed staff

each person’s attitude towards life and work is different, they will have a very big difference in the attitude of the work. For this reason, almost every company will have a number of "mixed" employees, such a special group of employees, the company and how to manage it?


company recruited ten communications professional students, were assigned to the sales department. General manager of the Sales Department of Feng Yan subordinates are famous. He asked all the new students to the forefront of the most difficult to engage in market development work, in order to conduct monthly assessment, assessment results directly linked with the bonus. At the same time, Ye Feng also asked them to focus on learning exchanges every Sunday, every week to submit a detailed summary of the work. read more

How to arrange health care franchise stores

health care Museum by everyone’s attention, if you want to open their own health care stores, then, how to layout the store? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, customer waiting area. In the beauty salon (near the Advisory desk) should be retained in the appropriate space to display the sofa, coffee table, ready to fashion magazines for everyone to read the reference, health care stores how to layout? At the same time playing music, so that customers in a relaxed, happy mood to spend the waiting time. read more

nternet cafes should pay attention to the details of the operation

almost any of the investors in the choice of the cause of Internet cafes, naturally want to do such a career in place. However, a lot of people may not be able to grasp the operational skills, resulting in business is not good development. I think the Internet can be good business, mainly lies in the normal things, Internet cafes normal things in fact it is the hard and soft environment. Hard environment believe that we all realize that the basic Internet cafes for three years to change, you do not change people forced you to change. This is nothing to say, the Internet has its own decoration considerations, have their own style. This article mainly refers to the soft environment. read more

Digest inventory and make good use of customer’s warehouse

do retail business, the store is not large, the stock of space is not large, I would like to have more than some of the goods have no place to store. In fact, every loyal customer that actually has a warehouse, want to do a good job in retail business, nature also need to make good use of this inventory. In short, the digestion of inventory needs to use the customer’s warehouse.

as the saying goes, small but complete. No matter how big or small supermarket stores, must manage inventory, the inventory of goods classified, in place, to be aware of all kinds of inventory manager. In order to do inventory management, I established a detailed inventory ledger, inventory of goods inventory. Into the number of goods, how much sales, inventory how much, in my grasp. read more

Hainan implementation of the award on behalf of subsidies to support small and micro enterprises

in a public integrity business boom, Hainan will "Yijiangdaibu" reward incubation base, 1-5 million reward will be given to qualified enterprises, to business incubator enterprises in special funds to support.

from human resources and social security department was informed that the Hainan province will be through the Yijiangdaibu form of business incubators for reward, assessed as excellent and good, medium, qualified business incubator were rewarded 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan each, making industry incubation base Yijiangdaibu funds single up to more than 1 million yuan. Incubator has obtained similar entrepreneurial innovation platform for financial support is no longer participating. read more