Free precision shop promotion every day really multiple orders

played in Taobao for so long, but also wrote a lot of posts. Always want to Shen Jing, all is the participation of some of the experience of predecessors, and become a flood of posts. Born without grace cells, ashamed ah. For a few days of ideological struggle, or the courage to write some of their own real ideas and experience. Know the shopkeeper please do not Paizhuan; don’t use this extension dispensers, hoping to help you, and you can bring real orders. As long as the promotion of precision, into the store 10 people will be expected to have a turnover of 7 people this is the last one in my shop opened more than a month before the experience and the experience of the experience, I believe all of you to help the second. read more

GoogleAdsense cheating is not a technical contest

Many people think that putting Google Adsense cheating is in the contest with Google technology, which is a naive ridiculous ideas and attitudes. Although I do not object to anyone and any form of cheating, I believe many people earn a lot of money by cheating.

two of the most basic principles of my

1, do not discuss Google Adsense cheating in the ad publisher Forum

2, cheating people have a sense of shame

Google Adsense is a game, any game has its rules, but unfortunately we can not participate in the development of rules, and the rules of the unreasonable places in the right to recommend a small. Fortunately, the publisher has enough time to learn the rules of the game before the game, and then decide whether or not to participate in the game. I applaud those who follow the rules, and I don’t object to those who cheat, but I don’t like people who cheat and criticize the rules. read more

An investor is investing in front of the dialogue deputy general manager of the investment market

this is an era of "entrepreneurship". Because, even investors are out of business.

Beijing, a sunny afternoon, there is no haze, in a core area of a low-key cafe, eye brother saw Ali was one of the earliest employees of the Ministry of investment. After leaving Ali, CDH, Qu Tian after a brief adjustment, has turned an out and out of entrepreneurs. He is doing the bat capital has raised the first batch of start-up funds, and has successfully voted a few small and beautiful quality projects, plans to raise the scale of 100 million yuan. Compared with the past, Qu Tian feel more enjoy now, because he does not need to performance, a large number of intensive annual look at hundreds of projects, but is in accordance with their own way to find the project and make investment. read more

Network part time the industry should respect the work should be careful to be careful

Increase of

users bring the Internet industry is the rise of part-time, whether students or workers, many people will earn some pocket money in the free time on the Internet, the birth of this phenomenon in the author’s opinion is a good thing, but now many part-time industries have appeared some unreasonable phenomenon, 1 part-time the price is low, 2 part-time jobs do not give money, 3 part-time scam. These unreasonable phenomenon also let many part-time personnel were injured, the following author according to their own situation with the Internet to give some suggestions. read more

The best way to speed up the flow absolutely effective

        no one will be hard to do site visits, is really a painful thing, like don’t sell products, no matter how good the quality is not recognized. A lot of people with Alexa cheating and automatic Click to increase the page refresh rate, ranking is up, but ask yourself, busy for a long time, what do you get? A real visitors did not increase, once stopped the self deception, ranking immediately fell sharply, if Alexa blacklist to turn over of the day. Some people think that extensive exchange of connection or join several exchange chain can increase the flow, but the real connection from someone you click on website of the very few people, unless you with great reputation on the web connection, but for the new station, with the station makes connection easier said than done! Try email? Forum posting? QQ mass? Once the anti spam laws, the "way" will be broken, walk on the edge of a bad day. As for the forum post, no matter how long it will sink to the bottom, who see? In case of being responsible for the owner, may only be delete. When it comes to the QQ group, people see is advertising information, close the window also angry, I see your website? Is there a practical way to improve website traffic? I want real IP!   

read more

Web Union operations diary the embarrassment of the trust industry alliance website

operation easy loan financing Chinese ambassador and website alliance has been there for some time, but the growth rate is not much of a breakthrough, growth in every basic * stable, now there are about 200000 financing ambassadors and site Union members. Although reached the expected target, but the work is to prove himself, not to eat the previous one, which makes me very headache.

I also understand that the biggest obstacle to personal webmaster, Ambassador website alliance and financing trust, online loan is easy loan Chinese a new model, realized capital and capital circulation network, but we recognize that this kind of website is not enough, a lot of people still do not understand. For this reason, webmasters may suspect that the amount of the union or malicious to make pre evaluation is not passed. But, we should understand that the loan application does not pass through the pre assessment should be the biggest victim of easy credit Chinese, because the loan volume is easy loan Chinese life, so the platform will not deliberately rejecting loan applications. read more

09 Wangzhuan liar exposure ten typical novice beware of scam

has entered the history of 09 years, the new year began. In the occasion of this Spring Festival, sesame once again remind everyone, beware of swindlers, carefully fooled.

now college students summer vacation, many Swindlers Company gradually emerged, such as the first payment after the money, a typist, money hook, fish, it is easy to accidentally fall into the trap of fraud, so I have 09 years of common public open up some of the tricks here, everybody beware fooled.

: free money Witkey

CCTV recently reported some Witkey profitable projects, so some crooks will be playing under the banner of witkey. In fact, Witkey in foreign countries is indeed a very popular money making project, but in China is not mature, the majority of Internet fraud, such as Witkey stars. In addition these crooks are often used to replace the packaging, for example, was renamed to off the shoulder, Wiki, etc., in fact, exactly the same, a superficial reform. read more

Google adsesne’s income look at your list then

You are sure what number do China:

Chinese the highest with seo.   the highest month, a month 3-5 million.

  more than $10 thousand or so of about 10.

  5K more than 30 dollars.

  1K more than 200 dollars.

  $100 about 1000

you look at how much ranking. However, the current domestic trend is that are very unstable, he may be 30 thousand this month, next month, the larger changes in the 300. So in general can not see results.

if you no more than 1K dollars a month if you’re outside the top 100 and  

  1 Top dating site Markus Frind, a monthly profit of $300 thousand from Google AdSense. read more

How to make the 1000ipGGAD sisters acne net income 7 knife

may 1000IP master $7 is very few, but for the novice, it is not easy for me to do today, I share with you sister acne how to do the 1000IP $7 net, just like I got up at 5 in the morning the busy new friends as a reference, but also to eat large to narrow the gap between rich and poor, and earn more money, to provide some methods and skills. OK we look at the map, so that everybody says I said is not true, here is my yesterday Ggad income that, what data is absolutely true, there is absolutely no cheating read more

500 Startups as the startup of the top five values

      in recent months, as a company, 500 Startups has grown a lot. The company has made great progress, but it still has to overcome many challenges and solve many problems. I never want 500 Startups laurels, if we want to 500Startups to become the world’s best business accelerator, and find the seed round of investment, most diverse, so, we must remain ambitious, desire, and the overwhelming sense of urgency.

one of our biggest challenges is to keep our culture alive and to be able to escalate. Those who join the 500 Startups, we need to understand what our culture is, but also to understand why we struggle, we need to expand the spirit of the 500 to the global network. read more

Tai Chi advertising sales AMD microcode cpc2 product line

respected Webmaster:

advertisers, marketing AMD microcode (cpc2) product line.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!


update time: 2008-2-20

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

Google Adsense what kind of situation will be K number

      most of the K letters received by the K account, there are "invalid clicks" clause, in the end those acts belong to "invalid click" "?

      1, point

      2, tool points (e.g. CACA)


      4, domestic IP point foreign advertising

      5, page refresh to increase the number of display

      6, inciting others to click on

      the following behavior will also be cancelled by AdSense account! read more

Only to adapt to the changing network success will come

now estimates most of the SEO friends are in a confused period, the SEO confused, for the industry to make money is not lost, presumably in every friend here, have experienced such a thing, I am no exception, my story, I do not speak, I speak to you a friend’s story, hope to be able to transfer positive energy, to give everyone a little confidence.

              she was originally the site, in a small town in a Shandong, in time to the customer site, meet customer requirements for SEO, that was when I heard a lot of money, then the next single sub optimal, do remember that is three words, now only remember one: car leather seat, then do not search, not many people, because it is the first to do so, the price is low, three words less than one thousand. She is through the "Baidu know" to find me, when he learned from the Internet, and then go back to work after reading, sometimes teach her, and to solve some simple problems for her. read more

College students record we finally survived

The first lesson of

entrepreneurship is to advance towards the society, is also a good opportunity to exercise their own, so in college when the students have opened their own business, of course, many schools also encourage students to entrepreneurship, and provide a lot of support, but can survive the venture proportion is very small, so I give a share from Guanggong entrepreneurship story to everyone of you today, I hope the students can give some reference to the business on the road.

  read more

Let them make money in Nirvana hotlinking working for yourself

often hear some movie station or software download station friends complain, said his website resources are always being hotlinking, the results did not earn a penny does not say, also often bring huge pressure hotlinking to his paralysis of the server. In the Internet resource sharing today, is impossible to guard against anti Daolian, even the best technology will also be broken and for its use. Since the guard, why don’t we change a way of thinking, let these people Daolian for their services? Some friends may think that this is Arabian Nights, try to learn the methods I. read more

Worth doing recommend several pop Alliance


although very boring, but this is the most direct way to convert the flow of money. There are a lot of webmaster friends have a small number of garbage stations, from the statistics point of view, repeat customers are less than ten percent. So, why waste the flow, the horse is too wicked, but some pop is the reason.

station have a number of years, a lot of contact with pop alliance, here choose some excellent recommend. As for those who often hang horse or pop low, and bad reputation is not introduced. read more

Controlling Google keyword marketing contextual advertising

Will your Google keyword advertising search ad advertising context. Why?

2 the content of advertising effect is not good (in most cases)

3 single track, which is more suitable for your situation

4 in search of statistical data to increase transparency

5 the context of advertising activities, Google has a "reverse site features"

in advertising and in Google read more

Reporter venture it Former editor in chief of NetEase has begun to dominate the entrepreneurial cir

I horse note: before speaking, the reporter business, we will ask reliable? NetEase Department of a chief editor and editor, giving the industry a shocking answer – in addition to the already listed YY founder Li Xueling is editor of the NetEase. The former NetEase portal deputy editor, now snowball founder Fang Sanwen finance; editor in chief, former NetEase founder Tang Yan Mo Mo technology portal is the portal; the former NetEase deputy editor in chief, now spring Zhang Rui… Founder Technology. These producers turned into various fields of entrepreneurial innovation leader. read more

Fifth horizon advertising media The5v com open letter of apology

      fifth vision advertising media (The5v.Com), to August 2007 on-line, get the support of the webmaster, thank you for your support! We will, as always, for the webmaster and our own cause and create and work hard.

      due to the early fifth horizon advertising media (The5v.Com) in the initial preparatory phase, the Gu in some amount of settlement change and process there have been some misunderstanding, we repeatedly through friendly and internal standard part of the webmaster exchange, has now officially confirmed; this brings inconvenience to our webmaster friends with a puzzled, fifth horizon advertising media planning department (The5v.Com) on behalf of all the staff apologized to the webmaster friends! read more