Leaders can not belittle the promise of subordinates

"The book of Lord Shang" records, Shang Yang reform in the state of Qin, a new law. In order to make people believe the new law is to resolutely implement, he was in the capital of the south gate and a wooden tree, the onlookers said: "who can be with the wood from the south gate to the north gate, will give him fifty-two silver!" most people do not believe there is such a good thing, I’m afraid the promise of Shang Yang to be honored.

everyone in shilly-shally, but carry the wood of a person, walk from the south gate to the north gate, Shang Yang cash on the spot, and gave him fifty-two shekels of silver. As a result, people believe that what Shang Yang says is true, and that when he comes up with the new law, he keeps it.

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Wangzhuan the essence of creativity

Wangzhuan difficult, almost inaccessible, but if there is a good idea, coupled with a strong executive ability, it will be a bonanza, below, introduced a server do wangzhuan.

first you see on the Internet, much like providing free space, real, long-term stability can be few, I want to say is that don’t intend to provide space, a lot of foreigners are doing, XXX, free space, several tens of hundreds of M G G has infinite space, flow infinite and so on, are very seductive, putting out, releasing the information well, for everyone, good speed, and then spread. read more

Yiqifa 100 bus online notification

bus (www.80ebus.com) is Ningbo Bailian superior investment limited company’s shopping site,   since the beginning of the formal operation in 2005, in a short span of two years, the rapid development of Bailian bus has more than 1 thousand and 500 suppliers, 130 thousand registered users, the country’s largest online supermarket with commodity items.

本次与亿起发联盟以CPS的方式合作,并且为各位站长带来了丰厚的佣金,具体情况请查阅http://s.www.eqifa.com/website/home/businesshall/ec_action_info.aspx?action_id=998 read more

Think Wangzhuan comrades must see webmaster about how to make money

want to make money from the Internet, I think first of all to do the following.

1 ring impetuous. Why do I put this as the first, because I have deep experience. In the past, too many people see the success of the case, always want to succeed. Once I saw a three pages of a small garbage station, do stock GG advertising, income of a month can have thousands of, see my heart itch. Immediately note rice hanging station, engage in a while, Baidu has not included, the psychological cold, throw it there no matter. I’ve done a lot of things like this. Have students say that I am ambitious, I was listening to psychological discomfort, now have a look at that time, is really a bit quick. See how successful predecessors! Far not said that the first graph king of our Admin5 brother! Look at Baidu entry graph king, "graph king from a friend got a pro picture of the catch forum software, often with high bandwidth Internet, direct a forum a forum to catch take down. One night down tens of thousands of photos, and then use the ACDSee finishing miniature upload, graph king do things very crazy, music is not he, all handmade website, up to a year, finishing millions of pictures. Hand made nearly 50 image sites. When the search is not a website, often search for images of a class of the most of the first page of a map is the king of the more than and 50 sites, although each site traffic is small, all add up to thousands of IP, traffic is very fierce, graph king is his QQ name, so named." Do stand, insist on a year, how many people can do? Look at Zac, learn Chinese SEO don’t know Zac, as Chinese don’t know Hu Jintao as ridiculous. The Zac seo blog, in addition to a retreat for a period of time, basically one day. It is these hundreds of original articles, laid the status of Zac in the SEO sector. However, every day a original article, it is easy to say, really stick is easier said than done. So, to be successful, really must guard against arrogance and rashness, look for the target, will be a lot of work. read more

Taobao guest do not let the celebrity experience blinded eyes

current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao registered passenger capacity of thousands of army, Taobao off like a huge flood, has become one of the most fashionable Wangzhuan way nowadays. Many college students in the Taobao customers, at work also do part-time work in Taobao, Taobao also do not find customers, even expert quit working full-time to do Taobao customers. Such a large number of such an unprecedented scale, indicating that Taobao customers do have its unique charm

although many people have joined Taobao, but after many rookie Taobao customers and do not understand the novice Taobao customers and how to do Taobao, Taobao customers because of a variety of marketing methods varied, complicated product category, how to choose what promotion, promotion, is indeed a vexing problem, so it is so important to Taobao customer experience sharing. So rookie and novice must be in the promotion period, to understand some of the relevant knowledge, such as Ali mother forum, A5 webmaster and other well-known websites to share the successful experience of Taobao customers, a lot of experience on rookie help is very big, but there are also many seemingly very cattle waste experience. read more

Radio and television advertising management measures to bring the gospel to the webmaster

friends, in the second half of 2009 will be the spring of online advertising, ha ha, you seize the time to prepare for


recently saw a news that SARFT issued "management measures" radio and television advertisements broadcast, is for television advertising, in addition to their cheerful, more feel advertising advertising seems to go to the owners of the pocket.

actually I hate most is advertising, when watching television when the climax, suddenly will be damned advertising to interrupt, hey, and I love Hunan TV advertising, when coming, I had to go through a long and long wait, the heart that call a read more

Dunhuang network Wang Shutong entrepreneurs should continue to go beyond constantly changing

May 17, 2013, Chrysler Cup third Tianjin race horse contest held in Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park, Dunhuang network founder Wang Shutong shared her entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial sentiment in the contest, she believes that entrepreneurship is a different way of life, and the entrepreneur is to continue to go beyond, constantly changing. At the same time, she also made a comparison between China and the United states. The following is the full text:

I think every time I would be very excited to participate in exciting entrepreneurship contest, I remember in the last year, it should be in May, I told the Entrepreneur Magazine president cattle we participated together in a CCTV financial channel dialogue column, when talking about a business venture that topic, topic the students talk about school of business is not a good choice, I like cows as a party is in support of President China entrepreneurs need to have better management and management experience, the need for more industry accumulation. I remember in the opponent’s column put a lot of short stories, really see there are so many big names in the United States, from early to later like Microsoft, apple, and in recent years is the founder of Google and other scenery. read more

Let’s shout we’re not cheating

cat alliance from March 3rd to now has been in operation for more than and 40 days, during which the cat coalition got the trust and support of many owners, we have to abide by its commitments, on time every day to the full 10 yuan owners pay. From the day to pay 1, 2 webmaster, to now every day to pay a commission of hundreds of webmasters. Although the time spent more and more, but we have not thought about changing the way of payment.

we know now there are many webmaster don’t trust us, if we are liars, so we have always insisted on the 10 yuan to pay, we are going to tell everyone, we don’t want to do a union, because if it is 10 yuan 10 yuan cheated, it may even cost can not cheat back to the server. read more

want to add new business map site Alliance

    51 map site alliance system is a map of the network launched a dedicated website with the owners of the site to create a mutually beneficial win-win situation of the site alliance platform. The platform relies on a strong technical background and strong financial support, in order to lay a good and stable development in the future.

      the establishment of the launch of the "desktop map" to promote the project, only two months on the installed capacity of more than 100 thousand! Achieved remarkable results in the industry, making the rapid growth of the business alliance. Today’s alliance is in the original business and added the "China electronic map 2007" promotion. The software is made by Beijing Tecocity Technology Co. Ltd., consumer electronic map products people traffic audio video publishing house, has a lot of advantages and highlights. read more

Full text of the garbage station one novice on the road

Why do I want the new bar behind the dumpster? Because the area is MJJ Laoniao, you will not see him, he could knock you hard half keyboard     I am proud of the wind. R: or something new, – and there are many new owners, to tell the old truth, initially do stand still can immediately return the best.

     一:你先注册一个顶米:有不少人是用二级米搞垃圾站,晕,本人不感冒,顶米不管是在收录,解析,或者给人感觉都是有优势的,不要以为垃圾站就是那些 ××站,真的有那么垃圾(这里有必要说说: 我介绍的垃圾站么种意义来说你并不感觉他垃圾) ,:我绝对不宣传挂马,病毒,强奸网友IE的勾当的 "垃圾站",   扯远了,其实一句话,做站别省米钱,做垃圾站也别省! 虽然垃圾站容易被K,但是你别心疼,如果你被K掉了10个以上的米还在继续做,那我先恭喜你了,你已经有点道道了,HOHO,干什么是不需要代价的呢? ——不过你并没有付出多大的 The cost of your trash meters is not K, then I can say that you have not done Baidu intolerable, although Baidu K station not what reason, but he is definitely the most K large flow of stuff, you MJJ one day a few hundred IP, you want to K it, ha ha, the other the external flow you up later. Don’t forget to put advertising, advertising for what I would come back after a post, as long as you flow is large enough, you can recover the general > within January read more

Enterprise collaboration platform how to do Listen to entrepreneurs Luo Xu product ideas

"when we talked to IDG, we talked about it in 5 hours." Luo Xu told me so.

Luo Xu is sharing technology CEO. Sharing technology is a development of enterprise collaborative office software entrepreneurial team, founded in December 2011, before I had interviewed its president Yang Bin (see "Yang Bin, can not go back to the media!"). Like Yang Bin, Luo Xu is also a media background, was in the "Southern Metropolis Daily" in charge of finance, and later he was also involved in the creation of the "Beijing News". read more

The butterfly Vivian to bring you a new understanding of business records

source in Douban, the original author Jane Jun 7, the original address: http://www.douban.com/note/310672454/, only to share.

Seven introduction:


butterfly is an old friend of Jian Qijun for a long time, not the two generation of the X, there is no halo of famous universities, out of a non provincial capital cities.

started as a busboy sister in a small advertising company, one step forward, trying to run in the country. Every encounter, I heard that she

Three tips to increase the single page Taobao revenue

we know that Taobao is now quite intense, we want to be able to do so to maximize the profit of a website. Only to achieve the maximum, we have the confidence and motivation to do it. Then each Taobao – in trying to improve their single page station income, can be described as the brains! Yes! Many novice friends Taobao passenger station income often stays in the hundreds of pieces of the stage, but can not exceed the monthly income of 1000 mark! This month more than often, but not subjective factor. Then, a simple single page in a short period of time how to quickly increase your income? This is a lot of new friends want to know! So, I will be in the following simple analysis of what we actually increase their income with the Taobao customer unique secret read more

The winter fire operation experience sharing forum webmaster

in fact, Ma said the winter, not including those of our personal webmaster, we have been the beginning of the winter, has not been to the spring.

used to do the movie alliance, relying on Baidu search to a lot of people. Baidu is really stupid. Included is also easy to be some webmaster

, however, all of the SP channels are closed. It started in 06 years.

really miss the day Baidu brings N million IP days. Such days are not easy to come back. Baidu focuses on site quality, increased human intervention. There’s no way anyone can get it. As for some people say that Baidu has a technical failure. This is a reason. read more

Talk about several kinds of grassroots money making model

with the Internet industry continues to grow, and this is a constant increase in the number of stations. A lot of friends not to allow the site to bring their own interests, the site is because they like the industry, is entirely out of personal interests and hobbies. However, with the development of the website, the operating cost increases. Also have to consider how to make use of the site’s profit. Let this part of the revenue to become the source of funding for the subsequent development of the site. read more

Personal webmaster earn 300 yuan share experience

first explained that the project failed a few days ago, just to share with his family, tell you how to make money online.

We should all know

51.com, the number of 51 day online are tens of millions, but by 51 advertisers less and less, almost difficult to find, so I began to start looking for 51, 51 can take place, because I usually play 51, so 51 of the people know love back I saw 51 each step the software on the Internet, but they are used on the popularity, I started to analyze the 51, found 51 there is a small problem, 51 each step will not limit any speed and step number, I use a few days time to put my 51 home into a clothing store on the Internet find a clothes shop to do their agents, because 51 people are love fashion, so do the clothes is preferred, good home after I began to call my friend to write software, because the 51 do not limit on the speed and number, so I write software is Thread, and do not have to open the IE, as long as the download source, one day there are hundreds of people hanging there. Step on people are online, obtained directly in http://s.city.51.com/zaixianliebiao/port_zxlb.php, it can get the area, the shortage is unable to get sex, each step is the speed of a second step 5. The number of my 51 visit is more than 10 thousand people, remember the first day revenue reached 600 yuan, got me half to death, although the agency people’s clothes, no delivery, but with a conversation, ask their address and so on, so every day I income more than 300 yuan, less than a month to earn money there are over 10000, but soon to be good times don’t last long, the 51 companies found and sealed. read more

Ten of the most entrepreneurial ideas to achieve the number of Millionaire

What exactly do online business?

        the question is not good, too much. You have to start with your own interests and study what you can offer to a target market You can provide this thing is that others can not find out for you, only you find yourself.

        in order to help you expand ideas, today introduced a few days ago to see ten of the most stupid online entrepreneurial ideas, but these seemingly stupid ideas are successful in the ten.

        1) million dollar website read more

The search engine is the higher the good teachers and helpful friends

search engine is our best teacher. When I just contact Wangzhuan, a senior on my advice: do not understand the problems encountered to remember to Baidu, Google for help. In fact, love search, good at analyzing the results of the search, we can learn a lot of things.

a, we can solve all kinds of problems, difficulties and doubts

almost all problems, you can find the answer in the search engine. Because of the problems you have encountered, many people have met before. If you think about it, I’m afraid you won’t understand it for a few days. But a search, it may be a few minutes to solve the problem. For example, when I use the CMS template when the station in the dream, I want to dream template URL short, but in the background shetenglebantian did not succeed. I will go in the search engine, has found that master a detailed explanation on this issue, I in accordance with the above method gander, immediately solve smoothly. At that time, I found that I thought it was difficult, in fact, is so simple. I dislike that does not encounter any problems through their own efforts to solve and thinking to find someone else to love the questioner, because the search engine is a free teacher, why not? This is simply lazy, this kind of people are destined to make money on the internet. read more

Talk about the relationship between flow and money

traffic and the relationship between the money for the webmaster, this is a valuable reference to an article, from which, perhaps you can think of a lot of things!

the following data is purely personal investigation and observation, the size of the data is very different from the normal, I list the data for general statistics. Look at the operation and operation of personal ability.

web site every day to visit the amount of money to do every month to make money online

1 1000IP 200-300 yuan

(1000IP per day, for a site, a little content of the site, not 20 days is very easy to be able to do the.TOM alliance can have a =2 block of 400 points, the 3721 ad alliance can have a =4 block of 100 points, the 3721 assistant alliance =2 block read more

Meng Bing founder of the West master hamburger hamburger counterattack

lead: one thing how many failures before success? In fact, it is not important, it is important to the success of only one time.

Two days ago

and I wrote an article, do a review in 2014 31 of the time, I think that a few questions, before a thing success we really need experienced many failures, before a burst of bamboo, how many roots, when a person wants to change their fate, in the end there is no possible. Almost 15 months ago, I just came out from Baidu, a few of us start a business. Initial establishment of the company, our business has not been concerned about the market, our account has basically bottomed out, when we face the problem, next month’s rent has been handed to the team can not afford, only a few people, but the meal has become a very big problem. So this time I feel very confused, as a 24 year old CEO, I think, at that time, only the state of helplessness and despair. read more