Webmaster self discipline from me

network (www.53y.com) (the first two-way network advertising trading platform) recently issued a proposal to the majority of owners:

webmaster self-discipline starting from me

The harm of cheating

tantamount to shooting itself in the foot, also smashed the integrity of stationmaster feet, to establish a credit system, let the webmaster self-discipline together, mutual supervision and reporting of bad faith webmaster. The following write their feelings and we encourage each other.

honest man, integrity do stand read more

Et for small robot advertising adjustment notice

Due to the small I robot partner in January 1, 2008, upgrade to the 2.0.0 version, launched the desktop version without installing the messenger client can be successfully installed, installed before the conversion rate will be much higher, so the price is adjusted as follows:

1.    web download installation adjustment to 0.1 yuan / effective installation.

2.    plugin bundle installation adjustment to 0.05 yuan / effective installation.

note: the direct use of software packages installed to backstage to receive a new software package, WEB installed the same.

  this adjustment was implemented in January 1st, if there is any doubt contact with customer service! read more

Witkey online to earn extra money selling creative design

Shanghai now has many white-collar workers to earn extra money by selling their own creative design on the Internet, even as a means of livelihood, this type of collar is called "Witkey", the English is Witkey, namely wit and key key words of wisdom.

The staff of

China customers the largest pig Witkey website recently in an interview with reporters that, according to incomplete statistics, the site is now Shanghai "Witkey" more than 10 people. But according to the reporter, at present the domestic professional Witkey website tens of ten, the Shanghai area of Witkey actually far more than 100 thousand people. read more

The first video rely on what to make money

first of all video sharing billing method

in accordance with the number of ads broadcast to complete the calculation of income, 8 yuan /1000 times.

if this is the case. I have been thinking, the first video does not lose ah. Later found that will show public service ads. I understand how the first video is to make money.

The surface of

, put the video to get the opportunity to show us the money.

In fact, we note that

did not, after the end of the video, there will be some provocative links. The first video should rely mainly on these money. Just like GOOGLE’s text ads. And we put the webmaster can not get this part of the effect of advertising into. read more

How do earn into the ranks of the cheated

2009, the work of my efforts, coupled with my luck, let me go to work in the computer to work, every day on the Internet to find a free thing (everyone likes to pick up cheap)

suddenly one day, I can use the Internet to find free mobile phone call, so I went to this free phone forum began posting to make calls, suddenly one day see the administrator posts: hair every day 30, minimum 400 yuan; so I wonder, the network also can make money but think about? Just to help him to post, anyway idle is idle, see if you can earn money. read more

The difference between Wangzhuan ideologues and Wangzhuan actors habits

The first month of

contact Wangzhuan, because do Wangzhuan too much, either hang up or click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and whether or not free Wangzhuan, almost see one, resulting in a lot of projects not only make money, but waste a lot of time. I tried and changed, but with little success. I have more than once to ask myself: Wangzhuan is really? Until finally, I met a friend, in my opinion, he can call the Internet make master, let alone earn 100 yuan, do Wangzhuan day make a million more than I saw it, he gave me a sincere words and earnest wishes the advice is his caution, changed my understanding of my Wangzhuan Wangzhuan technology, more a quality improvement, a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial on the Internet more than this let me benefit. read more

An ordinary entrepreneurs readme have experienced such a news broker

Abstract: in 2013, CHINAJOY, I found a foreign company, did not give any other executives fees, did not eat, I got a best position to show my product. I found a Chinese media, or colleagues husband, thought that there is a little friendship or help, spent more than 4 thousand but nothing.

I am an ordinary entrepreneur, recently saw some news about the broker to discuss titanium media, also want to speak a bit of his personal experience, around 2013, from Beijing to Shanghai entrepreneurs to set up his own company, the main business direction is a game machine based on Android set-top box, now the market is somewhat similar to the 9 ZTE "lunch box" FunBox "". read more

Four offbeat success factors of entrepreneurial path

often see "you" show friends all know, this is really Wolong Tibetan tiger. There are a lot of job seekers have a strong personal ability, whether it is Zhang Xiaopan or Li Yizhou, they have their own views on entrepreneurship. So we as the audience, should not only watch, look at their debate and the regiment of BOSS, but rather from the "spy" to our business points, to correct mistakes, after all, their advice or suggestions are very valuable, and I also summarized some, here for everyone to share, hope to help everyone. read more

2 of the wealth expansion

Low cost, small audience, channel flat, close to the capital chain and consumers. From the new generation of grassroots we can see some of the unique characteristics of the new economy, they have completed a marketing revolution

in a domain name is a www.guodegang.org/bbs forum, a "de ganger" ID, the forum people know that it is the owner of Guo Degang, non famous comedian now the fire was not, a digital economic era "winner".

created by the Internet comic "wire" read more

Hand in hand to money with 51wan achieve 3 the year of the ox jump

At the beginning of the new year

, 51wan.com here! Thanks to each big website, Webmaster Station in 2008 to help 51wan, now 51wan.com launched the "year of the ox 3 hop 51wan.com promotion alliance incentive activities.


before January 31, 2009 are entitled to join the "year of the ox 3 hop discount promotion alliance is divided into the proportion of sales of water from 7%, to promote sales of water (1-25%) *25% (equivalent to 18.75% of the sales of water, 25% comprehensive channel cost). read more

Entrepreneur you must know who your product is sold to

Author: B block 12 floor,

talk about a project, the project is no longer the early early, not because of the fact that the project has just started, has been operating for more than a year, but when it comes to the original team, only two founder.

I was at the beginning of this year when the opportunity to meet this entrepreneur, but also a total of about 20 square meters of his company to discuss the project with him. He is doing acoustic communication, mainly mobile phone communication, like Bluetooth, just do not like Bluetooth pairing. I’ve always been interested in the field of communication, and that’s why I’m talking to him about this project and it’s quite impressive. read more

For struggling Wangzhuan friends sincere advice

to say hello to everyone, I am from Henan, when the summer vacation this year, a coincidence chance I know Wangzhuan, was also heard, but in my friends, they think about whether the manner, when I began to view the naive, really and I always think that is unlikely, how to make money? I think Wangzhuan people who are either not too much money, or computer technology is very good, but when I really entered into, the real psychological and website fusion, to suddenly changed. Later found, I think now is not the case, I think there are many people from first to last all have this idea, wake up ah, you must understand: Wangzhuan equality before the. If you’re willing to do Wangzhuan, you will have your feelings out of the ordinary. read more

On the way to make money online investment

The development of

the Internet has brought unlimited business opportunities for users, but also for the community to create so much wealth, so the way to make money online is a lot of money, there are many projects, the specific idea of how to make money as much to find it, simply some methods on tonight online investment money, or skills, have said something wrong or inadequate please make friends correct oh.

cannot do without money online website or server, no matter what the project must have these two platforms can be carried out, otherwise we can not talk about how to use the Internet to make money, so in a big way, in the Internet investment project is in the website and server. read more

A small bowl of porridge start on the road two or three

text / Wang Xiaobin (reflecting fun technology CEO)

Wang Feng is presumably Lei Jun millet envy: on a headline is too easy. Just do a bracelet, or by the way into the field of strategic intelligence Home Furnishing announced, at least 180 media is in fashion, raise a Babel of criticism of.

Big company

a light customer service on thousands of people, shouting "we are pioneering company" slogan, the two business line currently the hottest thing, about north of Guangzhou Shenzhen numerous start-up companies ready to tell the story of VC, the method of red rice incidentally hand handle guidance from several hundred to 79 large and small companies on Huaqiang North copycat solutions company, not to be called the ball was strange. read more

The project positioning of online Entrepreneurship

in the network business began in 2009, is now third years; from the beginning of a line to now still in this line. There is some bitterness, but there is nothing to tell. Entrepreneurs should not be the same as others, life is not the same, not the same experience, of course, income will not be the same!

three years ago, the choice of network business, it can be said to be an opportunity for me to choose the impulse of the cause – e-commerce. The company is invested by four, sit building industry recruitment website construction in Hunan talent network, Hunan two construction division affiliated to today http://s.www.hr5280.com I’m the only one left, and today’s achievements in a word: left for the king! The bitterness is beginning to get to the read more

How much does it cost to run a website

Sims blog is popular keywords recently in blogsphere, the Sims user way, everyone I have been on the BSP Public opinions are divergent., not too cold, so did not concern, see today but an article "save the Sims blog or will be prepared to accept the risk investment offer", can not help some angry, here is in this paper, a few words:

150 more than 10000 yuan, is it true? A user is not very large BSP operating costs need to be so high? A web site operating costs can be divided into: hardware equipment, network environment, software development and maintenance costs and staff salaries, if the site is a company, then the company may also require registration fees and office space and office expenses. We have to carefully analyze the cost of Minsi blog:

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Linktech network marketing alliance comments

speaking of linktech network marketing alliance, some novice is not so clear, because this alliance is a professional advertising alliance, unlike some large union search engine or portal website support. Bloggers have done this alliance, as long as the promotion of the success of the money is still very timely, credibility is guaranteed. Collar unique Korean background, is said to be the first in the Korean union marketing, has 6 years of service in the international major customers professional and rich experience. read more

Price standard for Web Design

  " family rules, state laws, " web design standard price appears to have been " ", no " rules; law; ". Each company, studio out of the price list are different, there is no uniform standard. This is worthy of scrutiny, this phenomenon is not a normal phenomenon? Take the price of vegetables, although the price index is different, but in the same market, on the same day, in different stalls, the price of some vegetables are basically the same. However, in the same area, the design of two different companies, the design of the web is often inconsistent. This leads to competition, competition is benign and malignant. If the competition between the two companies is the design level, it is a healthy competition; if the competition between the two companies are competing for cheap, it is vicious competition. This web design is an emerging industry, but also in the domestic development of a few years, is more and more urgent need for " " law; price standard industry.

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The key to making money online is to increase the amount of site visits

The key

of network marketing is to allow more users to pay attention to your website, see this purpose whether you spend promotion or not spend promotion will have a direction, only to allow more users to pay attention to your site traffic increase is only a matter of time. But many of my friends are most likely to make mistakes is always hope to have more new users to access your site every day, this idea is not entirely correct, as by the turnover rate to e-commerce sites, the turnover rate is the key to repeat, so we should do the site visit is to strive to increase the place, only the largest the degree of tarry old client through the good to help the people of the content attract old customers, you don’t have to worry about no new customers to your website. read more

Low cost electronic commerce Wangzhuan dumping strategy analysis

electronic commerce with the rapid development of Internet has been rapidly expanding, it is said that the next three years of domestic e-commerce into 1000% growth momentum, you can see the future of the Internet most opportunities will appear in the field of electronic commerce network is the largest…… application of information sharing, so when the traditional industry business to catch the high-speed train. Many of the old model has been eliminated, high-speed transmission, sharing of information, can create more business opportunities, accelerate the expansion of your money. read more