Several ways to make money by using nternet

You must have heard

for Wangzhuan, now most people are looking for information by Baidu and other search engines, in this process, we often see a lot of methods to make money online, for example, will often see "method" or "earn thousands of dollars in the latest Internet money" and other ads, these general advertising with temptation deep, in order to help the novice contact doubt today I’ll make money for everyone secret Internet announced.

, what is the higher

said a novice will think: Wangzhuan is to make money online, make money by clicking on ads or hang up advertising, many beginners would be considered to be a minor, begging for a state of mind. When I first contact Wangzhuan have such a mentality, but now it’s different. Oh, who is said to Wangzhuan the best men? I think that Ma, he has been in his Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and a large scale, if you do not understand or do not know who it is you Ma’s "Altman" (out man). In fact Wangzhuan is not a minor, he can as a kind of occupation or to do business. Through advertising or hang software, as the Navy, do e-commerce platform, the sale of goods, Taobao provides SEO website optimization services belong wangzhuan. read more

Where is your credit union nine wins

It is said that nine wins

advertising alliance is a faith-based, customer first alliance.

but I had 1 months of nine wins advertising alliance, December two thousand dollars to 1 cents to return now. I know the other owners even worse some 2 months of advertising has been in arrears. I also like to find them for 1 months, there is no clear answer, always an excuse to shirk.

today, a person in charge also told me that because the manufacturers owe them money, they will try to recover the arrears, and then pay a part of the webmaster. Also hope that the webmaster understand if you don’t understand, I don’t need to endure until today this article, ask you who understand me alliance, also said that if I do not believe you can ask manufacturers. It is not you can make, let manufacturers give money how I feel as if I were to do as soon as possible, direct advertisers advertising, but I am in nine wins Alliance (9V) under the effect of the first ad. read more

Linktech advertisers increase the Commission notice Skype

dear affiliate member:

Skype since 2008 01 at 0:00 on the 24 day,

‘s CPA Registration Commission from the original 0.35 yuan / a rise to 0.6 yuan /.

is effectively defined as:

download and install registration in 30 days, the user login.

3 timesThe

CPS commission from 3% up to 6%

please join the active members of the alliance!!

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

Shielding price GG advertising increase GG advertising unit price

these GG ad adsence cheat free QQ advertising is part of the online collection, and the other part is their own, and we want to help. Google doesn’t care, then we’re self-sufficient.

shielding method is very simple, landing Adsense background, enter the Adsense settings – competitive advertising filter, add the domain name can be.

relevant information:

generally speaking, a lot of friends station, host domain name station price is very low. GG low-cost advertising more and more, most of these stations are selling virtual products, and some are to promote the Firefox, the domain name with free domain name, but also some two domain name. read more

Google AdSense wire transfer background demo

Hello, for your next AdSense payment, we invite you to use the wire transfer (EFT), direct your income into the bank account. You don’t need to wait for a cheque to be sent or cashed, you will be able to deposit it in your bank account about 10 days after your money is posted on the AdSense account.
1 – selected as your payment by telegraphic transfer. You can proceed from the payment details section of my account page: click the Edit button, and then select the wire transfer button. According to the instructions on the page, enter your bank account information. read more

Google AdSense modify the name of the payee policy update

just received Google AdSense Blog just released a new policy in China.

in order to better protect the interests of publishers, we recently revised the name of the payee policy update. From now on, the AdSense account will not change the name of the payee. If you need to change the name of the payee, you need to close the current account and apply for a new account with a new name.

if you are to change the name of the payee in error, such as the application is careful not to fill in the wrong words, you can help in the center of the "contact us page" fill in "modify payee name" link table, in accordance with the forms required to answer the security question, and submit the ID scan you, so that we can you confirm the correct name. read more

The Six Meridian Swords website to make money

Dali Six Meridian Swords, with the internal force as the foundation, practice to height can hurt, in the invisible. Six network promotion sword as Mr Xi, but also can be popularized in the invisible website, just use a can greatly enhance the visibility of the site, bring huge traffic. But also need your own website content can have real value. Otherwise easy obsessions, those so-called hackers like slightly cracking off. Shen, Shen! Now sister retreat for 3 years of painstaking research, finally, the Six Meridian Swords again revised, reduced to seven pulse excalibur. read more

Soft news December focus on advertising

distinguished affiliate member:

Hello everyone.

entered in December, we launched this month, two key recommendations:

1, you see

Commission Description: 1.5 yuan / install activated

billing mode: CPA

audit mode: automatic audit

settlement cycle: month end

special note: Download and install again after 24 hours to activate a successful activation.

2, id5

billing mode: CPA

audit mode: automatic audit

Commission Description: id5- identity verification 1.5 yuan / registered

id5- name 0.35 yuan / registered read more

Taobao and you 100 thousand Taobao

today announced that it will carry out strategic cooperation with interactive entertainment community Jiuyou new network marketing model, the depth of excavation, and on the basis of "Taobao paid off promotion", the goal is to create a 100 thousand "Taobao" employment opportunities for the society. This is the first time Taobao open Taobao guest promotion platform. Through this platform, any Internet users can help the sale of goods, Taobao network and earn commissions. read more

Do Wangzhuan first to find their own position

first introduce myself, I am a software developer, has a stable and fairly good treatment work of software development, website production is still a bit of understanding, the industry also has entered Wangzhuan for over 1 years, not for anything else, just to earn some pocket money.

do Wangzhuan first to give yourself a position, what is the objective? I want to touch my views on how to do Wangzhuan:

one, to understand their own

do Wangzhuan or most ready to do Wangzhuan is students, just work friends, wages are not high wage earners, anyway you want to earn more money, I belong to the second class. If you do not want to make money online, I advise you to leave early this circle. read more

Satisfaction hot wire network TV software to suspend the promotion

dear affiliate member!


due to the adjustment of the main website, hot wire network TV software to stop the promotion, please put the members, the code will be temporarily removed, to be formally launched after the promotion.

hereby notify

satisfied with advertising


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

Programmers open Taobao shop shop

graduated from 2003, has been engaged in and procedures related to the work, has been thought to be a loyal user of Taobao, a lot of high cost can be found on Taobao. There has been the idea of opening a Taobao shop, but just stay in the idea, there is no real action.

time passed quickly, 2013 has come, and it has been 4 months. I graduated nearly 10 years, and I think about the work of the first 10 years, I met a lot of friends, learning a lot of professional knowledge. But I can tell my daughter and my father did what work, and daughter to show off, did not think of A. read more

Webmaster self discipline from me

network ( (the first two-way network advertising trading platform) recently issued a proposal to the majority of owners:

webmaster self-discipline starting from me

The harm of cheating

tantamount to shooting itself in the foot, also smashed the integrity of stationmaster feet, to establish a credit system, let the webmaster self-discipline together, mutual supervision and reporting of bad faith webmaster. The following write their feelings and we encourage each other.

honest man, integrity do stand read more

Et for small robot advertising adjustment notice

Due to the small I robot partner in January 1, 2008, upgrade to the 2.0.0 version, launched the desktop version without installing the messenger client can be successfully installed, installed before the conversion rate will be much higher, so the price is adjusted as follows:

1.    web download installation adjustment to 0.1 yuan / effective installation.

2.    plugin bundle installation adjustment to 0.05 yuan / effective installation.

note: the direct use of software packages installed to backstage to receive a new software package, WEB installed the same.

  this adjustment was implemented in January 1st, if there is any doubt contact with customer service! read more

Witkey online to earn extra money selling creative design

Shanghai now has many white-collar workers to earn extra money by selling their own creative design on the Internet, even as a means of livelihood, this type of collar is called "Witkey", the English is Witkey, namely wit and key key words of wisdom.

The staff of

China customers the largest pig Witkey website recently in an interview with reporters that, according to incomplete statistics, the site is now Shanghai "Witkey" more than 10 people. But according to the reporter, at present the domestic professional Witkey website tens of ten, the Shanghai area of Witkey actually far more than 100 thousand people. read more

The first video rely on what to make money

first of all video sharing billing method

in accordance with the number of ads broadcast to complete the calculation of income, 8 yuan /1000 times.

if this is the case. I have been thinking, the first video does not lose ah. Later found that will show public service ads. I understand how the first video is to make money.

The surface of

, put the video to get the opportunity to show us the money.

In fact, we note that

did not, after the end of the video, there will be some provocative links. The first video should rely mainly on these money. Just like GOOGLE’s text ads. And we put the webmaster can not get this part of the effect of advertising into. read more

How do earn into the ranks of the cheated

2009, the work of my efforts, coupled with my luck, let me go to work in the computer to work, every day on the Internet to find a free thing (everyone likes to pick up cheap)

suddenly one day, I can use the Internet to find free mobile phone call, so I went to this free phone forum began posting to make calls, suddenly one day see the administrator posts: hair every day 30, minimum 400 yuan; so I wonder, the network also can make money but think about? Just to help him to post, anyway idle is idle, see if you can earn money. read more

The difference between Wangzhuan ideologues and Wangzhuan actors habits

The first month of

contact Wangzhuan, because do Wangzhuan too much, either hang up or click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and whether or not free Wangzhuan, almost see one, resulting in a lot of projects not only make money, but waste a lot of time. I tried and changed, but with little success. I have more than once to ask myself: Wangzhuan is really? Until finally, I met a friend, in my opinion, he can call the Internet make master, let alone earn 100 yuan, do Wangzhuan day make a million more than I saw it, he gave me a sincere words and earnest wishes the advice is his caution, changed my understanding of my Wangzhuan Wangzhuan technology, more a quality improvement, a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial on the Internet more than this let me benefit. read more

An ordinary entrepreneurs readme have experienced such a news broker

Abstract: in 2013, CHINAJOY, I found a foreign company, did not give any other executives fees, did not eat, I got a best position to show my product. I found a Chinese media, or colleagues husband, thought that there is a little friendship or help, spent more than 4 thousand but nothing.

I am an ordinary entrepreneur, recently saw some news about the broker to discuss titanium media, also want to speak a bit of his personal experience, around 2013, from Beijing to Shanghai entrepreneurs to set up his own company, the main business direction is a game machine based on Android set-top box, now the market is somewhat similar to the 9 ZTE "lunch box" FunBox "". read more

Four offbeat success factors of entrepreneurial path

often see "you" show friends all know, this is really Wolong Tibetan tiger. There are a lot of job seekers have a strong personal ability, whether it is Zhang Xiaopan or Li Yizhou, they have their own views on entrepreneurship. So we as the audience, should not only watch, look at their debate and the regiment of BOSS, but rather from the "spy" to our business points, to correct mistakes, after all, their advice or suggestions are very valuable, and I also summarized some, here for everyone to share, hope to help everyone. read more