Ali mother will never let the webmaster sad

received a message from Ali’s mother today, watching me sad,

today this life, no justice, no transparency, no human nature.

the interests of small owners, forever, can not be guaranteed,

is a domain name, an account, you see not pleasing to the eye, a little mouse, 88

then call system to an email that letter of your account, I write representations, then back is still sent to the


they do not look at, just click the mouse to allow the machine to automatically send it,

do you know, these small Adsense is how many sleepless nights in exchange for a little income read more

mage T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance Jun Jun wonderful speech

information channel July 26th, Ai Ruixin annual marketing conference held in Beijing Century Hotel, Jin Yuan, held in 2007. Focus Media chairman Jason Jiang, iResearch consulting group president Yang Weiqing and good advertising CEO Zhu Hailong and other industry insiders have attended and delivered a speech on the future of new media in the field of advertising, communication and other business is discussed.

T2C Tai Chi advertising alliance general manager Dan Jun

      single Jun: Thank you, this is the third time I have stood on the top of the podium, I feel that in this meeting will be very careful, do a year than a year. In fact, today I am talking about the content is very stylish, I said a lot of Guan Jian words in the morning meeting and the guests said repeatedly cited. read more

Taobao customer owners entrepreneurial story want to make money execution is very important

is a double 11 a year, whether you are single or not, whether or not you need to buy the product, there will always be a Taobao Tmall on this day, please raise your hands in the gun. 2013 double 11 Carnival high turnover of innovative, I think it cannot do without such a low-key crowd, they have a very grass root name of Taobao customers, it is a great honor for me is the one.

Taobao customers to promote some personal experience, just want to point out: execution is very important.

I do Taobao guest is the first half of 2013 began, was unemployed at home on the site to find some part-time job. Slowly come into contact with Taobao, then add some Taobao customers, they exchange in the group, they feel very much, basically refresh just add a few new orders, although it was a single second! Don’t know how they do it, but I was determined to do Taobao off the mind. read more

Stop on the Qihoo experience products since December 15th

members of the alliance:

"Qihoo experience" products since December 15, 2007 December 15, 2007 0 when stop running, stop charging.

remind you to replace the product code! The inconvenience please forgive! Welcome you to invest in other products Qihoo alliance


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

Web site can not look at human weaknesses to make money

Civilization network calls and actions, urges us to consider the relationship between network and human nature: the network as a tool for human beings, in the operation and use of the process, not only can the human light amplification, bring more light and power, can also be dark human nature

zoom in, bringing more darkness and confusion. Therefore, we should put forward at the site is not the weakness of human nature and the dark side of money.

what is the weakness and the dark side of human nature? Is the reason and conscience are physical impulses overcome the performance: such as greed, lust, evil, filth, jealousy, hatred, endless deceit, treachery, arrogance and lack of pity. This leads to negative, sluggish or even crime, and good quality of human advocates such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control, draw further apart. read more

Lan Yu like the French wedding

custom wedding guests, this time is the peak of her love life, we listen to, share her love story, to make her a unique wedding."


| Ji Yingxin

blue jade looks more slender than the pictures, thick pink sweater, green pants, sitting on a rectangular white bench, two make-up is busy doing her hair for her makeup. Night Sina micro-blog night activities, big V will go." She told the entrepreneur. Behind her, wearing a dark green dress with hollow, is prepared to attend the evening activities. read more

DocCash upload documents earn dollars

if you were told to upload your documents to the web, you might think we’re crazy. We will agree. However, the fact that it is the sky pie thing, the only limit is your document must generate advertising click.

so as to hide behind the cover up what like? It is DocStoc. This site allows you to upload and embed documents, is a similar DocCash stuff, which is a use of Google AdSense API to upload files from the advertising revenue in the new service.

DocCash money making process is very simple. As long as the upload documents, each time the user clicks on the ads displayed, you will be obtained from the proceeds of DocStoc into. read more

nternet giant hit the money to start a business enclosure war

venture companies face challenges: the lack of talent and financial difficulties in the development of the market difficult product homogeneity

from pets to online markets, to hire part-time, with a APP mobile phone will be able to get tens of millions of dollars of investment, which is not believe before. But now, several major Internet giants are stepping up to the entrepreneurial platform enclosure war".

yesterday, Alibaba group’s mobile open platform "Ali announced," rivers "will provide 1 billion of venture capital +10 billion loan", used to support mobile applications of entrepreneurs. A week ago, Tencent announced this year in the IOT flow and help fund 10 billion yuan of 1000 enterprises to realize the transformation of things. read more

Feng Lun five years of entrepreneurial survival rate of 7% in order to survive the heart to be pos

lead: on 1989 to start a business of Feng Lun, now 26 years ago and did not change much: "every day and the first day, there is a problem, one day, I believe this is all the entrepreneurial state.

In this paper,

sorting from Wantong of Cheung Kong Alumni Feng Lun, held in the small dining table and the Yangtze River, Taobao Chuang Chuang education cooperation small table business class Beijing Railway Station open class joint activities at the scene of the theme of sharing.

started on 1989 Feng Lun, now 26 years ago and did not change much: "every day and the first day, there is a problem, one day, I believe this is all the entrepreneurial state. Feng Lun shared his entrepreneurial insights for many years: stick to the beginning of the heart, the value is very important, and for most entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a never ending life. read more

Mobile broadcast on the eve of reshuffle entrepreneurs how to blaze trail Broadcast ndustry Council

editor’s note: in 2016, Chinese Internet and venture capital industry experienced the so-called winter capital, a large number of entrepreneurial companies facing bankruptcy dilemma, investors have become cautious, and mobile broadcast was one of a few popular areas is still sought after.

to some extent, broadcast industry almost copy in group purchase and O2O of the event, hundreds of thousands of companies into the market in a short period of time, BAT, millet, 360, LETV and other big companies also have to follow suit. read more