Electricity supplier and retail who is king

business and retail, two different sales model and the existence of dealers and consumers, and provide a service model for each one takes what he needs, but who is the sales king, Ma and Wang Jianlin gamble 100 million just started the curtain, the author dare not to say. However, the electricity supplier against the offensive again and again with the traditional retail crisis is an indisputable fact that the year 2006, Shanghai and Guangzhou has more than 4 million people in the online shopping, of which nearly 2 million 900 thousand people have been in the Taobao online shopping, more than 90 people have been shopping on eachnet.com, nearly 300 thousand people have been shopping in the pat network. Taobao in the first quarter of 08, there is a turnover of $about 1000000000, equivalent to the level of 4 Carrefour stores, the level of 6 Chinese WAL-MART stores. No wonder Ma released the next 10 years to ban traditional retail electricity supplier basic introduction. Coupled with the designed B2C channels, the success of the Jingdong, it is easy to believe that the electricity supplier does in a step by step devouring retail, like Ma said: the lion lion eat sheep, not because of hate sheep, but the lion was born to eat sheep. Feel the electricity supplier is to "eat" the birth of retail, but the fact is really so? Why Ma on the electricity supplier such confidence, which has a great relationship and business models, said directly, is Ma is how to make money? Big not to say, we will see a taobao.com. People want to shop in Taobao to enter the registration, to "shop fees"; while shopping "Alipay", there are a large amount of money deposited in the bank for Alibaba to "eat" interest, but also Many a little make a mickle. Not to mention advertising and media, etc., can be seen for a reason Ma confidence. read more

Amoy blue ocean electricity supplier nstitute Taobao electricity supplier experts are committed to

One of the Taobao experience Amoy brand BlueOcean partner

Tao Lanhai graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Taobao training marketing expert system 6 years young Taobao combat operations, has been active has been to "Tao blue ocean" network of active

in the field of electricity providers in the first-line marketing Taobao University

growth experience

06 years of exposure to the Internet, do the webmaster; after 07 years has been focused on Taobao marketing research, the actual operation of a number of Taobao stores. Not too much rhetoric to describe him, a simple boy, active in the first line of Taobao marketing, with the growth of about 8000000 and the sellers had successful operation of the stores include types of bags, radiation-proof clothes, herbal cosmetics, clothing, watches and so on, has accumulated abundant practical experience, has the shop location capacity and operation the capacity of first-class, good at data analysis, train operation, Taobao SEO ranking, conversion and store marketing design, explosion process. Had personally guided more than 200 people had a good effect read more

Jingdong strategic alliance signed exclusive exclusive mobile payment terminal

speed transit network (July 18, 2013, Shanghai) today, Jingdong (JD.COM) and UnionPay held a strategic cooperation conference in Shanghai, announced the launch of a strong cooperation between the two sides officially launched. It is reported that China UnionPay announced the launch of mobile payment personal credit card terminal Lok card payment (Colorful), and exclusive debut in Jingdong. Now, users can order the products in the Jingdong, the imagination of the mobile Internet era, are wonderful experience of payment. read more

The new Juhuasuan upgrade at vip com

took part in the 99 anniversary of the launch of Ali Juhuasuan and the promotion of the project on Tuesday. At the meeting, the person in charge of Juhuasuan Wang Licheng (formerly Le bee network CEO) describes the future planning of Juhuasuan, it is worth all the seller’s attention. The biggest highlight of the day, veterans believe that the positioning of the change, Juhuasuan will be converted from a simple platform for the sale of the brand based on the limited experience of the special marketing platform. Let us explain this position in detail. read more

Tencent nested QQ buy information to test the electricity supplier profit model

QQ group purchase by Tencent micro-blog released a nested group purchase information (TechWeb pictures)

29 June 2007, micro-blog business and profit model has been widely concerned, TechWeb recently found that Tencent QQ group purchase started by Tencent micro-blog released nested group purchase information, in order to accelerate the process of commercialization of micro-blog Tencent.

TechWeb found that QQ buy in its Tencent micro-blog released a unconventional buy information, commodity information is nested in micro-blog. Don’t release on micro-blog in the previous business group purchase information mostly "slogan + + link diagram" mode, this information also shows the name of the commodity, commodity prices and discounts, compared with the traditional commercial promotion micro-blog more intuitive. read more

Vip com quarterly diagram Revenue 1 billion 450 million year on year increase of 77 6%

[Abstract] vip.com issued two quarter earnings, total net revenue grew by 77.6% over the same period.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 11th

vip.com (NYSE: VIPS) today announced earnings. The report shows that vip.com’s second quarter total net revenues of $9 billion (about $1 billion 500 million), an increase of 5 billion 100 million yuan over the same period last year, 77.6%;

vip.com second quarter net profit of $399 million 300 thousand (about $64 million 400 thousand), an increase of 161 million 500 thousand yuan over the same period last year, $147.2%. read more

n the book biography dangdang com department stores such as suning com insiders said There are no w

department store dangdang.com books will be assigned to the suning.com responded that the former There are no waves without wind.

[TechWeb] December 31st news, insiders broke the news that Suning insiders confirmed Dangdang books, e-books, department stores will be settled suning.

Dangdang Marketing Department replied that there is no cooperation, but does not rule out future cooperation.

TechWeb for the connection of a product line Dangdang responsible person, he said, although still unable to disclose more information, but can say is "There are no waves without wind". read more

Ali ious will it be a good story

began in February 15, 2014, the Jingdong for users to launch the "Jingdong." the consumer loan service, the user can through the "Jingdong ious" enjoy the first payment of the purchase experience.

Although the

in the following months, Jingdong continuously improve the Jingdong ious threshold, but the discussion about Jingdong ious or fierce, why not do about Ali Ali IOUs to boycott the Jingdong ious questions also exist in a large number of users in mind.

The announcement coincides with the read more

Amazon in the Middle East version of the 3 million Baidu shareholders voted

Souq called the middle Amazon, although Amazon has not entered this mysterious land, but Souq’s co-founder and chief executive Ronaldo Mouchawar expects the 2016 Middle East business transactions will reach $20 billion, has become the new electricity market.

million European Network on March 1st, the Middle East business platform Souq announced $275 million investment, including investment investors (Tiger Global), tiger global Tencent, the largest shareholder of multinational media group Naspers, Standard Chartered Bank and private equity fund (Standard Chartered Private Equity (IFC), the world bank subsidiary of Baidu), the second largest shareholder of Baillie Gifford other strategic investors. read more

Where the customer Master announced the cancellation of the mechanism into social marketing frustrat

DoNews May 16th news Internet fast fashion brand, where the customer Eslite announced the cancellation of Master sharing mechanism, that is working on a new user incentive mechanism, where the Master platform after the adjustment will further focus on the quality of sun and photographs share awards.

where the customer claimed that the adjustment effect since at 0:00 on May 18th before midnight, all orders can be divided according to the proportion of Master get into. The adjustment does not affect the Master owner into cash payment. The owner can still be submitted at any time in Master every month 1-19 day payment for each month, the end of the month will be unified payment request into the owner. read more