One week news review listed in the first half of the Mo Mo flash back car Shenzhou ad against Uber

1 video sites have said user fee era: would you like to pay for "Tomb notes"

line for 5 minutes, 24 million 605 thousand hits, super network drama "Tomb notes" first aired in June 12th hit a shot in the arm to the market, on the line after 22 hours, "Tomb notes" for Iqiyi import breakthrough flow. But for Iqiyi, the difference is really about "Tomb notes" the charge model for VIP membership growth growth of 100%.

kicked off this week at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Internet should not be able to see the shadow of the past into the topic. More and more long titles advertising let video website and the audience had to face an embarrassing dilemma, Iqiyi, music television, millet and other companies have said that the time has come to charge users. read more

Baidu language to buy their own channels to promote entertainment channel

recently the movie "Chibi" is a very high heat, although mixed on the Internet, but its spread effect is getting better and better.

today in the Baidu index above it, darling, queries a day 190 thousand, attention is 90 degrees to rise.

let’s do this, the most concern is on the Internet who earned the money flow. So in the search for Baidu in Chibi this keyword, ranked in the first place is actually Baidu. Baidu row a lot of key word is not strange, the most strange is behind the site actually have a promotion". Baidu entertainment "Chibi" project page by Baidu in the first place with PPC mode, it is to look somewhat fresh. To Baidu’s previous operating practices, he is generally manual intervention search ranking results, so that their children stand on the first line. May be the last few days, Google has been proposed that there will be no manual intervention search results, Baidu is difficult in a short time to do this natural ranking first. Or this word is short-term hot word, do not need too much fuss, managed to get ranked first in nature, the word is not hot. Or is Baidu in order to promote their own PPC business, simply to consume their click rate, pull GDP. read more

Website brand marketing needs features

traditional enterprises to do publicity, often more old-fashioned, his frame in a very high level, but the Internet is relatively flexible, often see all kinds of active CEO, simply say, Internet users are not loaded to force, true love. Typically, such as Ma Yun, there is no doubt that as a sign of the Alibaba; Sohu jumei.com Zhang Zhaoyang, Chen ou, micro-blog N CEO appeared their war of words, all have personal influence to bring the enterprise brand.

our marketing activities, more personal, will make you more successful marketing activities, at least give people the feeling is true to life the big living, and not hackneyed and stereotyped expressions of stereotyped writing. read more

What is the most critical from the media

now the word from the media is too fire, to participate in some meetings can always hear the word.

last night to participate in a traditional media conference, some experts also mentioned the impact of the media on traditional media!

a lot of people do not understand how to do from the media, in fact, is that you are good at the side to play to the extreme, and then through a carrier to show.

we see a lot of people are playing buckle space, the use of text spread. If you want to rely on writing famous, you need to write, write regardless of good and bad. Ask yourself how long you can write read more

2011 electricity supplier can not do not know the five tools

2010, the momentum of development of e-commerce market turnover of more than 4 trillion yuan a thousand li a day. The acceleration of the process of the domestic Internet popularization and the introduction of various regulatory policies, the rapid rise of the domestic e-commerce market, and become an important force in the economic system. 2010 is a year of rapid warming of e-commerce, in 2011 will be a rapid development of e-commerce in the year.

in the electronic commerce to develop an irresistible force at the same time, we are constantly using a variety of tools to promote its development. 2011 to do e-commerce, which tools we have to understand it, might as well let us explore what? read more

China’s first e commerce law is expected to seek advice in the second half

China’s first e-commerce law is expected to seek advice in the second half

[TechWeb] reported on February 28th news, according to sources, China’s first "Electronic Commerce Act (Draft)" is expected in the second half of this year to the various departments, enterprises, industry associations, experts and other public comments.

is reported that the draft tentatively divided into 130, covering electronic contracts, online payment, e-commerce personal information protection, e-commerce consumer protection, etc.. read more

Analysis of the need to learn electricity supplier website interaction skills three

2012, the rapid development of power electricity supplier website seems inadequate, profit growth potential has become more and more difficult to excavate, especially to develop new markets, increase the risk of investment has been growing, in the external environment is not good today, how to do the existing loyalty without loss, has become the best way to break the cold of the current electricity supplier website! So how can we increase the attractiveness of the current user? Interaction will play a decisive role here! read more

Tencent became the largest shareholder of Jingdong Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong

recently circle of friends scraper, have become the largest shareholder of the Jingdong Tencent talking about things. Circle of friends forwarded on the news between Jingdong and Tencent, watching a lot, just do not know the true and false at the beginning, so the specific circumstances of the investigation to discuss it again.

according to the latest media reports, August 19th evening news, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents show that during the August 12th the Yellow River investment Tencent’s Jingdong to 18 holdings of 8 million 20 thousand shares of American Depositary Shares (ADS), representing 16 million 30 thousand shares of class A shares of Jingdong. Tencent holds Jingdong shares rose from 17.6% in May 2014 to more than 21.25%, more than Liu Qiangdong, becoming the largest shareholder of Jingdong. Driven by this news, the U.S. stock market before the U.S. stock market rose 3.54% to $26.30." read more

Solve the problem of Shopex assistant download pictures can not be displayed

to solve the problem of assistant download the goods can not be displayed in the local or import Taobao platform.

assistant version for 3.2.1124.24403

recently downloaded mall goods, want to import Taobao, but the product can not be downloaded in the local display, import Taobao or pat assistant can not display.

I think this should not be a problem for me alone, so to solve their own solutions to share with you.

is very simple, master bypass it.

first downloaded to the local picture below, shows several cross. read more

Group purchase industry is the first negative growth for the next two months or 4000 shut down

hot – more than a year of group purchase finally appeared negative growth for the first time, usher in the real inflection point

– as of the end of October, there are more than 20% sites do not update the merchandise

last month

after the change radically in the first three quarters, China nearly 5000 group purchase websites finally ushered in the exam the first time the true meaning of "".

the latest survey data show that in October the domestic group purchase industry sales fell 11.4%, experienced in September 0.36% almost stagnant growth after more than a year of popular group purchase finally appeared negative growth for the first time, usher in the real inflection point. read more

Share Grassroots how to locate the future discount station

for most consumers, the discount is obviously more attractive words. In the fierce Chinese resources grappling electricity business, discount station is a grassroots can make achievements in a few areas. However, how to make their own characteristics discount station, to enhance a certain influence, rather than a simple list of goods, most of the owners did not have their own ideas. Between the fact that the site is similar to each other, thinking to make its own characteristics depends largely on the webmaster for the website, from the operator to the present, although not much time but their website activity have been very satisfactory, which also met a lot of friends in the advice, and the reason is actually very simple, you may for business discount station is too tall, sometimes some details can be successful. read more

How to promote brand experience Let the product into thousands of households

see the "promotion" two words always unavoidably eyes always emerge several uniformed young people took with our own brand logo poster or manual, the shuttle in the heavy traffic flow, release… This is a generalization of the most simplified first, now with numerous brands in the market, street, airport, supermarket, subway, TV, network,,, they are everywhere, they are equal to anything to meet the needs of the people there.

however, in the market under the condition of the pile up in excess of requirement, obviously, some products are flooding, often sold out of stock, but some of which makes "pile up like a mountain hand, brand promotion" is derived, usually before a product available to the publication, circulation market, "brand promotion" is essential, and brand promotion that means, a variety of ways have been developed, how the promotion effect, has been a problem. read more

The winter fire operation experience sharing forum webmaster

in fact, Ma said the winter, not including those of our personal webmaster, we have been the beginning of the winter, has not been to the spring.

used to do the movie alliance, relying on Baidu search to a lot of people. Baidu is really stupid. Included is also easy to be some webmaster

, however, all of the SP channels are closed. It started in 06 years.

really miss the day Baidu brings N million IP days. Such days are not easy to come back. Baidu focuses on site quality, increased human intervention. There’s no way anyone can get it. As for some people say that Baidu has a technical failure. This is a reason. read more

Soft news December focus on advertising

distinguished affiliate member:

Hello everyone.

entered in December, we launched this month, two key recommendations:

1, you see

Commission Description: 1.5 yuan / install activated

billing mode: CPA

audit mode: automatic audit

settlement cycle: month end

special note: Download and install again after 24 hours to activate a successful activation.

2, id5

billing mode: CPA

audit mode: automatic audit

Commission Description: id5- identity verification 1.5 yuan / registered

id5- name 0.35 yuan / registered read more

The difference between Wangzhuan ideologues and Wangzhuan actors habits

The first month of

contact Wangzhuan, because do Wangzhuan too much, either hang up or click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, and whether or not free Wangzhuan, almost see one, resulting in a lot of projects not only make money, but waste a lot of time. I tried and changed, but with little success. I have more than once to ask myself: Wangzhuan is really? Until finally, I met a friend, in my opinion, he can call the Internet make master, let alone earn 100 yuan, do Wangzhuan day make a million more than I saw it, he gave me a sincere words and earnest wishes the advice is his caution, changed my understanding of my Wangzhuan Wangzhuan technology, more a quality improvement, a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial on the Internet more than this let me benefit. read more

Entrepreneur you must know who your product is sold to

Author: B block 12 floor,

talk about a project, the project is no longer the early early, not because of the fact that the project has just started, has been operating for more than a year, but when it comes to the original team, only two founder.

I was at the beginning of this year when the opportunity to meet this entrepreneur, but also a total of about 20 square meters of his company to discuss the project with him. He is doing acoustic communication, mainly mobile phone communication, like Bluetooth, just do not like Bluetooth pairing. I’ve always been interested in the field of communication, and that’s why I’m talking to him about this project and it’s quite impressive. read more

Linktech network marketing alliance comments

speaking of linktech network marketing alliance, some novice is not so clear, because this alliance is a professional advertising alliance, unlike some large union search engine or portal website support. Bloggers have done this alliance, as long as the promotion of the success of the money is still very timely, credibility is guaranteed. Collar unique Korean background, is said to be the first in the Korean union marketing, has 6 years of service in the international major customers professional and rich experience. read more

Free precision shop promotion every day really multiple orders

played in Taobao for so long, but also wrote a lot of posts. Always want to Shen Jing, all is the participation of some of the experience of predecessors, and become a flood of posts. Born without grace cells, ashamed ah. For a few days of ideological struggle, or the courage to write some of their own real ideas and experience. Know the shopkeeper please do not Paizhuan; don’t use this extension dispensers, hoping to help you, and you can bring real orders. As long as the promotion of precision, into the store 10 people will be expected to have a turnover of 7 people this is the last one in my shop opened more than a month before the experience and the experience of the experience, I believe all of you to help the second. read more

Controlling Google keyword marketing contextual advertising

Will your Google keyword advertising search ad advertising context. Why?

2 the content of advertising effect is not good (in most cases)

3 single track, which is more suitable for your situation

4 in search of statistical data to increase transparency

5 the context of advertising activities, Google has a "reverse site features"

in advertising and in Google read more

Taobao customer owners entrepreneurial story want to make money execution is very important

is a double 11 a year, whether you are single or not, whether or not you need to buy the product, there will always be a Taobao Tmall on this day, please raise your hands in the gun. 2013 double 11 Carnival high turnover of innovative, I think it cannot do without such a low-key crowd, they have a very grass root name of Taobao customers, it is a great honor for me is the one.

Taobao customers to promote some personal experience, just want to point out: execution is very important.

I do Taobao guest is the first half of 2013 began, was unemployed at home on the site to find some part-time job. Slowly come into contact with Taobao, then add some Taobao customers, they exchange in the group, they feel very much, basically refresh just add a few new orders, although it was a single second! Don’t know how they do it, but I was determined to do Taobao off the mind. read more