Xining north foot of the construction of a new 1 2 square meters of permanent green garden

This year, tens of thousands of people in the successful organization of Beishan rock under the settlement, Xining City, focus on building a permanent green space in the Beishan at the foot of the 6000 acres of land, the implementation of this project will enable the city’s new green area of 1.2 square meters per capita. In addition, Xining has also issued a "Xining Beishan beautiful garden permanent green management approach" to ensure that the city’s green space in the area of permanent public green property. read more

The State Council issued three measures to support small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurial i

countries to encourage entrepreneurship, so for innovative entrepreneurial projects and small and micro enterprises have given great encouragement, but also given some help in the policy. The State Council issued measures to help small and micro enterprises, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the public entrepreneurship.

The State Council executive meeting held today to determine the read more

Dessert shop decoration should pay attention to what

dessert shops and general food snack bar is very different, if you want to open a favorite dessert shop, it is also the need to pay attention to the decoration. So, dessert shop decoration to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

, dessert shop in the decoration design, with good lighting glass as the external wall, so that customers can see the first store food. In this way, it is no doubt for their own free advertising. Moreover, the glass is easy to clean.

two, dessert stores shop decoration color, it is best to elegant. Like pink, is a very typical example. Name and sign, to think the bright vivid, it is best to highlight their shop features. Let people see when there is the desire to buy. read more

Jewelry store to join the principles of entrepreneurship

with the growing maturity of the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurship has become the choice of more and more people. Moreover, due to the development of franchise market, choose a suitable brand to join the venture has become the common goal of many investors. However, no matter which industry to join the venture, in fact, have a lot of choices. Therefore, we have to abide by certain principles, so as to ensure the better development of their own business. So, jewelry shop to join the principle of entrepreneurship? read more

What are the pet store business

pet store is now a lot of friends look forward to the project, if you want to join the shop, of course, need to choose a good brand, then run a pet shop, then, what are the ways? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

the first is the pet shop to have their own business characteristics, pet store franchise chain can increase the competitiveness of pet shops, pet stores, which business? Pet stores have their own business strategy is easy to be remembered by consumers, the customer can be more than a pet store to repeat customers. So operators want to have their own pet store has a larger market and consumers need to adhere to the long-term characteristics of the pet store business, the only way to be more conducive to the operation of the pet store. read more

Starbucks Nuggets 90 billion tea market

look for the market, understand the industry, grasp first-hand information, in order to win the most wealth opportunities. When the coffee shop in China blossom everywhere, the world’s largest coffee chain giant Starbucks has turned its attention to tea.

1971, established in Seattle, Starbucks coffee, tea and spices store first appeared in people’s field of vision. Although the name of the tea is also a part of the traditional culture of Starbucks, but 42 years of commitment to the field of coffee modulation and retail, when people talk about Starbucks, first of all, it is no doubt that coffee.

read more

Join the rental store allows you to easily make money dream

children grow fast, the degree of novelty toys beyond imagination, some toys to play one day will not play, very wasteful. Therefore, the operation of a toy rental shop full of opportunities! Parents can help save money, to meet the market development of good projects! Love

for rental declined a lot of parents are not at ease, like disinfection, entrepreneurs can store in a conspicuous place put poison, let parents don’t have to worry about the health of the child.

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Digest inventory and make good use of customer’s warehouse

do retail business, the store is not large, the stock of space is not large, I would like to have more than some of the goods have no place to store. In fact, every loyal customer that actually has a warehouse, want to do a good job in retail business, nature also need to make good use of this inventory. In short, the digestion of inventory needs to use the customer’s warehouse.

as the saying goes, small but complete. No matter how big or small supermarket stores, must manage inventory, the inventory of goods classified, in place, to be aware of all kinds of inventory manager. In order to do inventory management, I established a detailed inventory ledger, inventory of goods inventory. Into the number of goods, how much sales, inventory how much, in my grasp. read more

10 things you know about entrepreneurship

around a lot of friends are starting their own business, the vast majority of people are successful, there are people in the hard way, how to succeed in business, presumably a lot of people are very interested in, through the reorganization, Xiaobian summed up the 10 main business details, if interested please be patient and look down!

How to find the

business model

founded a company, entrepreneurs must first have a certain idea and ideal, and then start from the concept, consider how a team, how to make the company become a complete company, how to predict the development prospects of the company, to determine the development direction of the company. read more

Nanjing 14 opinions to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation

mass innovation period, entrepreneurs need to have a series of policies to support entrepreneurship, various areas in order to further promote the people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have increased the promotion of entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial policy construction.

in order to create public entrepreneurship, innovation and good market environment, recently, Nanjing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued "on the support of" public entrepreneurship, innovation "to promote the economic development of our city a number of opinions", the 14 views of the "big", encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, to promote the development of innovation, to to guarantee the economic development of our city. read more

Mobile phone battery ten brands list

a cell phone can have a good consumer experience, mobile phone battery will play a very important influence. So, if you want to use the phone more ideal, but also the need for a more reliable quality of mobile phone batteries. Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the industry’s ten largest mobile phone battery brand list, which allows you to choose a more reliable mobile phone battery products.

mobile phone battery ten brands list NO.1, Scud SCUD: a listed company, won the China famous brand, Fujian famous trademark, Fujian famous brand, famous brand high-tech enterprises, Scud (Fujian) Electronics Co., ltd.. read more

First work or entrepreneurship

in the end is entrepreneurship or work, countless people entangled in this issue. In fact, for entrepreneurship, although many people have this idea, but it can not be put into practical action, because many of the problems are not enough to understand. For example, in the end is a good job or business? Let Xiaobian for you to introduce a few simple and business related issues.

the first question: the success of the road, you are their own chaos, or a teacher guidance better?

life on the road, because there are parents, there is life; success on the road, because there is a teacher, there is a direction. Good parents, can cultivate excellent children. A good teacher can bring out good students. The first success is to find a mentor. That is, on the road to success, to find a successful mentor, in order to succeed. read more

Rural Taobao nternet and electricity supplier together to the countryside

many well-known Internet CEO have publicly said that the rural electricity supplier will be a blue chip market to be developed in the field of electricity providers. This year’s double 11 also witnessed this prophecy, only 8 minutes, rural Taobao’s sales exceeded ten million yuan, the rural electricity supplier is a step towards opening up.

this year "double 11" online shopping market unusually hot, continue to refresh the record sales, and for the first time to join the "double 11" rural "Taobao" is also doing well: zero after only 8 minutes, the Taobao sales had more than ten million yuan. read more

Only to easily shop easily earn qalun EMA


only EMA qalun? For entrepreneurs, is very much the choice of market development space, but also a very good business opportunities with the project. With the characteristics of the brand, always very attractive to consumers. Then, start to choose to join the only EMA qalun?


only EMA qalun?

delicious fashion Macarons no matter where there are people to pursuit of popular products, the choice of business only EMA Caron, for entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about tourists, shop fire, long-term profitability, with a fortune to win investment can be. read more

How to choose the best clothing franchisee to teach you how to identify true and false

opened a clothing store, has now become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, but now in the apparel market in many projects, how to find a way to join their own brand clothing? Clothing brands to join the beginning of the selection to a large extent, a lot of clothing to join the skills, the brand for the clothing to join some influence, excellent brand clothing to join what skills?

a brand strength, in addition to the quality of the products, it is also very important Follow-Up Services, because of its excellent customer service service best embodies the brand strength of the franchise headquarters often have a complete follow-up service mechanism, which provide strong guarantee for the rapid development of franchise stores. The read more

Blood glucose meter ten brands list

may be because the living conditions of modern people, or perhaps because of the lack of exercise, in short, high blood sugar is more and more people. In order to protect the health of the body, consumers also need to choose a more reliable quality of a blood glucose meter products. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of blood glucose meters, so that consumers can have a more profound understanding of the brand of this industry.

blood glucose meter ten brands list NO.1, Roche ACCUCHEK: in 1896, one of the world’s leading brand in the field of diabetes care, one of the earliest manufacturers of blood glucose meter, Roche Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. read more

2012 the most profitable beauty shop

a lot of young people want to have a career, and aimed at the beauty industry, beauty industry is a very profitable business, but also can be said to be a huge industry, today the whole network Xiaobian for you on 2012 the most profitable beauty shop is what?

A beauty salon beauty

read more