How to open a hot pot restaurant Hot pot shop operating three tips to share

in the food and beverage industry has been a hot pot restaurant friends in this winter’s first choice to join the project. In fact, after the successful opening of the franchise, the performance of the good need to use their own better business strategy. This is the country joined the chain network (http://s.www.shang360.com) to join the hot pot friends introduced how to operate a hot pot restaurant three tips to share.
the first point: Hot pot stores of food strictly
second points: Hot pot stores publicity buffet attract tourists Hot pot
third points: Hot pot franchise competition need to improve
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What are the advantages of the South Gate halitosis tofu shop

asked what smells particularly smelly, but it is very delicious, the answer is: stinky tofu. Stinky tofu is one of the many people who love snacks. To say authentic stinky tofu, many people will think of Hunan stinky tofu. Now in a second tier city country can see a lot of Stinky tofu, to choose what brand of good brand in many brands? South tofu is a good choice for your breath to join.

Stinky tofu to choose what brand of good – bad breath South tofu shop

unique process. South tofu shop unique technology to improve the bad health problem of traditional quality Stinky tofu, enhance product quality and taste, there are obvious advantages in the competition of similar products in the competition. Such a unique process is the competitors can not learn, but also the core competitiveness of the brand. read more

nternet banking business is dead

modern financial acceptance is relatively high, most people will not put money in the bank, such as devaluation. When people lose confidence in the stock market, the emerging Internet banking has attracted many people to join. Internet banking boom up again and again.

The development of

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Golden bright business business secret

even in the same street, there will be a number of retail stores, which is currently in the business market is a common thing. This does not, Xingqing District of Yinchuan City, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region gold shiny firm although located in the downtown section, but there are several shops nearby, the competition pressure is not small. Particularly opened a new medium-sized supermarket, caused no small impact to the bright gold firm.


recently, gold shiny firm operating performance instead of climbing. The firm has a unique skills of Huo boss sister: she can remember most of customer information including customer name, occupation, family situation and contact. Every time the customer into the store, she did not forget to chat with a few customers, in the process, she will put down the useful information. And so on after the customer to go to the notebook, the formation of a consumer information library. read more

nventory for each of the six Super effective shop marketing methods

online shopping is a very common thing, many people want to open a shop, the shop looks very good business, in fact is not so simple, many shopkeepers complain about their best efforts, is conducive to the development of various shop management means, but the store or no improvement, and finally the open shop success attributed to luck. In fact, there are a lot of hidden resources can be used to be ignored to the owner. Here we look at a lot of shopkeepers did not understand the marketing method! read more

WeChat big screen was 5 million financing

news April 7th, scene interactive tools (formerly WeChat big screen fun scene) announced that has completed the plum Angel venture capital 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, at the same time, the founder of WeChat large screen Enron announced today WeChat big screen to upgrade the brand interest site, products gradually from the WeChat platform as the main form, has been extended to Ali nail platform. Enron said that after this round of financing, the funds will mainly be used for team building and more market branding. read more

Vicious cycle of nternet Addiction

said the Internet project, many friends have some experience, might have done, maybe there are a lot of heard, but do the Internet basically know some friends, circle of friends is their message, sometimes really very attractive, but you can really do is that? We from below the actual point of analysis of several projects to give you a specific demonstration process, to let more friends don’t be dragged into the quagmire of


1: at home business, part-time can also build up the family fortunes read more

Adidas Breakout how to use a single product burst of marketing methods rejection open Nike

Abstract: adidas chose a smaller angle, a single product with Nike + burst, bypassing the heavily fortified Maginot line, with the concept of fashion directly from the edge of the map, pry the new vitality of the market.

noise to the ups and downs, strike a deep chord music, the host’s flood of ebullience, fireworks and dazzling lights…… The real magic show is often only a moment, whether it is to let the Statue of Liberty disappear, or as Laoshan Taoist as through the Great Wall. The more people remember the magic show, also often play with long public opinion bombing, this is the intention of the foreplay and camouflage cover magic. read more

Front Philippine composite behind how to detonate the internet entertainment hot

Internet bubble is increasingly enlarged, the entertainment was surprised again and again, in the entertainment circle behind, appeared the dissemination of information and network has brought new development opportunity for pet phrase to the entire Internet industry, popular network to and cherish to today’s "Feng Fei taste" from Zhen Huan body first, Internet hot words and more has become an important force in promoting the development of the Internet, between this consumer groups has become an effective driving force for the development of the Internet, entertainment earthquake has spread to the Internet development, the entertainment headlines pocketed the eye to get a good marketing development has become an important part of the development of the Internet more and more enterprises. read more

Daily topic where to merge with Ctrip From kill to love possible

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 11th news, drops and quick consolidation, 58 city and Ganji together, a lot of people where and what time Ctrip announced together in speculation? There is anecdotal news recently proposed by Baidu holding Ctrip and where the network to further contribute to merger, the deal is close to the end. If the deal will be over $10 billion in a single integrated.

with the continuous rise of price war between the two sides, it has demonstrated some ability. From the performance point of view, although Ctrip in 2014 full year remains profitable trend, but in the fourth quarter of last year, it is rare for the first time the single quarter loss, the loss amounted to $36 million, which means that the industry entered a loss. At the same time, where the amount of loss, more than $100 million. read more

Rice God Allen Lin had to hit a bag

said the chili sauce, many people first think of the old godmother: the price of 8 yuan, sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles per day, annual sales reached 4 billion, thousands of households into the table. On 90s century popular singer Allen Lin to Denver chili sauce market. He believes that although the old godmother sales and more well-known, but there are 40 billion large chili sauce market brand competition is very scattered, than people imagine so fierce.

is different from the old godmother and other brands, the brand "Allen Lin rice," sauce bottle price 39 yuan, the price is 4, the old godmother 5 times. But there are still a lot of people are willing to pay the price: only 30 million months on the eve of the rice God on sales over. Allen Lin entrepreneurs & I dark horse said that the end of next year sales can turn ten times, to reach 200 million. read more

Lao Xie how to use soft Wen to establish the website brand

Xie I have been emphasizing the site brand building, but it is also a brand not know what to say, in fact it is a consumer mouth of the formation of the state. Everyone said, I think it is good, it is the essence of the brand.

that how to make everyone say your site is good, the product is good, I recommend a method that everyone can use – soft Wen promotion. I believe we are not unfamiliar with the soft, but the use of it, will be the brand to create a weapon. That how to use soft Wen to set up the website brand? read more

Personal office website is subject to three triage

personal website, need to take pictures, to confirm the true identity of practice, before the registration of false information to deceive, it is very difficult to make sense. According to the Anhui Provincial Communications Authority revealed that the Ministry has been below, the individual will be faced with the site to do layers of checks to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the site for the record.

in the new regulations, units and individuals can do the site, which provide Internet access services for website access service providers (called IDC or ISP) for a good first pass, is mainly responsible for the verification of the site’s true identity, contact information, website real etc.. In order to prevent the person in charge of providing false identity information, personal website was not only to provide valid documents, also have to accept the scene to take photographs, face verification. The second is the Provincial Communications Authority "audit", whether the audit site requires pre-approval procedures are complete. The third is the Ministry of verification, the use of technical means, were randomly selected to check the website, once found that the site is false information, will make severe punishment for the responsible person. All the province’s website record information authenticity verification work will be completed before the end of September 2010. read more

ndia double eleven will be the curtain pattern of electricity providers facing reshuffle

Abstract: Diwali is once a year of India traditional festival, the Spring Festival is equivalent to China + double 11.


every year from October to November at the India Festival, its position is equivalent to the China spring festival. The electronic business platform, Diwali is Chinese "double eleven", a variety of promotional discounts, simply can not stop. Diwali this year is very significance for India electricity supplier, will bring the industry reshuffle.

the last quarter of each year, are a critical period for India merchants honor and disgrace. This year the business platform is very key, this will change the industry competition pattern of the future to a certain extent, and determine the status of the major electricity supplier in India market. Therefore, the top three electronic business platform in this year’s competition is particularly intense. read more

On the number of WeChat public powder increase powder up some tips


operating a public number, the most troublesome thing up fans, set up a WeChat public no matter for what purpose, fans is the basis for your content updates more frequently again good, no fans reading it is nothing, since WeChat discloses the number of fans is more after reading the important of course, said here are true fans.

current network share some of the powder up skills are stereotyped, many methods are very old or operational is not strong, and even some of the outdated. Then the brother with some of their own experience and share some thinking skills of WeChat public number rose powder, these methods may cause some people but also make a contemptuous disregard, some enlightened, whether or not to help you are my piece of mind, maybe you can use these thinking about. read more

Micro business usher in the golden age 12 days cash super million

[Abstract] through WeChat million monthly income, this is not a low probability event, and also not a legend, in the era of micro micro marketing is very influential, as long as you all look, seize the opportunity, the wealth of the door will open to you.

Author Zhou Weiwei

, a veteran of the past, is the electricity supplier of Taobao, but do cats sold Adult supplies…… However, when the promotion cost become the shackles of these platforms, the old week chose make a prompt decision this new way of micro business. read more

Cross border electricity supplier channels to enter the Maori era of imported goods

a number of cross-border electricity in the traditional electricity supplier entity supermarket announce to join the

sea Amoy chop hand family welfare comes, after the foot out of Guangzhou, there will be more cross-border physical stores to buy the site. From the end of last year, several times came news of the opening of cross-border electricity supplier in Nansha has finally identified the opening of the store. As cross-border electricity imports appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the market ushered in the multi running. Here, the entity of imported food festival launched the supermarket not resigned to playing second fiddle; there, the traditional domestic electricity supplier giant also show a generous, announced the joint customs for goods imported maternal labeled "identity card", let consumers can get full link information transparent, easy to identify the authenticity. read more

Do not buy domain names parked domain names

heard to buy the domain name is very troublesome, bought a later, only to know where the most trouble. The transaction process is not trouble, two or three days to get it, the cost is not high, the thought that you can begin to do the course of the station, who knows that Baidu is not included. Began to think that the update is not enough reason, so efforts to update more than a month. Still not included. April to buy the domain name, to the year of June, Baidu no movement, look at LOG, about five or six times, each interval of more than 10 days. read more

The Ministry of industry website filing system upgrade to complete the new record users surge

recently, the Ministry announced that the work of the new and old web site filing system has been successfully completed. It is understood that since June 19th, since the Ministry announced the upgrade of the filing system according to the regulations, during the period of June 19th 18 to July 25, 2010 24, the original site for the record management system (http://s.www.miibeian.gov.cn) to stop receiving Website for the new business, only to provide query service system. Reporters learned that, in the past 50 days, the backlog of a large number of new sites around the country to submit information for the record. read more