Picture copyright has never been a bad business but commercial potential has been underestimated

Abstract: Mobile Internet, copyright rights is the biggest problem. However, the mobile Internet era, the trend of islanding occurs between APP, several large nodes, APP carve up the vast majority of the user’s time, thus starting from the platform level, with the opportunity to solve the copyright problem.

not long ago, today’s headlines, headlines, the platform with the domestic well-known Oriental Gallery IC officially launched "IC Gallery" Gallery in the East, the author first pictures are open for free. read more

HDWK BM employees to disclose trade secrets

      love is the world’s top 500 enterprises in the working atmosphere and enterprise culture, according to authoritative statistics, blue giant, once or so far, is a can let the graduates hear exciting nouns.

      open the HDWIKI, looked at nearly 100 once, now the blue giant staff, which then write their own stories, have passion, dreams, looking at the HDWIKI blue chapter, a scene like a movie emerged in front of visitors.

      overall, now Web2.0 has not had the same as just stay in the concept and theory, through a series of development, today’s HDWIKI has become self share a very simple thing, this is because of the development and progress, we can see a blue giants memories in HDWIKI. read more

Shanda literature CEO venture before the drug was 10 million financing

January 25th, film review sharing platform "poison" announced the acquisition of $ten million A+ round of financing, this round of financing by Yunfeng Fund led, SIG with the cast. "Poison" is the grand literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang based company currently consists of the development and operation of Beijing gold shadow Technology Co. Ltd., officially launched in May last year, after the completion of "poison" won millions of dollars A round of financing in March 2015, the lead cast or SIG. read more

Your product is suitable to burn subsidies play these 3 data

because I have been to help companies build a campus brand, especially the employer brand, so make the brand department and the marketing department of a large number of enterprises, and this year gave me the impression that the most intuitive, more and more enterprises, rather than a part of the cost to the channel, are no longer willing to give users direct subsidies.

Internet products for nearly five years from the era of payment to the free era, and then to the era of subsidies, especially the rise of the war, the rise of O2O, it seems to do an Internet product are not subsidies. With the United States mission, the merger of public comment, Didi acquisition of Uber China, it seems that the era of subsidies to end. read more

Discuz Community function update new version of QQ group growth display and QQ pop remind

July 18th news, Discuz cloud platform’s community QQ group recently launched two new features: the default version of the long display and binding group reminder. This is the first update since the official release of Discuz cloud platform in May 21, 2011.

It is understood that the Discuz

community! QQ group since its launch, the community and the QQ group to connect, to let the QQ group traffic and popularity for the website, so it has attracted widespread attention and praise of the majority of owners; and the newly added two new features, will show better in the QQ group in the community content, outstanding community information, let the QQ group to traffic and user community. read more

2014 Guangdong nternet Conference in August 23rd the successful closing of the general assembly in

2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster General Assembly in Guangzhou in August 23rd Cole Haiyue Hotel ended


2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster conference site

2014 Guangdong Internet webmaster general assembly, held in August 23rd, more than and 500 participants from all walks of life and business owners, come here! The spirit of "cross-border consolidation opportunities" concept, A5 station network in Guangdong stationmaster alliance to build a communication platform for the Internet practitioners in Guangdong province read more

Dongsheng how to improve the enterprise website turnover rate

money, almost all the people into the original intention of the Internet, only a short while ago, creating a website, then billionaire legend is not a few. With the aftereffect of imitation crush skin into this full of blood and tears after the gold rush, the situation is different, some people through the full grasp of technology and market, create a web site models to meet new customers, and gradually form a platform; most people imitate, serious homogenization, made no innovation, customer experience poor, unprofitable; when many people choose to give up, leave the Internet, some people still insist on study, enrich themselves, seek an opportunity of their own. read more

The importance of Web links

      it can be said that the Internet is a link by the circulation of information. The connection site is not like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless. When a visitor enters your website, in the browsing process, if your content does not cause visitors interested, then you will realize that a link in a tag or you will lose a visitor. And the visitors bring and take away not only a person’s information, the potential information is immeasurable.

      a lot of people are afraid to add an external connection (pointing to the connection of other sites) will be a direct loss of a visitor, or to other sites with the so-called IP. As a webmaster, should not be stingy, should not be mandatory to retain users. Users should be allowed to choose. The Internet is a treasure house for people to explore and share. When you share an external connection, if the connection to bring visitors interested in information, so visitors will remember the sites of interest, on the other hand will continue to pay attention to, pay attention to that brought him interested in the content of the website. read more

E commerce marketing strategy to enhance the flow effect

traffic is the basis for the development of the site, Sina and other large integrated portal, you can use a variety of colors, including lace, including a variety of ways to attract traffic, and then try to achieve traffic conversion. But the difference is that e-commerce sites on the urgency of direct target traffic is very high, because many products, traffic flow through the lace news is difficult to achieve conversion. So, for the electronic commerce website Carleton University professor believes that the flow is the basis, quality is the key to enhance traffic conversion effect. read more

Leaders can not belittle the promise of subordinates

"The book of Lord Shang" records, Shang Yang reform in the state of Qin, a new law. In order to make people believe the new law is to resolutely implement, he was in the capital of the south gate and a wooden tree, the onlookers said: "who can be with the wood from the south gate to the north gate, will give him fifty-two silver!" most people do not believe there is such a good thing, I’m afraid the promise of Shang Yang to be honored.

everyone in shilly-shally, but carry the wood of a person, walk from the south gate to the north gate, Shang Yang cash on the spot, and gave him fifty-two shekels of silver. As a result, people believe that what Shang Yang says is true, and that when he comes up with the new law, he keeps it.

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Shielding price GG advertising increase GG advertising unit price

these GG ad adsence cheat free QQ advertising is part of the online collection, and the other part is their own, and we want to help. Google doesn’t care, then we’re self-sufficient.

shielding method is very simple, landing Adsense background, enter the Adsense settings – competitive advertising filter, add the domain name can be.

relevant information:

generally speaking, a lot of friends station, host domain name station price is very low. GG low-cost advertising more and more, most of these stations are selling virtual products, and some are to promote the Firefox, the domain name with 3322.org free domain name, but also some two domain name. read more

Witkey online to earn extra money selling creative design

Shanghai now has many white-collar workers to earn extra money by selling their own creative design on the Internet, even as a means of livelihood, this type of collar is called "Witkey", the English is Witkey, namely wit and key key words of wisdom.

The staff of

China customers the largest pig Witkey website recently in an interview with reporters that, according to incomplete statistics, the site is now Shanghai "Witkey" more than 10 people. But according to the reporter, at present the domestic professional Witkey website tens of ten, the Shanghai area of Witkey actually far more than 100 thousand people. read more

The best way to speed up the flow absolutely effective

        no one will be hard to do site visits, is really a painful thing, like don’t sell products, no matter how good the quality is not recognized. A lot of people with Alexa cheating and automatic Click to increase the page refresh rate, ranking is up, but ask yourself, busy for a long time, what do you get? A real visitors did not increase, once stopped the self deception, ranking immediately fell sharply, if Alexa blacklist to turn over of the day. Some people think that extensive exchange of connection or join several exchange chain can increase the flow, but the real connection from someone you click on website of the very few people, unless you with great reputation on the web connection, but for the new station, with the station makes connection easier said than done! Try email? Forum posting? QQ mass? Once the anti spam laws, the "way" will be broken, walk on the edge of a bad day. As for the forum post, no matter how long it will sink to the bottom, who see? In case of being responsible for the owner, may only be delete. When it comes to the QQ group, people see is advertising information, close the window also angry, I see your website? Is there a practical way to improve website traffic? I want real IP!   

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