Embezzlement taking damage micro circle of friends appear ecological crisis of credibility

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original title: destruction of the circle of friends and friends of the micro ecosystem and treasure

pocket shopping announced the completion of the C round of $350 million financing, mainly for micro shop diversion, which is one of the main investors as a Tencent accounted for 10% of the shares. As a result, many micro business yesterday in a variety of occasions to express a very excited mood, that the best time for micro business has arrived. In the eyes of iron brother, this seems to be the most wonderful time with is not easy to find the dangerous.

derivative by Tencent

‘s circle of friends

pocket shopping as a mobile shopping platform, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong focused, Dangdang and other major electricity supplier platform of commodity information, commodity selection began for the big platform diversion, this is a very good no ground for blame, even the mobile project. Pocket shopping ambition is far from here, see a lot of businesses to use the circle of friends to publish product information to achieve good results, began to launch micro shop business, the rapid move to the Taobao store pocket shopping system.

flow is mainly dependent on the social networking platform to encourage users to share product information to micro-blog and the circle of friends, if the friend links can be obtained according to the transaction, the proportion of a rebate, somewhat similar to the guest play. According to iron brother and a lot of micro business communication, we are still more optimistic about the circle of friends, a strong social acquaintances make friends wary of their advertising information is not high, it is easy to buy behavior.

so the problem came, WeChat officials have been said to keep the circle of friends is not marketing, to maintain a purely social attributes. The destruction of the ecological behavior taking micro Tencent obviously not see block even, even it is a stake in, fantastic. Or micro signal to keep the spring festival called circle of friends is not contaminated, will range control in their own circle of friends is really controlled, it may also be micro operators very pleased reason: Tencent are involved in the circle of friends flow spoils our behavior, can get amnesty.

but Tencent involved in micro business on a smooth it?

can not break through the mask hand string purchasing category

circle of friends as a strong acquaintance of social attributes, the flow is considerable, but also because of strong social attributes, we can not see almost anything in the circle of friends, in addition to mask, hand string, purchasing goods other than.

the reason is very simple, the circle of friends now is just a drainage channel is not built with the ability to improve the ecological electricity supplier, so the product is only mask products eye-catching and margin quite high, there are many successful cases, iron brother know a friend, the light in the circle of friends to sell up to several tons per month mask.

can see, each mask has low cost and is outrageous. Micro business only need to improve the forwarding transaction rebate proportion, for its own home continuously in the circle of friends to get forward transaction. You can even put the mask wholesale to small sellers to obtain huge > business unique micro pyramid way similar to layers of subcontractors

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