Amazon on the line for twenty years online shopping has changed what happened

buy buy buy is not the beginning of this.

today, if you want to flaunt themselves is a heterogeneous, "never bought anything online" is a good way. But 20 years ago, not online shopping is the norm.

July 16, 1995, a website called online, online shopping this thing has changed completely.

don’t know if you remember that time magazine will publish a list of bibliographic advertisements, called a "Bertelsmann book club" club regularly sent a brochure to recommend you phone or mail order book (paper).

in addition to the bookstore to buy, mail order is almost the only way. As for other commodities, the basic only TV shopping in the exaggerated cry.

Amazon is not the first online retail site, but it is the first of the pioneers of the real impact on people’s lives. After the on-line eBay, Taobao, Jingdong in different forms of trading, in 20 years completely changed the way billions of people to buy things.

in the beginning, it looks like a mail order service

1994, Amazon founder Bezos rented a garage in Seattle, after the transformation has become the office, warehouse and store. It cost $60 to buy some light yellow doors and made two tables.

toss a few months later, in July 16, 1995, on the line:


this is just the appearance of when the line

today, you open the Amazon Web page, it may be difficult to connect it with the appearance of the year. Web design can be used to describe the rough, marble texture background is mostly text occupy, are not attractive. In the eye-catching location of the site, "1 million entries, continued low price".

site on the initial line, every time a new order received, one of the computers in the office will ring the bell, everyone will embrace the past to see if the customer is their own acquaintances. A few weeks later, the bell rang too often and they had to turn it off.

in the first week of the open line, Amazon received a $12 thousand order. Amazon’s early delivery is not smart, they do not stock. When the "bite" ring out, Amazon has orders from the bookseller, and then sent to the user.

in book price and the wholesale price to customers, Amazon to earn meager profits — of course, count the postage is losing money.

a book often need to spend a few weeks or even a month will be sent to the user, the arrival rate depends entirely on what the bookseller >

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