Discussion on several misunderstandings of enterprise website building

at present, more and more enterprises to establish their own corporate Web site, the benefits and the role of enterprises to establish a website, I think you are also relatively clear, here is not much about the.

first, search engine

The establishment of

enterprise website, what is the purpose? In order to let more people know about your business, in order to make your product or service to let more people know, what is the best way to achieve this effect?

You know

is currently more than 80% Internet users through Baidu, Google and other search engines to find what they need, it can be said that at this stage, the search engine is the status of any other type of website is incomparable.

currently many websites claiming to be the industry leader, his promotion of how powerful, how can achieve the effect of their own, but the actual site in the search engine how to position their own promotion effect? How? If you believe in them, so what they can bring to you


second, enterprise website errors

many companies want to build the site’s beautiful point, good-looking. Of course, I do not deny that the beautiful point, good point, does allow visitors to have a good mood, good impression. At present all kinds of online website if you do in innumerable, how good-looking, in how, have some visitors can remember? Site beautification, cannot do without animation, picture ornament. However, animation, pictures are often the natural enemies of the search engine, the general search engine is difficult to capture the animation, the contents of the picture. So the search engine can not grab, then means that your site is likely to be a failure of the site. Because every time a website designer of the website we must first consider how to make search engines faster and better included your site, how to make the search engine on your site has a better support, rather than how to get your website picture or animation extra. After the designer of the site design is often the best state, and is the first principle of inspiration. If the customer according to their own wishes to allow the designer to modify, often to the last change in a complete mess, dongshixiaopin. Of course, it is very important for the customer to make some necessary changes. If there is no need to modify, or not good. I met a customer, the site was built, the support of the search engine is also very good, but the customers feel satisfied, want to change page animation mode, then put the text into the inside picture form, change is completed, customers feel very good, but a few days down your search engine one half, a few days on the front page, the search engine can not find, the clients panicked, anxious, changes in the back, and dragged on for two or three months, will be restored to its original state.


version or modeled

there are many companies see peer site, feel good (a very interesting phenomenon, many companies are asked to imitate or copy peer >

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