Jingdong 3C weekend put the price of explosive products ex gratia waiting for you to grab

school, the school is equipped with the right to do it? Last weekend dedicated to the G20 summit, this weekend should be a little better on their own. Jingdong 3C set off preferential benefits, the new explosion upset special see Yanre, mobile phone, digital library, computer, office and living all travel holiday, a pleasant autumn stockpile


PC link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/yuteUJZbmQV.html

APP link: http://s.h5.m.jd.com/active/HCJCJxJXkS2TbDCz1AzAwwpCSAV/index.html


8 hit the top of the blast hit the top 4 mobile phones to sing home

Jingdong 3C weekend release price, great concessions, especially computers, mobile phones and smart hardware. Dai Rui (dere) D3S ultra-thin quad core laptop computer as low as 888 yuan, E Fighting Falcon Z-77 game mechanical keyboard is only 99 yuan, glory 7I Netcom 4G intelligent mobile phone is only 1499 yuan, the purchase gave glory small whistle Bluetooth headset; HUAWEI head 5 full Netcom mobile phone first panic buying lowest to 2599 yuan; iPhone 6S full Netcom 16G mobile phone low to 3999 yuan ZTE; (ZTE) Blade A2 low to 599 yuan, after the upgrade free calls and 300 minutes a month long; Badiron child watch 5S W562 can enjoy intelligent coupons full cut deals, full 500 by 100, at least 1000 by 200; SONY (SONY) ILCE-6000L APS-C micro mirror kit alone can enjoy the video video game high 6 period interest free activities. In addition, the digital library and the sub category has other Madden activities.

limited spike wave after wave

Saturday day limited spike activity by computers, mobile phones, digital flagship, two hours a day to open a limited purchase. September 10th 10:00-14:00, Olo Dio (AoleDior) 6s4G intelligent mobile phone is only 569 yuan, the old version of three machine Yupin (YEPEN) YP99 Black Edition 139 yuan, Moldova leopard (Motospeed) G608 silent mute wireless mouse 22.9 yuan; Thor (ThundeRobot) 911-S2d gaming notebook computer 6399 yuan. 14:00-18:00 second spike activity open. Red rice Pro full Netcom Standard Edition ten nuclear fingerprint mobile phone 1449 yuan, Jin Shengda (GRSED) 6800 old machine 199 yuan, seven rainbow (Colorful) SL500 SSD Toshiba 1T mobile hard disk 339 yuan, only 369 yuan, 3 speed transmission, and send the hard disk shockproof bag.

September 11th 10:00-14:00, the first spike on Sunday open grab. Mito M6 >

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