DC industry confusion; virtual host evaluation network popular

in the global development of the Internet, more webmaster, enterprise website boom, in the technical or detailed aspects of more refined, high-end. To speed up the explosive growth of technology. But as a new service model IDC, a rapid development for the enterprise, stride forward singing militant songs, the Internet, WEB website, e-commerce applications such as large scale, high quality, safe and reliable virtual host, value-added services and other services. Let the enterprise is no longer how to plan the network structure and anxiety, no longer access for website access speed slow and not worry, no longer worry about the high cost of service charges, IDC solves many enterprises and owners demand characteristics of high speed, reliability and low cost make this whole new models continue to multiply.

but now in the Weo2.0 era, a variety of small businesses have appeared to share the big cake of e-commerce, followed by the rapid development of the IDC industry, the water will overflow, there will be more miscellaneous words. IDC industry also so. Chaos IDC industry is coming, let some owners in order to save costs and the choice of IDC server room hosting prices, the result of the website not only let the webmaster be unbearable to contemplate the normal operation, but also by a certain attack. Bad business IDC money means shameful behavior will be condemned by the industry.

, so webmaster how enterprises choose a good IDC virtual host server? Price, high performance, professional, become a top priority, is the main service, there is no professional services, will also be confused when the enterprises in the purchase of space or domain name. These have become an important factor in the IDC industry needs to move forward.

I understand that the only one domestic IDC information portal IDC comment network (http://s.www.idcdp.com/) has been officially launched in March, this site has been on the line just by many owners welcome, brings together thousands of domestic outstanding formal IDC service providers here, the latest IDC information, let bad liar business IDC service provider with the fox tail user reviews and real-time voting for IDC service providers, and evaluation of virtual host, of course there are some users really effective customer. Will get the votes of IDC service providers to rank, from high to low. At the same time so that the user can boast more large foreign IDC room, IDC server. Let the formal IDC service providers have been fully developed, the user is not deceived. So that the IDC industry standardization, green.

I then visited

IDC comment page, concise, clear and pleasing to the eye. Include industry information, IDC news, domain name consulting, e-commerce, IDC ranking, IDC reviews and other information, the first time reported IDC, cloud computing, data center industry consulting, integration of resources on the downstream IDC industry, let you know the fastest IDC to the latest industry news. More users on the IDC evaluation of the real show, so that more visitors can see, choose what they think best

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