How to improve the efficiency of the network and how to improve the efficiency of network marketing

the development of the Internet today, no one has been able to continue to ignore the importance of it. In order to better cater to the public’s online habits, the vast majority of businesses are actively engaged in Internet marketing activities, thus, the effect of tracking the network and how to do it is particularly important to improve the efficiency.

from the current situation, as long as it is engaged in marketing work, they will encounter the same problem, that is, do not know how to save time and effort to track the effect of network extrapolation and efficiency. So many people are complaining about the difficulty of network extrapolation in the tracking effect of this link. But in fact, the effect and efficiency of the network can also be extrapolated with the help of some external forces, so it will be much simpler.

what is the force? Is the promotion tool we often say, of course, personally think that in many of the most awesome promotion tools still is the cloud network marketing management analysis of the claw. Maybe someone didn’t know it existed before, but after reading this introduction, I believe you will be impressed by it.

said no one should not want to know how to extrapolate the effectiveness and efficiency of tracking network is simple, so we know in the cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system function, must not be underestimated its real strength. It is understood that the cloud network marketing management system according to the analysis of the claw can be accurate to keywords occupying status, competition situation, news source information competition situation, effective platform status, effective news source status, "the competition situation of intelligent analysis, a comprehensive solution to all the problems of extrapolation link, the previous day’s workload is now only 20 minutes to complete, so the efficiency and who will not be willing to try


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