58 eat thoroughly market indirectly through mutual funds to acquire the remaining shares

[Abstract]58 city to participate in the creation of the private equity fund as a limited partner.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 11th

with 58 city and go to the market has entered a substantive stage, the market entry of 58 city founder Yang Haoyong served as co chairman and CO CEO, 58 city official obscure issued a message: 58 city acquired the remaining equity market indirectly.



announcement shows that 58 city in the near future to some private equity fund with 46 million 500 thousand shares of the new issuance of ordinary shares and $272 million 400 thousand in cash, the remaining equity ganji.com and a consortium of these funds has acquired 58 city has not yet acquired.

in fact, the 58 city is "limited partners" participated in the creation of private equity fund, compared to the previous direct acquisition of 43.2% stake in different market, take the indirect acquisition of the acquisition of the fair remaining stake in 58 city, but also to other fund space.

according to a fair market early investors revealed that the original investors have completely exit the part, there is also a part in cash and stock, and to participate in the LP to go to the market to acquire the remaining equity transactions, to become shareholders of the new company.

informed sources, the 58 city and go to the market to complete the merger announcement. The 58 city not to directly go to the market to acquire the remaining shares, mainly to avoid accusations and is caused by the monopoly in the local areas of life, the transaction might have failed.

"this is the 58 city and go to the market a kind of technical means, in fact, now all kinds of home service so much, 58 city and go to the market can not be caused by monopoly, this is only the 58 city and go to the market to listen to the two party senior counsel, nip in the bud."

this is not without precedent, taxi drops and quick taxi with the beginning, it was easy to car report accused after the merger will cause the market monopoly, let this transaction into a bit faster now in the teeth of the storm, also did not publish any "merger" transaction details.

It is reported that 58 city

, but also with the recent fund Tencent’s Ohio River in July 2015 to reach an agreement, the Ohio River offers a $400 million bridge loan to 58 city, the annual interest rate of 5%, the expiry date is December 20, 2015.

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