What is the good community in the world


community is a new type of interpersonal relationship based on the Internet, and the social economy has become a new business model. Therefore, how to operate a community, it has become a lot of people and enterprises to face the problem.


The evening of June 29, 2016

, an associate professor at the Wuhan Institute of Technology, "autumn PPT community" founder of autumn guest group power live, he elaborates three methods in operation group is the key to you, that is to increase the connectivity, to enhance the emotional and increase participation.

Hello, I am very happy this evening, autumn leaves, and we can talk about the problem of community operation. I believe you are with very much, have QQ group, have WeChat group, but no matter what kind of group, are likely to encounter such a phenomenon: the beginning of a very active, but after a few days, up to a month, there is no activity, slowly died. We stay in the group, only a few people a day to see the expression, ask a good, and occasionally lost an article, so they do not know what the value of this group, what is their use in the group.

this situation, not only you met in the operation, I have encountered, and then I began to observe the characteristics of these groups. I added a lot of groups, most of them dead, there is one exception, that is, a small group of my partner called "69 groups", members are PPT master. The group was founded in 2012 and has been active for four years. Every day there are a variety of topics initiated and no irrigation, integrity discussion, what can talk.

this thing let me into deep thought: this group can maintain four years, in the end what is right?

and then I found a very interesting phenomenon, many groups seem to have a lot of people, but these people are very low degree of connectivity between each other. Some people just stay in the group, and group may is not personal friends, and there is no connection between the group of friends.

key one: open the connection between community members

called connectivity, is a kind of understanding and communication between people. For example, two of us is a good gay friend, I must have your phone number, micro signal, QQ, email, or even know who is your wife, your wife’s phone, your dad where to live, your mother’s cooking is delicious…… When there is an in-depth understanding of this, even if we leave this group, our connection will not easily disappear.

the other hand, if two people really set the depth of the connection, they just look at each other in the group? Could they had with WeChat friends exchanged phone numbers and even about a meal together. This is a normal community should have social relations.


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