National Copyright Administration Punishment Nora Baidu will be incorporated into the 360 video


technology news December 30th afternoon, the National Copyright Administration today held a 2013 special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" communication, announced the action of the ten cases, and were on the Baidu (173.77, 6.49, 3.88%) and was ordered to stop the infringement, make the administrative penalty of a fine of 250 thousand yuan. At the same time, the national copyright administration to expand the scope of supervision, the 360 video and music sites into the scope of regulation.

this year is 2005 to carry out the "sword action" since the ninth special action in June 25th, the national copyright administration, National Internet information office with the Ministry of Public Security jointly launched this year’s special action. The special action, the country received a total of 512 kinds of complaints, administrative processing of 190, transferred to judicial organs for criminal treatment of the 93, confiscation of servers and related equipment, 137, close the site of the 201.

requires Baidu and Nora rectification

, the State Copyright Bureau said at the press conference, from the second half of 2013 began receiving Youku, Tencent, Sohu and other rights, as people suspected of Baidu and Nora player software through the dissemination of infringing video works complaints. In November 19th, the national copyright administration.

according to the State Copyright Bureau spokesman said, due to the professionalism of the field of video piracy, chain, fragmentation characteristics, the national copyright administration to take inter regional, intensive law enforcement means. For example, in the case of Baidu and Nora infringement, the State Copyright Bureau unified command, mobilize the country’s 10 provinces Mopai situation.

In the investigation of

, Baidu video, Nora player of the two core technology, operation mode, industrial chain positioning analysis, in December 27th the State Copyright Bureau issued an administrative penalty decision, Baidu and Nora were sentenced to administrative punishment shall be ordered to stop the infringement, a fine of 250 thousand yuan, and the two companies clearly rectification request.

just in the early morning, Baidu video released a genuine statement by micro-blog, and close the alleged piracy of P2P services, as well as the full range of pirated video content.

in addition to Baidu, Nora infringement cases, the State Copyright Bureau also announced other infringement cases, respectively Beijing network HD digital piracy works, Zhejiang popcorn sites spread infringing video works, to flutter net infringement, Shanghai mobile software infringement, Zhejiang Yangzhou music animation house spread of pirated comics, Beijing sunshine education online sales of pirated children publications.

will be included in the scope of 360 video surveillance

national copyright administration also informed the focus of this year’s work, the first is to expand the scope of the focus of copyright regulation.

according to the State Copyright Bureau spokesman said that in July this year, the national copyright administration will be included in the scope of the 360 key regulatory areas, so that the focus of copyright supervision of the video site increased from 19 to 20. In September this year, the national copyright administration to start the first copyright of music video works

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