China will strengthen the supervision of nternet maps and geographic information service website January 31 Beijing Xinhua reporter learned from the national mapping agency, 2008, bureau of Surveying and mapping, the Central Propaganda Department and other thirteen departments and localities to take effective measures to vigorously carry out the Internet maps and geographic information services special treatment of illegal behavior, citizen awareness of the territory increased, the map market order has markedly improved, the online "map" reduce.

according to reports, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping the use of technical means to search the web site, the search of the Internet map website 15648, which published the map website 14760, providing geographic information service website 888. According to the unified deployment, combined with local realities, to take effective measures to carry out special work. According to incomplete statistics, the actual search and inspection sites around more than 41000, of which there are problems in the site of about 8%, all localities are in accordance with the law to carry out rectification and investigation.

National Mapping Bureau official said that although the Internet maps and geographic information services of illegal violations of the special governance work has achieved remarkable results, but there are still some problems and shortcomings, mainly new situations and new problems in the field of Internet map service continue to appear, laws and regulations of the state on the map management is lagging behind; the Internet map exists serious political problems and the proportion of hidden leaks remains high, site staff awareness of the national territory and security awareness needs to be improved.

it is understood that in 2009, the relevant departments will continue to promote the Internet maps and geographic information services of illegal special rectification work, and will continue to organize the development of the Internet map supervision system, strengthen the daily supervision of the Internet maps and geographic information service website, discover, and map website, consolidate existing achievements.

relevant departments will also carry out a wide range of national territory awareness publicity and education activities to enable citizens to fully aware of the seriousness and complexity of geographic information security work under the new situation, to enhance security awareness, sensitivity and marked classified geographic information on the Internet is not consciously. At the same time strengthen the construction of map management regulations, will be introduced as soon as possible the use of Internet map management and remote sensing image of the relevant policies.

mapping departments will map to improve public service capacity, according to the social needs of the public, carding, integration, production network version of the standard map, and guide the provincial competent department of Surveying and mapping production and release of the standard map, provided free of charge to the community.

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