Super domain name very yellow very violent website release

with the very yellow very violent, popular, very yellow very violent website officially released today, the site’s domain name is the popular word Pinyin –

the content of the website is very simple, using a Digg program, by the users to submit pornographic and violent content, which is part of the Yellow enough violence will be displayed to the home page, and according to the users vote among the most violent yellow content……

site in the "about us" part of the write:

"since you asked us a matter of conscience, infinite compassion and mercy to tell you that in order to prevent the destruction of the world, in order to safeguard world peace, love and true implementation of evil, cute and charming villain website, very yellow, very violent!! we are the shuttle in the wall to death squad, the Internet waiting for tomorrow we, like this, meow!"

this sentence familiar


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