Daily topic where to merge with Ctrip From kill to love possible

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 11th news, drops and quick consolidation, 58 city and Ganji together, a lot of people where and what time Ctrip announced together in speculation? There is anecdotal news recently proposed by Baidu holding Ctrip and where the network to further contribute to merger, the deal is close to the end. If the deal will be over $10 billion in a single integrated.

with the continuous rise of price war between the two sides, it has demonstrated some ability. From the performance point of view, although Ctrip in 2014 full year remains profitable trend, but in the fourth quarter of last year, it is rare for the first time the single quarter loss, the loss amounted to $36 million, which means that the industry entered a loss. At the same time, where the amount of loss, more than $100 million.

Analysys International analyst Zhu Zhengyu said, from both sides of the business model point of view, the existence of complementary, users are not the same, the core advantage of Ctrip is a comprehensive OTA, reliable service, rich products, have strong adhesive in the high-end crowd. Where to go is a parity platform, product selection and more, the price sensitive in the low-end crowd has great influence. After the merger, will have a scale effect and strong competitiveness.

in fact, as early as the beginning of last year, there are rumors that Baidu proposed holding Ctrip, and where to go with the banner of network integration program. But Baidu holding Ctrip has two problems: the first is the United States listed Ctrip stake is dispersed, and the acquisition of Ctrip price is too high; the second is the integration of Ctrip where to go and there are many challenges, the online travel market prospects have a brilliant future, Ctrip management team to exit, where executives do not accept the plan into ctrip.

if Ctrip and where to merge, Baidu will be the biggest beneficiary." Insiders said that in BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), Baidu is the smallest one, in a backward position, and the tourism market is in a rapid development period, is a huge cake. If the merger, Baidu will remain the largest shareholder of the new company. Taking into account the market share of Ctrip and where to merge, so that Baidu in the field of OTA walks in front of Tencent and Alibaba.

The industry believes that the possibility of

but not the merger of the two sides, both sides once the merger, will inevitably lead to a lot of business departments to repeat, respectively with 30 thousand employees and nearly 10 thousand employees of Ctrip and where to go, will inevitably bring about massive layoffs. As a result of another worry is, like potatoes Youku merger, acquisition of the company is gradually become marginalized, executives have been shelved.

in addition, some analysts said the author, from the valuation point of view, after several years of development, to where the market value has reached $5 billion, while Ctrip’s current market value is about $9 billion, but the evaluation of Ctrip’s market value, about 9 billion of the city.

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