Seal a mom today made money you lose

      now you are going to check your Ali mother League account to see how much difference between your earned income and real income? In this article, you put it out, we take a look at these shocking figures, this is a grassroots webmaster alliance around the food chain, is also a big league tax deduction exhibition, today I take mom, then, there are other alliances, as long as the existence of tax problems 20% in the league, which one can not escape the union public trial. I’m not afraid of how it is famous website, how famous the alliance, unreasonable factors will not be eradicated, I will not give up, he emperor, I can pull it off!       grassroots webmaster now to build a wall, put you in Ali mother alliance list to skimp out, here is the complaint conference, today we are a siege against Ali mother the other alliance we separate the deduction, this article please top three days, to the grassroots they tour so that time left, I hope the following reply will be ten km long, all the problems stand on the table:       this year, others in salary, let’s all bask in their losses. Look at your account today detained?           –   20% of the collection of taxes? Technical service fee? Who set the rules?         first: if Ali mother thought the 20% withholding personal income tax is reasonable, then take out the legal basis, not to make fun of me, I want the paper evidence.       second: what is the technical service fee? Evidence for, or through the discussion of the executive meeting on paper meeting minutes, or is the company issued the administrative regulations, must be on the basis of the paper, must be reasonable, fair and convincing evidence, I do not believe the oral argument someone, I want to be able to!       third: pay personal income tax? Well, take out the tax payment certificate issued by the tax authorities. For the "non employment relationship" personnel and services provided by the State Administration of Taxation, the tax issued 2000 Document No. 84 of nineteenth has been clearly defined, this to the preparation of self-made temporary payroll as legitimate by the original evidence, which accounted for. Moreover, every time income of more than 800 yuan, the company can according to the "labor income" project to withhold the individual income taxes payable. The tax authorities in the calculation of corporate income tax, the tax authorities have issued only official tax invoice for this part can be calculated. For violation of this standard, the behavior of the company will belong to the "People’s Republic of China invoice management approach" in the "not in accordance with the provisions of the invoice"

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