Jingdong mall new domain name jd com exposure or soon merged with the original domain name

March 26th noon news, Jingdong (www.jd.com) today mall new domain name exposure. Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has publicly said that due to the original Jingdong (www.360buy.com) domain name is not easy to remember, will change the domain name.

in the 23 month of this year, Tsinghua University School of economics and entrepreneurship innovation leadership forum site, Liu Qiangdong had said that due to the original name of the Jingdong hard to remember the domain, the user needs to search and then into Jingdong. Baidu and other search engines to occupy a lot of Jingdong traffic, so Jingdong was a layer of skin". In order to facilitate the direct input of consumers into Jingdong, Jingdong ready to replace the original 360buy domain name.

Sina technology today found that Liu Qiangdong said the new domain name has been enabled on the line. New domain name is indeed more convenient than the original domain name Chinese memory and input habits. Once approved by the user, is expected to help Jingdong save part of the flow of promotional costs. Currently, click on the home page to enter the lower page, you will find these pages are still using the 360buy root domain name.

, however, Jingdong home dual domain parallel situation may exist only in the interim. Jingdong mall official confirmed that Jingdong will soon switch to a new domain name. (Li Yun)

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