CEO leave next year Flash purchase star website Fab this past year what happened


[CEO] the website announced that next year without pay, flash purchase a few months star website Fab what happened? Fab is facing the challenge and change what? Before this, Fab is how to become a star, it is to do what


on Friday, CEO Jason Goldberg flash star said the company did not reduce staff, next year he will not get paid, another source said, Fab CTO Nishith Shah said it would stop to receive salaries in 2014, you know, this is the Fab investors chase star, in June had raised $150 million.


what happened in just a few months, Fab is facing what kind of change and challenge before this, Fab is how to become a star, it has done what innovation?

The origin of

Fab: the refinement of e-commerce

Fab on the line in 2011, within six months has 1 million 200 thousand users, and then maintain a monthly growth of 300 thousand members, and now there is no weakening trend. All this depends on a unique business model. in the U.S. Eastern time at 11 in the morning every day on time launch product design around 10 shelves, as long as it has not yet been sold out, Fab users can in each commodity limited within a period of 72 hours on the orders, there is a 30 percent off discount. The user must complete the payment after the next 12 minutes, otherwise the goods will return to shelves for other users to panic buying.


Fab is the core competitiveness of the taste and the screening ability, the average daily launched 8 different types of designers, including independent craftsmen, with some well-known brands and designers. Fab not only sells goods, but also attaches great importance to the story behind the product, and to help designers in the design community to expand the relationship. Fab edited the content, the product presented in a new way, Fab not only to sell the product, but also a way beyond the boundaries of life.

from fine to personalized: the product continues to try

Fab in May this year, a major revision, from the original flash purchase site becomes more like a comprehensive e-commerce site. Users can according to the color, design and other different categories of access to the Fab product page, in addition, in July, when the Fab also abandoned the successful means of selling signs: flash mail.

Fab will be in progress at the beginning of the day

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