Why doesn’t B2C fire Because of the lack of ma

Chinese e-commerce market after 8 years of experience has a small scale. Alibaba and Taobao in the field of B2B and C2C has achieved great success, but the field of B2C is still missing the same heavyweight Internet companies. B2C can be regarded as the leader in the field of excellence and Dangdang network, but fought for seven years, but the two have yet to achieve profitability, which is excellent network and Dangdang very painful reality. It seems that China’s B2C has not yet found the road to development suited to national conditions, but also the lack of a Ma style leader.

Why can’t

B2C site fire up?

November 1999, Dangdang officially opened. 2000, excellence network was established, mainly to provide customers with books, audio and video, software and other products. In the past 7 years, excellence and Dangdang began to explore the competition and profit model. Although dangdang.com is temporarily leading position, but the two sides have failed to achieve profitability, is the business model or the competition strength is too large? Potential B2C sites have been tepid? Dangdang.com and joyo.com are still struggling to search.

excellent network and Dangdang as the most influential pure network started B2C online mall, although they go first in the field of B2C, but they did not get much success. On the one hand is the loss of rumors; on the other hand, excellent network and Dangdang are originated in a pure network based online shopping mall, are now beginning to expand the supply and distribution channels under the line. The two companies have changed from boutique sales ideas now soared product varieties and line warehouse scale facts, in addition to physical stores, they invest in logistics, warehousing and other traditional retail industry in the circulation of human and financial resources are constantly increasing.

but logistics, payment, product has been plagued by three major problems B2C e-commerce. Logistics takes up the cost of testing the integrity of the payment, and the product determines the popularity. How to solve these problems has become the first issue in front of B2C e-commerce website. These problems, however, are not without solutions. It has been proved that a successful solution to one of these problems is likely to be a success. Such as the Big Dipper mobile phone network selection sales of mobile phone products, in a field made the boss; marketing includes a variety of cards and other digital products in the cloud network ingenious means to avoid the bottleneck; and Taobao C2C website platform provides another B2C solution, even shouted "subversion of the Amazon" slogan.

dilemma Amazon mode

when the world’s most successful B2C e-commerce giant Amazon into China, the choice of M & a network to expand the Chinese market. However, the original model of excellence and Amazon has a different nature, the advantages of excellent network is the fine quality of low-cost marketing, and Amazon’s strengths is the full variety model. Coupled with the differences between the cultural structure and the concept of China and the United States, in order to achieve the transformation of the model needs to run in time, but also to pay the cost of model change. Whether we can recognize the gap between China and the United States and seek to solve it

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