Every shooter who will save American TV subtitles site closed Domain really hang up

renamed China (eName.cn) November 27th hearing, on Saturday, the two major domestic websites and television subtitles group everyone shooter network also announced the day before yesterday, really close, the domain name of the website caption grimmfan.com stolen, unable to access. Caption group websites have hung up, are attracted to chase drama netizens wailing, pain: goodbye. Caption sites are shut down after the chase drama ottuke, website domain name to


everyone movie: the universe group subtitles

The YYeTs group by the Canadian students to create subtitles

evolved all television, opened in June 2006 yyets.com domain was established, by a group of amateur translation lovers, is a non-profit business website, is a domestic video website frequented by American TV fans, its subtitle group is the industry known as "the" visible, strength and reputation.

diagram: the translation of subtitle group


is a non-commercial site, but due to copyright issues, everyone has repeatedly been a film or television". In 2009, everyone in the film because of pirated resources have been ordered to shut down for rectification; in 2013, the international copyright day, everyone in the film is "safe" temporarily off the station; last month, the American Film Institute criticized, everyone in the film announced to delete all copyright free resources to download links, in the end of this month is 21 days, everyone the film was seized 5 servers, unable to access, 26, officially announced the closing station.

shooter network: 15 years off, homes, away from

April 2000, founder of Shen Sheng subscene enabled a.Cn domain name to build a website "book review Tu", a year after the site deviates from the original vision, adding part of the download subtitles, subtitles to website, 2003, Shen Sheng to enable the new domain name shooter.cn is to launch a flagship movie subtitle Chinese theme the information exchange platform.

diagram: the translation of subtitle group

November 26th, Shen Sheng published an article, "broken homes," from the announcement, officially announced a 15 year old striker off the net. For the shooter completely shut down, many people in the industry say, perhaps the era of Sagittarius network really has to go away, and belongs to the genuine era really came.


everyone in the film fell, a shooter also fell, the future may also have more caption group website will fall, subtitle group really want to say goodbye? Some people say that this is behind the big game broadcasting, is the country to vigorously combat piracy, others say it may mean that the era of free Internet or will end, but in any case, these gave the subtitle group and their translation of God brought joy is unforgettable all time.

days ago, Tencent announced the video and HBO, Warner Bros. and F>

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