WeChat O2O realized gradual route exposure a comprehensive binding money paid through


WeChat O2O realized gradual route exposure: a comprehensive binding money paid through

[Sohu IT news] Tencent is opening up the payment channels, accelerate the pace of the expansion of the O2O market and the realization of.

September 18th, Lai Zhiming, general manager of fiscal payment disclosure, WeChat + payment through will create a new concept of living micro payment. Caifutong will rely on WeChat to develop a variety of payment methods and scenarios, providing more convenience for users in living with, music, travel and other 7 areas of life, caifutong will pay level of participation.

According to the introduction of

caifutong, caifutong is currently promoting the cooperation with WeChat, WeChat can look forward to the future with a shake of combination, which can transfer to friends directly through WeChat, the payment scene and the model will be used more and more many friends go out to dinner, KTV and other collective activities; and with two-dimensional code scanning and payment will enable users to achieve "shot to buy", that is to see the product of two-dimensional code can be shot down the purchase and payment; "Twitter Life" membership card will be able to use the business users to enjoy more cheap quality goods and service, and timely payment, thus replacing the reservation queue all kinds of troubles.

previously, Tencent began in the field of comprehensive layout O2O. Dai Zhikang, general manager of Tencent electricity supplier holding company life service electricity supplier disclosure, WeChat will be identified through the two-dimensional code, the business and the user to establish contact, the formation of acquaintances form of SNS, and then guide the O2O business. Currently, WeChat is a large-scale promotion of this business.

During the last week of

Internet Conference, Ma Huateng also said, Tencent and WeChat QQ mobile phone based on LBS to do a lot of related services, the interface every call to LBS up to 700 million times, which is typical of the O2O service. Ma Huateng also expressed a good two-dimensional code, said two-dimensional code is the key to open up the online and offline. (

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