Adidas Breakout how to use a single product burst of marketing methods rejection open Nike

Abstract: adidas chose a smaller angle, a single product with Nike + burst, bypassing the heavily fortified Maginot line, with the concept of fashion directly from the edge of the map, pry the new vitality of the market.


noise to the ups and downs, strike a deep chord music, the host’s flood of ebullience, fireworks and dazzling lights…… The real magic show is often only a moment, whether it is to let the Statue of Liberty disappear, or as Laoshan Taoist as through the Great Wall. The more people remember the magic show, also often play with long public opinion bombing, this is the intention of the foreplay and camouflage cover magic.

for Adidas Originals, has obtained 5 consecutive quarters of two digit growth, "the leadership of Adidas 14 years CEO · Herbert wrote in 9; Heiner months of 2015 earnings," thanks to the main shoes, such as Stan Smith and NMD huge demand unpredictable. Adidas revenue grew 11% to Euro 12 billion 748 million."

as the outside world did not expect Heiner in January 2016 was off the stage, in the face of more than 2 years, through continuous manufacturing explosion of Adidas in 2 years, staged a marketing magic, the consumer’s attention was completely attracted.

however, the gorgeous stage performances, the more distractions, more suspense foreplay, more can let the surging tide.

explosion of technology and fashion competition

in the February 2015 New York fashion week evening, rapper Kanye West · released his cooperation with Adidas’s first fashion series, known as the Yeezys series of sports shoes, more and more consumers love intimacy called coconut shoes. After the release of the minutes, 9000 $350 pair of shoes were sold out of coconut in the United States, and the average resale price point is $1500, some people called reselling price 5 times.

but this series of dazzling sales performance, but let the real intention of ADI was covered up. In this conference, once with his Air Yeezy product line in Nike for 4 years Kanye angrily say their anti Nike, joined the opponent’s intention: Nike Adidas it limits my creative freedom, didn’t give me the chance to grow up, Adidas let me realize the dream.

actually, these words also exposed the positioning between Nike and Adidas difference, the former pay more attention to the content of science and technology, and the latter is gradually moving towards the field of fashion.

at least in coconut shoes, the soles made of elastic side zipper with patent and spacecraft level foam the suede leather high top sneakers, attention is not the content of science and technology, consumer reviews are more concentrated in the "like" planet "

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