There are 10 furniture innovation startups Pawngo network pawnshop


Tencent science and technology news (Eloise) Beijing time on May 9th, according to foreign media reports, the following is being introduced or will change the world’s business structure of 10 start-ups.

Pawngo: "the pawnshop"



Pawngo website

Pawngo rely on strong technical force to pawn moved to the network from the corner, simply, Pawngo is a network of pawnshops. With more and more people to the constraints in the economic sense, cause more people to rely on small loans to survive. However, most of today’s online banking services are for payday loans, when you search online, you will find it difficult to find payday loans other than the type of loan.

Pawngo the gap filler, allowing users to post pawn items to the company, and then obtain small loans.

Pawngo launched the market less than half a year, to produce a good report card, issued a total loan amount exceeded $2 million. The company is located in Denver, the United States, by Todd ·, Hills (Todd Hills), he also served as the company CEO. So far, the company has received financing from Dayligtht Partners and Lightbank.

Taskrabbit: errands rabbit


Taskrabbit website

Taskrabbit is also called errands rabbit, was founded in 2008, headquartered in San Francisco, is now in the 4 United States open office. Taskrabbit is an online portal to claim the task, task pay mode based on temporary workers can undertake tasks here, the employer can find suitable candidates for this post jobs, to complete the task.

TaskRabbit revenue exceeded $1 million, but the company said CEO wants to maintain the relative size of TaskRabbit and the localization of the status quo, in order to better maintain customer relationships. If TaskRabbit is able to maintain a good customer relationship and achieve sustained and stable growth, then Craigslist will soon face considerable challenges.

Adaptly: cross platform social advertising platform


Adaptly website

Adaptly is a cross platform social advertising purchase platform, based on the most simple advertising purchase mode, increase >

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