The success of e commerce jewelry dense willow trees and bright flowers is not accidental

according to statistics, China’s Internet users has reached 430 million, while the Internet users have been shopping experience has been in the growth trend. However, compared with developed countries in Europe and America, China’s high-end products in the online shopping market there are still a lot of vacancies. In recent years, for the jewelry e-commerce, the industry has been in the discussion, part of the view that adapt to the development of the times, the prospects of jewelry e-commerce is very good. On the other hand, more people think that the traditional jewelry industry, enterprise net is not feasible. Now, from the network jewelry brand has come out from the electronic commerce in a few, for these examples, largely reflecting today’s consumer habits have been well trained, and 80 consumer groups are jewelry e-commerce consumption in the main crowd, for they are familiar with the Internet, accept new things are pretty good adaptability. A few days ago, a jewelry merchant Taobao online through cooperation with Taobao made an unprecedented diamond group purchase, before the event, many insiders questioned, less than an hour to complete the group purchase in advance, so that the traditional jeweler called Qi, at the same time, but also full of confidence to the traditional jewelry brand into the network market.

of course, the success of the jewelry group is not accidental, but by the experience of superposition and innovation to get. As early as in 2008, China’s jewelry circle widely spread the myth of the 2 jewelry e-commerce, the protagonist of the story are: the United States Blue Nile and Chinese diamond birds. The Blue Nile through Internet sales in the first diamond, also not to be optimistic, but by virtue of network marketing price advantage and convenience, Blue Nile online sales far more than was the three largest traditional jewelry retailer.

is the Blue Nile’s success, Chinese attracted numerous imitators, such as birds, nine diamond drill, and d’aveni Kelan diamond; these imitators for the rapid development of networks diamond brands, and get a good market share. In the process of development, as on jewelry enterprises encounter many problems, the first problem is to let consumers understand why, cheap online jewelry jewelry business in this regard, first by explaining the business model to dispel the concerns of users.

F2C, consciousness is not through any middlemen jewelry manufacturers, distributors, sold directly to consumers, the product directly to the supply chain to achieve the shortest, for manufacturers, consumers can order directly from the manufacturer, the original channel agents, distributors, retailers, shop rent and other expenses in the direct profit to consumers by saving, operation cost, which can reach only about 50% of the traditional sales channels. While for manufacturers, but also can directly to the target user groups of data analysis, but also through direct interaction with consumers, to understand the feedback information at first hand, to achieve a win-win situation.

can be said that the domestic jewelry e-commerce development today has gone through the initial stage, the rapid expansion period, has entered the fierce competition and rational development stage, more traditional jewelry business has been from a wait-and-see attitude to jump to.

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