Lao Xie the role of soft Wen

old Xie wrote so many years of soft Wen, and also a lot of webmaster to deal with. Some of the role of the soft paper on this side is not very clear understanding, today, thanks to the soft in the end what role.

1 brand, invisible brand show, and is the cheapest way to promote. When your domain name, your unique logo has been cited numerous times, we are familiar with. And pay attention to. When people mention you in that field, you just talked about the regional or refer to your domain name, your website, you’re laughing behind. If a product to establish a brand, so you get a good promotion.

2 direct hits, bring traffic to you. Thanks to the soft Wen, often from an article on behalf of the 1000 flow. Because of your invisible URL, your invisible product, causing the user’s curiosity, and direct users. Many forums, blogs, default www link points out form.

3 search weight, the general is now very difficult, in addition to the fine article, or with the editor after the communication, can leave a link, the other have canceled the connection of the display and only reserved url. When your article, was reprinted 10 thousand times, it means that you increase the chain of the 10 thousand, which is what the concept of ah. A lot of people in the forum to sell beautiful pictures, such as the first word of the site, are also using this method for SEO.

4 to improve the visibility of the product.

soft is very popular, if you can send the product soft Wen to some of the work, so that the visibility is very large, and compared to do hard advertising, soft Wen is super cheap.

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