Lightning purchase joint Ali business matrix started financing cooperation first shot


The Qixi Festival

August 9th Lunar New Year approaching, the purchase of mobile phone and lightning Taobao launched the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day joint promotional activities in Hangzhou, fruit, cold drinks and snacks provided beverage items such as the "one hour" lightning delivery service to the public. Prior to the day, just announced the purchase of the acquisition of Ali Ali 267 million yuan investment, the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation, the next day, the lightning will be purchased with Ali’s mobile phone Taobao conducted the first joint public appearance.


hand Amoy home show joint action

bulletin before the show, in addition to the acquisition of the acquisition of Ali Ali, it will also be in the flow, supply chain, store management, logistics and distribution in a wide range of areas of cooperation. This time the Qixi Festival promotions, Taobao will jointly purchase mobile phone and lightning in Hangzhou area on the first page of Taobao launched the "Amoy hand convenience store one hour service area for lightning, hot summer, mainly to provide fruit, cold drinks and frozen drinks and other goods speed up delivery service.

to participate in the activities of the convenience store, are purchased by the Hangzhou area of the entrance of the store, which formed a line under the cover of the main city of Hangzhou, a 1 hour lightning served retail terminal network. In some of the core areas, even after 29 minutes can be achieved within a single customer service.

in addition to the home page Taobao convenience store business cooperation, lightning purchase and mobile phone Taobao home channel in-depth cooperation, new strategic cooperation details will be announced.

before briefing the publicity business in the second half of the competition has emerged, the electricity supplier and the user experience into 1 hours of electricity in new stage. Cold summer, winter to send hot, fresh to live, this new way of living consumption, is gradually becoming a new way of life of urban population.


multi business operation joint exercise

A "

" joint military exercises this event is also the lightning and Ali ecosystem in the purchase of commercial operation, the mobile phone retail Taobao, Ali matrix, and the radius of life, I will participate in the activities of.

, hand wash will provide flow from the retail platform, to provide fast consumer goods supply, lightning is responsible for operation and management of the purchase and delivery to provide convenience stores, fruit fresh category, and finally made up of my life, with a radius of hours speed up delivery service.

the event, will be the first case of the purchase of lightning and other enterprises, including hand Amoy, the joint operation of their respective advantages of resources. Such joint operations such as the success of the model, or will become a powerful combination of community electricity providers in the field of a new model. Since then, the community electricity supplier will bid farewell to the enterprise level monomer competition, and into the system, a new stage of collaborative ecological competition.

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