Vicious cycle of nternet Addiction


said the Internet project, many friends have some experience, might have done, maybe there are a lot of heard, but do the Internet basically know some friends, circle of friends is their message, sometimes really very attractive, but you can really do is that? We from below the actual point of analysis of several projects to give you a specific demonstration process, to let more friends don’t be dragged into the quagmire of


1: at home business, part-time can also build up the family fortunes

this type of advertising now. See, I have tired, such as what a coin hook, a telephone, a tourism group purchase, a V letter circle of friends, a single treasure, a charge fees and so on, too much, can also be said that figure is emerge in an endless stream. All sorts of strange things, but rolls were, they finally will develop to a direction.

at home with a cell phone, a computer, a network can venture?

in their way, tell you clearly, very good, also very worthy of experience, they will have every kind of communication and training, teach you how to make money, how to build up the family fortunes, two words "perfect sound".

what is the last


takes a little bit of dues paid, you shangliaozeichuan


2: passive income – the development of their own team to make a lot of money

with 1 multiplied by 10, multiplied by the algorithm of 100, tell you, if you do this project, the project is fundamental, you develop a team can earn passive income, the team how to do?

you to invite others to do membership, after you invite people to pay the dues to your commission, after you received your commission, people inside the team to make money, you will also get bonuses, so that you have been in the running for this mode, to draw you a piece of cake, let you go go inside, because you would think, if you have a team of ten thousand people, or a little less, a team of one thousand people, every day of the passive income…….

think about drooling, hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars can really make you earn hundreds to thousands of


if I can I think the world has no poor, I don’t reject the new things, do not hate the old old, I just want to tell you about this pattern of deceptive


3: destroy their own relatives and friends of the family circle, achievement a piece of


because I wanted to know, joined a few small projects, their process is like this,

A: give you training, the content is so and so how to do one thousand yuan daily income,

two: give you guidance, teach you how to send a circle of friends advertising, teach you how to chat with friends and relatives this project to be good


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