Let the programmer die unmanned vehicle stopped Baidu Robin Li did not know in advance


technology news November 21st morning news, Baidu chairman Robin Li recently reoccurrence public controversy, in a speech in Wuzhen, he said to increase by unmanned vehicle challenge, let engineers measured hailed the move triggered heated debate, but Baidu said the official responded: stop car engineers spontaneous behavior, Robin Li did not know beforehand.

Robin Li experience Baidu driverless car

November 17th, Robin Li’s birthday in Wuzhen by the Baidu cloud Tongxiao unmanned vehicle, the unmanned vehicle ride 177th passengers. But in the subsequent speech, the chairman of Baidu’s statement has sparked heated debate:

it was raining yesterday, unmanned vehicles a year ago we also have a show in Wuzhen, but it was static, today we can run up in the open road, the road can have a bicycle electric bicycle pedestrian has a variety of situations, as well as a retrograde, yesterday they to give me a challenge. That is to say, to arrange a few people, suddenly from the roadside rushed to the middle of the road stopped a driverless car, but did not do such a thing, you will feel a little risk. Later, we talked about it for a long time, and we did so, and the engineers who wrote the code for the driverless car stopped the car. But it’s still safe, no problem. Our driverless car passed the experiment.


Robin Li’s speech spread on the Internet, "denounce disregard programmer security" began to appear, but there are also friends with "German tanks brake test". Robin Li think there is nothing wrong with this.

in the speech of second days, Baidu official responded on the matter by the public relations department of the public number, Baidu official quoted "hailed the engineer" saying:

didn’t say anything. Because it was relatively safe to catch other cars on the rainy day. On the same day and very few pedestrians traffic not complicated enough, we will discuss how to better reflect our technical level, and finally everyone together as still follow the old routine, increase the ordinary ride without link project. In fact, this person posing as "not abiding by traffic rules the pedestrian" test we have played a lot of times, but this time the car attendant replaced Robin. After the demonstration, our boss told the factory manager just to write the code is written by the unmanned vehicle engineers…

Baidu unmanned vehicle engineer also said that the "human behavior is hailed" with leadership: "first unmanned vehicle research is to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, so we both have exhaustive measures will do the test or demonstration process. In addition, this demonstration is not arranged by the director, just before he did not come to sit before we have to play." (Li Gen)

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