Chongqing female anchor killed postmortem ditch high living caused by the network rumors


Chen Xia resides in the sunshine city district.

Chen Xia father left his daughter’s two photos.

Chen Xia’s mother said, do real estate show, daughter often know a lot of people on the outside, but she was very aloof, most people simply don’t. My daughter is also very low-key, not non zhanre.

friends flower believes that because Chen Xia is a female anchor, so this special status, so many people wearing her tainted glasses.

colleagues in the eyes of her

high-profile life is very complex

Chen Xia’s colleagues said that Chen Xia is very high-profile, like brand-name, and always tell others, a hairpin to more than 3 thousand dollars, necklaces and bracelets are Cartire. Shortly before the incident, Chen Xia took a week’s leave to go to Shenzhen, Hongkong tourism circle, purchasing something, to the office, told colleagues he bought a new dress, spent more than 3000 yuan.

a man said, because Chen Xia life is very complex, so famous".

Cx708, these characters must be implied in the fate of the password. Chen Xia’s friend flower (a pseudonym) think so.

two years ago, Chen Xia Beijing Hyundai replaced the cool red beetle, the license plate number is selected as Chongqing CCX708. Two years later in the early morning of July 8th or so, Chen Xia in her Beetle Car, was brutally killed, throat stabbed by a knife hole.

Chongqing Yongchuan TV station female anchor Chen Xia whole body brand, very beautiful, wearing Cartire. Finally, it was the corpse in the neighboring counties rural a desolate small ditch.

the fate of such people marvel. Police immediately announced: two criminals robbery murder has been arrested. But the local people questioned: why brutal murder? Why did not grab the car? Why not take expensive jewelry?

Chen Xia’s mother said, after Chen Xia had just received a lot of money from others, there are about fifteen and sixty thousand, were full robbers ransacked.

released the identity of the female anchor, with no specific case, so that the online rumors flying. Currently, the search on Chen Xia, has reached millions.

lost contact with

didn’t go home with daughter

in the evening of July 7th, He Jiaming and her husband, Chen Changshui in the living room watching TV, waiting for her daughter to go home.

at this time in the past, the daughter pushed the door to come in, called a "mother", or to see only the father in the living room, asked, "Dad, mom?".

11:09, He Jiaming called her daughter, the phone did not answer.

she texted her daughter: "don’t come back too late." Female.

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