Network attack Wang Hai Guangzhou website free reprint of claims

to buy the copyright of the author’s works, and then to the site of the site of the work of the high claims copyright infringement claims. The day before, "Wang Hai network" of the Beijing three for Copyright Agency Ltd. Guangzhou to launch an attack on dozens of websites, Panyu District Agriculture Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of agriculture, the Agriculture Department of Guangdong province and its affiliated website has accused. It is reported that the company has made similar charges to more than and 200 units.

yesterday, three for the company v. Guangzhou City Bureau of agriculture in the case of a court hearing in Yuexiu District, the defendant City Agricultural Bureau directed at the company for the purpose of profit for the three, it is malicious litigation.

first and then claim to the buyout copyright reprint website

The three Beijing

launched a lawsuit for copyright agency Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "three oriented company") was founded in October 2004, is a company specializing in copyright licensing, transfer and re licensing of private companies. June 2007, the company in the name of the copyright owner of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of agriculture and its subordinate Guangzhou agricultural information center on the Yuexiu court.

reprint an article was claimed 10 thousand

According to the indictment: June 2005

, three the company signed the "contract of assignment of copyright and author Liao Moucheng, Liu moucheng will include" ten hot issues of farmers concern "(referred to as the" hot issue ") the transfer of copyright 14 articles, to the company, and the defendant in the management of (Guangzhou agricultural information network) website reproduced" hot issue "one article, has not paid for compensation, royalties 10 thousand yuan, plus legal fees totaling 13120 yuan.

from the first half of 2005, three for the company in the country launched a copyright lawsuit, the signed copyright transfer contract with more than and 150 professional author, then the author did not reprint these pay for website lawsuit. It is reported that the company has filed a lawsuit against the more than and 200 companies nationwide, and the prosecution of the subject are reproduced copyright infringement network.

it is understood that most of these defendants are not professional management of the company’s Web site, they have industrial enterprises, but also agricultural products companies, as well as the state administrative organs. These units are on their own websites reproduced in another article without payment of royalties. The present case, the company’s website reproduced by the three oriented company agent the copyright of the article is not much, each unit is mostly for claims in the yuan. However, due to the very large number of cases, three of all income from the company together with the amount of money." Insider revealed to reporters.

Guangzhou lawsuit has just begun

started this year, three for the company’s copyright lawsuit, flames of war to Guangzhou. Guangdong year three law firms for company lawyers Lawyer Chen told reporters that the light is what they undertake for three v. Guangzhou city site is nearly 40, but a large part of the two sides after.

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