T new generation of business the highest monthly income of 50 thousand

just tens of thousands of college students is still looking for a job loss, School of mathematics and information science Guangzhou University information security professional graduate Li Junyong, led the students to enter the domestic network a new field – search engine optimization, for entrepreneurs to earn a pot of gold, their studio year has two hundred or three hundred orders, the monthly income of most up to 50 thousand yuan.

next year two hundred or three hundred single business

Li Junyong’s job is to search engine optimization (SEO). This is for search engines (Baidu, Google) to search the features of the page, let the website construction of all basic elements for the search engine to search principle, nature in the search engine results ranking, and ultimately achieve the promotion of website popularity to. This technique has been used abroad more skilled, but China into less than 5 years, is still a new industry.

early in the second year, Li Junyong will pay attention to this new technology, and several students study together the web search engine ranking secret search engine on each page of information and its influence on the judgment of page ranking rules, after a few months, they finally have to answer. Li Junyong received the first cooperation project is to search for a skin care products shopping website rose to the first page of a large Chinese search engine. At the beginning, Li Junyong done a lot to try, not only did not increase the site’s ranking has declined, also be the search engine that is SEO cheating punished; he with friends all day in front of the computer and books to study and discuss together, sit for seven or eight hours even forgetting food and sleep for three months. To complete the task.

taste the sweetness of success, his team have received customer orders. Just over a year, the team has received two hundred or three hundred customer projects, from the first month to earn $more than 1 thousand, up to now the monthly income of up to 50 thousand yuan.

award winning entrepreneurial confidence

3 second semester, Li Junyong and the team with the research results, to "E&"; business plan S network services company in Guangdong province college students entrepreneurship contest title, won the silver award. At that time, Vc firm want to finance this project, but because of the financial crisis failed to achieve cooperation intentions. However, Li Junyong are lucky to be recommended to a large company internship, access to valuable business management and market operation experience. These honors and experience so that Li Junyong and his team determined the determination to start their own business after graduation.

because of their lack of funds, the business is not stable, so they only opened a studio, the accumulation of funds and experience, such as the time to set up a company. Under the current economic situation, college students are facing great challenges. But Li Junyong is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of search engine optimization, full of confidence in their own entrepreneurial projects: "I figured that this investment does not need to spend too much money, even if it is lost we can afford; this technology, the industry in the domestic market is still very new, the market also.

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