Marx sold podcast CC absolute error

June 19th, I believe that the use of Marx movie program webmaster friends should know a surprising news, that is, suddenly turned to the official forum of the podcast CC forum. And the podcast CC has also announced a high-profile acquisition of Marx. Note that it is used in the "acquisition" of two words.

‘s conjecture: Max author, also is we often say that the horse, should be a young man, he wrote a video code named Marx naturally or half unconsciously, then. That is why everyone is called old Marx. He should fill up the blank to do a movie video station in the personal webmaster bottom, before the max film stand characteristics for the P2P format movie station.P2p is relatively clear, but many shortcomings, loading speed is slow, and want the player (which is also the mainstream industry era of virus spreading out), the user experience is extremely uncomfortable. But that movie station is generally pop everywhere with sex union and SP for more. Dump an epoch-making product.Max completely changed the free movie or video station of an era. A simple video station program Small, fast, with flash playing mode. Loading no plug-in player. But under rich resources is less than the previous P2P. The perfect acquisition gave a lot of convenience. It is a very handy and love is not missed cross age products. I feel admiration for the horse to do


because of this. I bought the business users in the first time (rmb:380 yuan). The name of "music show". I was very happy to get such a good product. But in the buying process at the line within a week on the IP to be about 7900, and every day to 1500-2500 IP later increased. Or not the 10 thousand down (this is for personal reasons, which seemed to be (Chuang Guandong) this film ranked first in Baidu TV area when I like the keyword on the first page of the top 5, then this is not discussed by k– for personal reasons). We give a lot of hope and power. Then the trend of Max completely changed. The beginning to max the direction from which time the wrong.

error 1… First, Marx should not open free users. This should I explain it clearly, so many users free to attack me. As a product. To develop this thing to say. The product is not completely free. The first thing you should think of the development of the product benefits to products to you, how to commercialize the benign development. Commercial development is not flooding. Rare flood. You will totally lose commercial value. Now people are free to use some money to buy is not the actual function. Firstly, the whole program should not be playing now free. The network data duplication serious. Now Baidu is not the Baidu 05 years ago. This will only harm to others. Free, more users, and more users? But lost commercial value. I know you Afraid of competition intense, you charge.

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