The local station exclaimed wolf four place is not local website portal

open Baidu, you can not search Sina Beijing, you can not search Tencent Shenzhen, however, is such a national portal, is running around the local station. In many places the stationmaster exclaimed "wolf", if a careful analysis, you will feel more and more wrong, thought of as the title the same answer: the four major portals where local station is not the


a, from the point of view: the four major portal site is not a local site.

regardless of the national web site or local sites belong to the media, are in line with the rules of the media. Recalling the history of the national media to the local extension of the case is a reporter station. Paper media reporter station, CCTV station is a good example.

what does the reporter stand to do from CCTV news station news reports can be concluded. Referring to the CCTV news reporter Station in Jilin, you can see from the content of the reporter station to solve 2 problems: sudden news and in-depth reports. From the market point of view, what is the role of the reporter station? It is: the media need to be down to earth, the service is a local brand of the country.

and what is the local site to do, in essence, the local web site is not to do news services. Over the past few years, with the rise of private local sites, local websites increasingly to live services and interactive development. By this, the traditional local media website also gradually from the local people to the local people’s livelihood development. This is not accidental, it is a kind of inevitable — network news destroyed the boundary problem of the local media whether much editing power can solve the richness of the news. However, the localization of the service still exists, the traditional news media, the new national website can solve the richness of the information through the information collaboration and integration, but there are differences between information and services. You can let the service object to understand sanitary products from history to technology, design, manufacture, purchase of every detail, but you can’t let the reader buy a proper toilet, finally need to interact this off the media is not achieved, but local businesses, need to fall.

the purpose of the national media to determine their system, professional team, the national strategy is more suitable for dissemination rather than specific services, can be landed but not suitable for rooting. Local sites are rooted in the local site, the national standing of the local station at any time because of strategic and economic benefits and retreat, which is the purpose of the inevitable.

two, from the point of view of communication: the local portal is not a place for the four portals.

the country’s four major portals of communication is what? Aside from the Sohu do not talk about, because there is no basic characteristics of Sohu; NetEase contacts only mail. Distinctive is that Sina’s home page, Tencent popups.

what is the way to spread the local website, community, BBS. such a product form is not accidental, is inevitable. How much is the dowry small household affairs,? Where is there a good barber shop? Which one which > Jiezhuang companies

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