Alibaba headquarters moved to Beijing this year double 11 how to play an international range of chi

Abstract: 38888 yuan, Ma took this year "double 11" – the first single from Japan, bluefin tuna weighing 68 kg of an entire campaign this year, "double 11" international range of children.


this year, double 11, Alibaba’s trump card is globalization". Ma Yun also personally platform, 38888 yuan photographed this year, double the first single – produced in Japan, weighing up to 68 kg a whole bluefin tuna.

October 13th, Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou held this year’s double 11 conference. Ma Yun, Zhang Yong, Cai Chongxin, Mike · Evans Ali executives and diplomatic envoys of 39 countries representatives came to the scene, can be described as a strong team. From the envoys, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong English opening speech, all the arrangements and this year "double 11" consistent "globalization".

is one of the major changes this year, "double 11" headquarters from Hangzhou to Beijing. According to Zhang Yong introduced this year, the 11 will be formally towards globalization, towards the goal of our service to the world’s 2 billion consumers. Beijing is the capital of China, with international influence, 11 of globalization and globalization of Alibaba, must start from Beijing."

it is understood that this year’s "double 11" will have more than 40 thousand businesses, more than 30 thousand brands and 6 million kinds of goods involved, including more than 5 thousand big overseas from the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other 25 countries and regions, covering the mother, beauty, food, clothing and other fresh, full import category.

Zhang Yong said that the theme of globalization to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. "In the China Festival, we can see a lot of China tourists, their consumption in other places, why people must go abroad to do shopping, how to help them to enjoy the convenience of online shopping in China can enjoy the best products in the global market? So we believe that this is the needs of consumers."

For example,

, one of the main force of the sea Amoy mothers on this day can store them some Kao diapers and other baby products. Today Japan Kao and Tmall reached a strategic cooperation, the official flagship store is expected in early November officially opened, and will double 11 prepare special inventory, this is for the first time with the Chinese Japan Kao business platform officially reached a cooperation.

in addition, imports of fresh is an international range of children "double 11" of the protagonist, Ali’s fresh platform "meow fresh" for the five continents of the total imports of fresh, stocking thousands of tons. The first public appearance of the Alibaba President Mike · Evans introduced at the press conference, the Alibaba has and the United States ATO, New Zealand TDC, Chile cherries Association World 100 fresh Association reached cooperation in the Pacific Northwest cherry, Washington, and California red apple.

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