About topic advertising and word of mouth marketing

      KESO made a money issue: San Yan Er Pai obviously, blog on the topic "advertisement" part in the middle, there are some taste for FEEDSKY. Perhaps under pressure, Lv Xinxin responded to a two or three question about the topic.

      in fact, two people have not written the blog is wrong, but the angle of the station is not the same.

      KESO is the spectators, Lv Xinxin is a practitioner. So, KESO just need to say what he felt, and Lv Xinxin had to think about what to do.

      KESO is questioned, a question is the topic of advertising form now, for in the end "topic advertising" is promising, whether it is an advertising direction, KESO did not draw a convincing conclusion. But he felt that this reputation is a bad word of mouth, even if it does not hurt the enterprise, it is by hurting the reader, directly hurt the author."

      indeed, I have seen several of the topic advertising blog can almost be "too horrible to look at" and "cheating" to describe. From the title to the blog, almost is to change to the PR draft. No personal thoughts and opinions.

      topic advertising, if you want to have the effect, the key is to locate on the topic. Stereotyped things, how can the topic? Moreover, the purpose of the topic of advertising, should not be seen by many people, how many times. Instead, create a topic and let the topic be discussed in a wider circle.

      from the current situation, the topic of FEEDSKY advertising has not reached this point. I think this is exactly what Lv Xinxin needs to consider.

      I think the ideal topic is for participants, advertising, advertisers and advertising conducted in-depth analysis and understanding after, write out their feeling, this feeling can be good, bad, have suggested that to have the question, can also have a doubt. All in all, is to have their own things, rather than a pile of other people’s things.

      it was the topic of advertising and word of mouth marketing equate, I think that the two are essentially different. The purpose of the topic of advertising is to create a topic, and the purpose of word of mouth marketing, should be spread reputation. It can be said that the two can complement each other.

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