WeChat big screen was 5 million financing

news April 7th, scene interactive tools (formerly WeChat big screen fun scene) announced that has completed the plum Angel venture capital 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, at the same time, the founder of WeChat large screen Enron announced today WeChat big screen to upgrade the brand interest site, products gradually from the WeChat platform as the main form, has been extended to Ali nail platform. Enron said that after this round of financing, the funds will mainly be used for team building and more market branding.

in 2016, with the enterprise application of the scene is hot, fun WeChat channel covered the audience began to shrink, with ALI nail as the representative of the enterprise collaborative application has been recognized by the market, the current interest field team will channel of the products has been extended to Ali nail end platform, is no longer with the WeChat platform. According to Enron introduced, the scene of the existing team of nearly 30 people, of which 1/2 for technical research and development personnel.

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